The black moon pack

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Sapphire is a fox shifter, she doesn’t have a mate nor know what it is. Fox’s mate for life and usually have a lot of kids. Werewolf’s in this world mate or get ride of there mate and mate again. If they are lucky enough to find there fated pair they can only mate once. Jaxon bluemoon is seen as the werewolf prince. His father is the shifter king and he is an illegitimate child. People see him as the future rather then his siblings. He has exactly three. Before his father found his fate he met jaxon’s mother Teresa. They shared a night together and bluemoon fled. Teresa was disappointed and heart broken. She found out she was pregnant and left the kingdom. She felt disappointed in herself for lusting over such a man. He was a tyrant and had two other children. Years later word got out to Teresa that he found his fate and had a child. In a fit of rage Teresa killed herself in front of her 7 year old son...jaxon. How in the world did these two meet? Is this a match made in heaven or hell? ~••~••~••~••~••~••~••~••~••~••~••~••~•• He wrapped his arm around my waist and burred his head in my neck. I felt his tongue glide over my throat causing a soft whimper to erupt out of my mouth. Never had such an erotic sound come out of me. I felt his k-9’s graze over my neck and I felt mine sharpen. “Go ahead..” he whispered.

Fantasy / Erotica
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

I trotted around the wood. My white paws blending in with the snow. ‘It’s so cold!’ I heard my fox hiss. I nodded my furry head in agreement. The cold is mostly for white foxes! Not red! I spotted a bunny and licked my snout.

I dashed after it; the wind blowing through my fur, the cold nicking at my snout, the trees passing by me like little bugs. I spotted the white rabbit looking around for me. I crouched down in a readily pounced stance.

I jumped up and pounced on it. I played with it a bit and then killed it. Thank god, that was a little cruel though. I ate it up and looked up. I realized I have no clue where I am, I trotted a bit looking up and down.

I pawed the ground. ‘Ugh we’re lost!!’! I heard a growl and jumped. I turned around to be met with...a very large wolf.

I oddly didn’t feel like I was in danger. He had dark black fur that stood out from his white surrounding’s, his icy blue eyes looked morbid and that of a hunter not a shifter.

He had a white moon surrounding his eye. He had a glare on his face. He walked over to me still staring me down. His scent finally came out and he smelled like the beach with fruit mix’s.

He licked his snout, I just stood there. The hairs raised on my back. I wanted to run but at the same time I didn’t. How could I? There was something so appealing about him..something so drawing. He was maybe an inch away from me before his glare hardened and he growled. I whimpered softly my eyes faltering, he growled at me?

I thought. He growled again but I didn’t understand what he wanted. He glared at me his eyes colder then before. She had her head bowed, her fox seeming to take over as she bared her neck becoming smaller In front of him. His glare softened as he came closer towering over her covering with his warm fur. ‘What happened?’ She asked her fox.

‘He’s a dominant wolf...alpha I think. He wants us as safe and warm as possible which means draping his body over us using his thick and furry body to keep us warm. Keep your head down, he’s the dominant; one not us. I nodded softly and hid deeper in his midnight fur, I dunno what I’m doing!

She thought, he yawned and kept an eye out, he’s an odd one; she thought. She began feeling drowsy as she had to constantly be on the look out, she shut her eyes sighing softly as she yawned. ‘Go to sleep’ she seemed to hear. With that her eyes shut softly and she fell asleep in the best way possible.

Jaxon looked down at his small fox of a mate. She is a fox he thought. How? He asked his wolf. In our life time, foxes are the most important lunas as they are small, fast, and strong. His wolf yawned. He picked her up by her scruff and began walking back to his private lands through the back of the castle. Everyone gave him a curious look as too why he was holding a small female fox shifter. He made it up to his room with little struggle.

He set his mate down and shifted walking to his closet changing. He ran a hand through his midnight hair and looked at his curled up mate. She was shivering and he knew it was from the loss of his body heat. He looked at her long tail trailing his eyes up her body.

Imagine her being trapped under us begging for us to move inside of her his wolf smirked. If he could punch his wolf without hurting himself he would. Shut up Lucifer he growled at his wolf. He walked over and picked up his shivering mate. she sighed softly as she hid deeper in his arms. Foxes have thin fur huh? He thought to himself. His mate jolted up looking around then at him.

"Well hello beautiful." he smiled softly. She looked over her eyes having tinted gold speks of wonder. He set her down before grabbing one of his shirts. He wasn't sure if it was long enough but also wasn't complaining. He set it by her and she crawled in shifting. She huffed softly the shift taking a bit out of her. She stood up the world looking a bit different.

She looked down looking at her dark skin tone. It was a light Carmel color and her hair fell in dark curls. Like her hair had been curled with a curling tool. She looked at the man who brought her here. "Hi." she said softly. She had a dimpled smile, toothy grin and Curvy features. She was standing in an odd way so her mate wrapped an arm around her curvy waistline to steady her and bit his lip. Did Christmas come early this year? He thought to himself. His wolf howling and chuckling.

Time to find out.

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