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The Detectives Experience 18+

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Claire Fuller was raped by her stepfather as a child. When she grew up she decided to join the police. Now a detective she have to deal with these type of sexual criminals. And in between work and her private life, she finds that sex can be exciting with the right person.

Fantasy / Erotica
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1999, October 30....23:59pm

The Hotel is dead quiet, except for a blood curdling scream. That make your blood turn cold and the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

The lights in every room is switched on. And although people are scared to exit their room to see who is in trouble, they just keep to themselves.

John Samuel is wide awake, his girlfriend Joan is missing. How could he not have felt her leave the bed? They only went to bed at 22:00pm, he is a light sleeper!!! What the hell is wrong with him?

He got out of bed put a shirt on and some shorts with a pair of sneakers. Opened the door looked out on the veranda and see that the whole motel is alight with lights seeping through the rooms curtains. He went to the room next door where his best friend Dave Bull is also awake, he knock on the door....

“Hey Dave you awake bro?” Dave open the door in complete and utter shock on his face

“Man!!! Did you hear that scream? It has my whole body covered in goose bumps.”

John asked Dave if he would mind going with him to see if they can’t find Joan, she’s missing and didn’t take her cell with her. Dave said it’s cool and put a pair of sneakers on as well.

As the two walked down the corridor of the motel they noticed that the room where Hanna was staying in, the lights were off. They stopped and knocked. No sound came from the room, they knocked again and still no answer. So they decided to let it be and kept on walking to the manager’s office.

Mr Johnson and his wife, was standing in the foyer, in their robes. A few people already surrounding them wanting to know what is going on.

“Please people calm down!!! It’s the eve before Halloween and someone is probably playing the fool” Mr Johnson said trying to get the people to calm down.

One of the women at the motel said: ” It would be a stupid prank to play on us...we’re here on holiday to relax and then some sicko is doing some stupid thing in the middle of the night!!! I’m going back to bed” and she left. A few minutes after she left there was another scream.....and it came from the direction that the women went.

John and Dave ran in the direction, and to their horror, there on the floor lies the woman from the foyer....Stabbed to death and her throat slit.

“Someone call the police, this isn’t a prank anymore.” John yelled.

Mr Johnson told his wife to go into his office and phone the police.

01:00am 31 October 1999

Detective Claire Fuller arrive at The Rocky Cay Hotel. Getting out of her SUV, sliding her 9mm into its holster and taking a flash light with her, her cell phone tucked into her jeans back pocket. She walked up the front entrance and into the foyer where a few other officers were talking to some of the holiday tenants and Mr & Mrs Johnson. She nod at Sergeant Jenny Davids and beckoning her with a nod of the head to follow.

When outside Claire asks: “Hey Jenny, what do we have?” Sgt Jenny Davids in her first year of being a sergeant gave a summary of what she got from the people in the foyer. ” Hi Detective, well everyone we interview so far said they heard a scream 23:59pm and some came to the manager’s office to find out what was going on....Mr. Johnson then told them it’s the night before Halloween and he thinks someone is playing the fool....one of the ladies staying at the hotel said if that’s the case she’s going back to her room...after she left they heard another scream and two males ran to see what was wrong, they came upon her body lying on the floor stabbed multiple times and her throat slit.”

Claire was stunned, that is a sick trick to play just before Halloween, but some kids just take it too far. And then to have an actual body, minutes after been woken up by a scream and then to be stabbed and your throat slit, suck big time. Claire decided to give her number to all the other tenants and went to investigate the rest of the motel grounds for any clues.

About an hour into walking the grounds she came upon a cliff that over looked the sea. And saw a white clad body a little down the cliff on an overhanging rock. She got out her cell phone and phoned the rescue team. She walked back to the hotel and got Sgt Jenny to go with her to the cliff. When they got there the body was gone. Claire was confused, did she hallucinate because of the time of the morning? No can’t be, she saw the body on the rock. When the search and rescue team arrive they will search for hidden caves.

When the search and rescue team arrived after 40minutes they went down, and Claire also got herself strapped in to go and have a look for herself. There on the rock was some blood and a piece of cloth, but no other signs of how the body got off or on the rock. It’s very confusing for Claire. But she’s not a detective for nothing. On her way back up something caught her eye just a few meters away from the overhanging rock. She told one of the guys from search and rescue that she’s just going to climb her way to the cave. She had a two way radio which she was in contact with Jenny. She radio Jenny telling her she’s going to enter the cave....“just be careful Detective” Jenny told Claire. Flash light in hand she unclipped the strap and entered the cave. As she shone the flash light on the floor she saw footprints, but not shoe less, it was those beach shoes that the divers use in shallow water and for walking on rocks. No wonder the person could climb the few meters to the overhanging rock and back. As she went deeper into the cave she noticed it taking a turn to the right, it should be towards the motel.

A few minutes into the cave Sgt Jenny calls on Claire to hear if everything is still fine. “Yes all is fine, but I think this cave leads to the motel. Jenny get a few officers and search the property or the motel itself for hidden doors or more caves up above” Claire is now in her bloodhound mode....“Will do Claire” Jenny replied.

Claire must have walked for about 15minutes when she notice a breeze coming from the front. “Hello is anyone there?” she called just in case someone could hear her. A few steps further and she saw some bushes. And just as she was stepping out of the cave.....Total darkness enveloped her.

1 November 1999

Claire woke up with a banging headache. What in the world is wrong with my head and what is this bright light? As Claire turned her head Sgt Jenny sat in the chair next to the hospital bed. “Hey sleepy head, how are you feeling?” Jenny asked.

“Like I had a heavy drinking party the whole weekend.” “What day is it and where am I?”

“We found you knocked out just outside the motel behind a bush.” Jenny said looking a bit worried.

Claire let the info seep into her brain. Oh yes she was in the cave and felt a breeze and saw some bushes, and then she woke up here.

“Did you guys find anything else at the scene?”

“No nothing except the blood and cloth on the cliff. And we’re getting it analysed as we speak.”

“Ok thanks, when can I get out from here?” Claire ask.

“I’ll call the doctor for you.”

A few minutes later a good looking doctor entered Claire’s room.

“Well good morning miss Fuller and how are you feeling today?”

“Like I had one to many drinks.” she replied.

“Ah! Yes, the blow to the head will have that effect on you.” He said, while he shone a light into her eyes and checked her vitals. “I’d like you to stay in the hospital for a day or two just to check for any signs of concussion.”

“I could go home today and stay in bed!!” Claire wasn’t a fan of hospitals.

“Is there anyone to look after you for a day or two then?” the Doctor asked.

“No I live alone.”

“Then I’m going to have to keep you here.”

“I could stay with her for two days if it’s okay with her.” Jenny replied.

“Miss Fuller?”

“Alright fine.”

“Okay, then I’ll sign your release forms, but I need you to come back in two days so I could check how you’re doing”

“Okay doctor, will do. Thanks”

“It’s a pleasure Miss Fuller. Miss Davids” the doctor nod his head to them and left.

“Okay come on get dressed I’ll take you home and tuck you in.” Jenny smiled.

“Oh man! You’re going to baby me aren’t you?”


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