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The Detectives Experience 18+

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

28 October 2000

Detective Claire Fuller is sitting at her table and thinking about a year back at what happened to her on the day she was following footprints that was in a cave that could have been connected to a murder, at The Rocky Cay Motel , she got samples of blood and a piece of cloth and a few of the holiday goers that was at the motel....one of the men John Samuel was missing his girlfriend...he said she was in bed with him by 10pm and when the scream woke him up she was gone. Now that have been bothering her for nearly 12 months. She thinks to herself it might be time to get in contact with John again and find out if he found his girlfriend yet.

Claire got the file of The Rocky Cay Motel murder out of her safe...Yep safe, because nothing is safe anymore even in a file cabinet. She searched through the file and got John’s cell phone number, dialling his number and listening to it ringing she flipped through the file. Everyone’s photos and info is all there.

“Hello!” the voice on the other side of the line answered.

“Hi is this John?”

“Yeah! Who is this?”

“It’s Detective Claire Fuller from Rocky Cay Police Station. I just want to speak to you to find out if you found your girlfriend yet and how you are?”

“Oh! Hi, I’m just busy at the moment.”

“Okay, that’s fine...could we meet up a little later so that I could speak to you about a few things?”

“Yeah, I think I can take some time off and see you detective.”

“Good, could we meet at your place?”

“Yes of course.”

“Okay, bye John.”

“Cool, bye Detective Fuller”

Okay, now she just need to look over these reports of the murder to refresh her memory again.

A knock on the door made Claire frown, everyone knows that when her door is closed and the blinds are down, she doesn’t want to be disturbed. Another knock made her yell out.....“What?” She is really cranky.

“Hi Detective, just want to know if you have time for coffee?” It was Detective Jenny Davids, she was promoted in the beginning of the year from Sgt to Detective. She’s very good at what she does, and she’s also thinking about the murder at The Rocky Cay Motel last year on the eve before Halloween. She found Detective Claire sprawled face down outside the cave that she was coming out of. Someone bashed her head with either a rock or a branch, and Claire was out for two days. They could never get the murderer or any other clues on who murdered a woman who was on her way to her room.

“Oh! Hi Jenny, yes I think it’s time for a coffee break, I haven’t had anything to eat yet.”

“Cool, now get your stuff and come on”

Claire took her badge and put her 9mm in the holster on her side, took her SUV keys and locked the file back in the safe. Closing the door to her office she and Jenny left the building.

There’s this cute little restaurant just up the road from the station, Restaurant Casa Blanca. As Caro and Jenny drove to the restaurant, Jenny brought the Rocky Cay murder up.

“You know it’s nearly a year since the Rocky Cay murder and no suspects was caught. And the blood and cloth was a dead end.”

“Yes I know, and I’m seeing John Samuel a little later to find out from him if he has heard anything from anyone about his missing girlfriend”

“Hell I completely forgot that she was missing, but didn’t he and his friend said that there was a girl in one of the other rooms as well, with the lights off and they knocked but she didn’t answer?”

Claire thought about it for a while....“that’s so true I completely forgot about it, so we have one woman dead, and two girls missing”

They arrived at the restaurant and got seated outside, it was a lovely sunny day and not a cloud in sight. They ordered Fish, fries and coke. Talking about this and that.

“So how’s the love life?”

“Hahaha what love life? My work keeps me too busy to think about relationships. What about you anyone special?”

Jenny blushed a little from Claire’s question...no one knows that she’s actually Bisexual. She has kept her relationship status quiet.

“Well, I’m single at the moment but there is this one person that I fancy.”

“Wow at least you fancy someone, anyone I know?”

Jenny blushed again, cursing these blushes of hers. Claire probably thought she’s a little school girl that blush with every question. Should she tell her? No she will just say no. Maybe Claire won’t prod her for more info.

“No, no one you know”

“Okay.” Claire was very curious, she loved a secret. But she wouldn’t push Jenny.

“So when I go and see John this afternoon would like to go with me? I could do with the company.”

“Sure, I don’t mind, I don’t have anything else to do.”

“Cool, will call you when I need to leave”

They ate their food and chit-chatted a bit more about cases they’re working on. And giving each other some advice they might need. Paying the bill they got in the SUV and went back to the station. Going to their separate offices. Claire got back to the file in the safe of the Rocky Cay Motel murder...the visitors file of everyone that was booked in contained all the info she needed...she searched for the girl that was supposedly in her room, the night of the murder. John’s friend Dave Bull mentioned the girl. Maybe he knows something about her. She’ll ask John once she meets with him.

Four hours later John text Claire the address, she gave Jenny a call and they both went to John’s in the SUV. 30 min later they stopped in front of a small cottage on the outskirts of the island. They got out and walked up the front steps. Claire knocked a few times and the door opened up. Standing in front of them was a 5′9" white male with a very muscular body. He must have played football in high school. He showed them in and asked them to make themselves comfortable on the couches. The place is nice and cosy for a guy. Was probably a female’s handy work.

“Would you like something to drink?” John asks.

“Some coffee would be nice” both Claire and Jenny said.

As John was busy getting the coffee, Claire and Jenny walked around the cottage looking at photos, certificates against the wall, trophies and anything that could help them in the case. John came back with a tray with three cups of steaming coffee, milk and sugar and a plate of cookies. ‘Very considerate of him’ Claire thought.

“Well Mr Samuel, we would like to know a few things from that night at the Rocky Cay Motel.” Claire started off.

“Well, uhm....okay, what would you like to know?”

“What did you do before you decided to retire to your room the night of the murder and your girlfriend that went missing?”

“Well” John sat there with his fingers entwined and thinking with a frown on his head. “The whole day we were all hanging around the pool, me, Joan, Dave and Hanna Murray, Hanna was the girl in the room a little down from us that didn’t come out or answer the door when we heard the scream that night.” John took his coffee and sipped it.

“Okay” Jenny said, eyeing him “go on”

“We went to the restaurant at the Motel and ordered supper, we ate it and talked about how it was the eve before Halloween and all the scary movies we would be watching the following day...or if any of us would rather go to a fancy dress Halloween party”

“So, what time was this?” Claire asked, she had her hand recorder on the table and recording everything.

“Uhm! I think it was around 8pm, we didn’t stay long, if we were going to have a long night the next day we needed to sleep early.”

“And what happened when you went to your rooms?” Claire asked.

“Well, we all walked to our rooms that was on the same floor. Hanna was the first one we left at her room door and then it was Dave, Joan and myself was the last to enter our room.”

“Was there anything strange you noticed about the rooms and the people that was at the motel?” Jenny was asking John.

“Not quite...most of the families and older couples went to bed early, you know how being on holiday and being at the pool or beach can tire one out. There was only a few lights on in some of the rooms.”

“And what time did you go to bed?”

“Joan went for a shower first, and I was watching TV, after she finished I went for a shower. When I came out Joan was in bed already. I switched the TV off and got in bed as well. That was around 10pm”

“And what actually woke you up?

“It was a blood curling scream that made my blood run cold, I switched the night light on and turned to Joan but she wasn’t there. I thought maybe she was in the bathroom, but she wasn’t there either, her cell phone still lied next to the bed on the side table”

“What did you do then?” Jenny asking the questions.

“I put on a t shirt, shorts and a pair of sneakers, I opened the door and looked outside and all the lights were on. Dave was also outside with me, I told him that Joan wasn’t in the room and she left her phone. We walked down the corridor and stopped by Hanna’s room, her lights were off. We knocked but she didn’t answer. Then we walked down to the manager’s office.”

Claire and Jenny sat there thinking that it was weird that both girls was missing. ‘I need to look more into the two girls that wasn’t accounted for.’ Claire thought. She will need Jenny for the investigation. They finished up with John and told him if there was anything else he remembers he should give them a call.

Getting into the SUV Jenny started straight away “You know Claire, something doesn’t add up with these two girls, but I can’t seem to put my finger on it.”

“I know what you mean....I think we need to dig into those two girls past to see if we can’t find anything”

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