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Chapter 3

Chloe almost gulped when she saw him staring at her with intense eyes, why was he staring at her though? Was there something on her face or something? Did he know her from somewhere? Which in a way is impossible since she had never seen him before in her life, or did he hear about her from the news?

All these questions and more continued to plague her mind as she felt nothing but complete unease with his stone cold look, speaking of eyes what she wanted to really know was if he had contacts on or not since his eyes could not be normal right? Especially since black is not a normal colour to have on eyes.

Even now as the morning lesson rolled on she didn’t understand it, she couldn’t understand why he was looking at her at all to begin with? Whether it was a discrete stare or not it still left her completely baffled. After all there wasn’t much about her that was interesting to look at, she was a plain teen who sadly to her shame wore dark clothes in hopes of getting people away from her since she was still grieving over her friend’s death till this day. She in truth hated wearing dark clothes but a week into wearing dark clothes and she had found herself wearing them non stop, using them as a clutch to help her through this dark time and saw no reason to wear bright normal colours like white or sea blue, given that it felt like there was no joy in her life after that night for it had ruined her. In a way it was like the dark colours had allowed her to slightly blend in with the dark areas if it weren’t for her light skin colour, but she cared not since the darkness almost gave her some comfort. Even though the voices had bothered nonstop and speaking of the voices…

Chloe’s eyes almost went wide while a gasp nearly left her parted lips as realization hit her- she couldn’t hear them!

What was going on? Why can’t I hear them? It’s like they went away… but are they? Are they really gone?” Chloe thought in shock almost feeling elevated and thrilled for this news that she wanted to jump up and cheer with glee since this had never happened before, but instead stopped herself from cheering since it would make her look like an idiot in class and cause unwanted attention. What had caused the voices to go silent though? Did something spook them off? Whatever happened she was grateful that it caused the voices to leave.

Chloe remained sitting with a mental smile not caring that Daniel was staring at her still since she was in a happy mood to be bothered now, in fact she would have said ‘stare all you like, nothing you can do can ruin my mood’ but refrained from doing so in case something did ruin her mood.

Now turning her attention to the teacher she took down notes diligently until she heard the bell for the next class, leaving her almost whining at the rude interruption but kept silent regardless since it meant she had to leave to her next class – Art given she had two subjects she had planned to study this year. On the other hand she was relieved that she could go to a different class since that means she would hopefully be able to avoid his gaze since he sit in different seats.

Getting up hastily Chloe grabbed her bag and packed up her book and pen before making her way out the room, not caring that most of her class had begun to swarm around the new student. At first Chloe felt some sympathy for him giving her situation with the bullying and false insults, however given that this would lead to an uncomfortable situation after that for the both of them had caused her to think otherwise. After all this wasn’t her problem so why should she help? That and she wanted to put some distance because if their eyes were to ever meet, it would lead her into staring at him once more.

As she left the room Chloe could only be relieved in the fact that the people in her class’s attention was drawn to someone other than her, so instead of looking at a gift horse in the mouth she took this time to rush to the second floor where her next lesson was being held. She was also thankful that only three were only interested in taking science or were only picking one subject since that would not end well for her at all. The moment she entered the classroom though Chloe had winced and released a sharp whine as she placed sent her right hand to her the side of her head, what was going on? Why did she suddenly feel pain?

Things are not so easily concealed” a cryptic voice whispered. Chloe immediately tensed up and almost felt herself cry from the voice for it’s voice was hushed just like the other voices she could hear before they went silent.

We are always watching you” hearing this made Chloe choke up nearly as she forced herself to her seat.

You are never alone” the other voice said only it didn’t matter for they all sounded the same as the previous one that she couldn’t tell if it was the same voice or not. Nor could she tell if it was trying to be comforting or not, either ways she was anything but comfortable no matter what they say.

Once Chloe sat down did she take out her sketch book and began rooting through her bag for her pencils, only she couldn’t find a single one leaving the young female frustrated at how hard it was to even find one pencil of all things. It had gotten to the point that Chloe had gritted her teeth and almost lashed out at her bag but refrained from doing so, instead she slammed her bag on her desk and huffed in frustration until something clattered and rolled on the floor leaving her more annoyed. Why couldn’t things just go the way she-

“Oi, you know you should be careful with your stuff right?” asked a cold voice causing her to look up and almost glare at who was unfortunate to enter her line of vision. She froze instead as she saw Daniel standing in front of her desk with his right hand in his pocket while his left hand held a grey bag lazily over his shoulder, at that moment if Chloe had not been in a bad mood she would have blinked and blushed at how he was pulling off the bad boy look to a T. However she was too annoyed to care.

“It’s my stuff, so what’s it to you?” she muttered darkly as she leered at him, the male’s brows went up almost in surprise at how rude she was being but refrained as he looked at her.

“Your pencil hit my foot” Daniel replied bluntly as he returned her look with a glare of his own. Chloe almost scoffed but instead folded her arms.

“I didn’t hear you complaining of pain” she retorted as she got up from her chair so she could get her pencil, only just as she was about to pick it up his hand grabbed her wrist causing her heart to leap in surprise from the static that appeared from the contact. Where did that come from? Why was she feeling it? Instead of looking at him her eyes remained glued to the pencil.

“It would be wise for you to watch your mouth, you don’t know what will happen if you insult the wrong people” Daniel’s voice continued to be blunt but cold as he kept his hand on her wrist.

“Mind letting go? I don’t have time to be wasting with people like you” Chloe asked coldly as she tried to take back her wrist only his grip tightened to her surprise, she looked up sharply to see his black eyes were focused on her leaving Chloe to feel exposed if slightly scared at how he could make himself look intimidating.

“Watch yourself” he warned but didn’t let go.

“Why do you care? After all you’re just like everyone else” she hissed causing his eyebrows to go up a bit even though he was trying to mask his surprise. “Acting like I am beneath you all when you have no idea on how it would affect people” she snapped as she finally snatched her hand back to see faint red marks. Feeling angry she grabbed her pencil, got up and went back to sitting as Daniel went quiet.

“Who says that everyone is the same?” Daniel challenge causing Chloe to almost scoff.

“Oh don’t give me that!” she responded to his look as her eyes darkened in anger, it was almost hard to tell if Daniel was even taken by surprised by her sudden outburst as she remained focused on proving her point. “First you all act nice and then when you hear-”

“Daniel darling there you are!” said a voice that almost grated on Chloe’s nerves, she released a loud mental whine as Jenny sauntered in the classroom only her white shirt top was showing as she now had taken off her ivory jumper off. Jenny’s white top three buttons were also undone allowing an annoyed Chloe to look while Daniel was staring at Chloe before turning to look at Jenny who was looking at him, soon the ginger haired girl’s eyes went to the unhappy girl who was glaring at her slightly. Jenny’s eyes twitched in anger as she realised that Daniel was a talking to the one person who she despised.

“Oh Daniel, don’t tell me you’re talking to that nobody?” Jenny asked in a nasal tone made Chloe almost cringe at how fake she was being.

Honestly! Can’t I get a break for one day?!” Chloe cried weakly as she watched the pair.

“Oh no no, that won’t do” Jenny said as she made her way toward him, linked her arm with his and moved him away. “Don’t go near that trashy nobody, especially since she’s a murderer. Why they allowed someone like her into this school and risk our safety is beyond me” Jenny scoffed as she continued to lead him away from Chloe until they were at Jenny’s desk.

“Sit with me, I’m sure I’m better company then her” Jenny smile grew until it became flirtatious as she looked at his blank look.

“What makes you say that?” Daniel asked the ginger head as his eyes appeared to look as if he was bored even though it almost seemed like he was glaring, it was hard to tell with his expression. Jenny however remained undeterred by his look as she continued to give him a flirtatious smile.

“Well I can help you when you are stuck with work, I’ll also be a better partner to work with unlike that nobody who likes to keep to herself” Jenny said politely as she tried to get into his good books.

And you wonder why?” Chloe and Daniel had surprisingly muttered at the same time, Chloe meanwhile rolled her eyes and scoffed as she opened her book and began to doodle causing Jenny to glare at her for scoffing. How dare that wrench do that to her!

Soon after ten minutes a female teacher with long curly dirty blond hair wearing a cream top and blue knee high shorts that were rolled up into the bottom, she also had blue ballet flats that made little to no noise allowing her to sneak up on students who weren’t doing what they were suppose to be doing. As she approached her desk she immediately went though her papers. Meanwhile the students were in their seats talking even before she had arrived.

“Alright class time to take the register- and look who’s here! I haven’t seen you before” the teacher said with a look of surprise only it was fake given that she knew that he wasn’t in class yesterday when it came to induction day. Daniel remained quiet even as Jenny nuzzled his arm, however the teacher seeing this almost glared.

“Jenny Noes need I remind you that PDA is not allowed in my class or in any class for that matter” the teacher reprimand leaving Jenny to remove her hold over a now mentally relieved Daniel, the students however remained the same since they knew that Miss Willows took no prisoners even though she was an art teacher. She had believed that if you had enough emotion or had the ability to be disruptive with things like PDA then they could easily put their feelings down on paper, as long as it was PG since there was a limit to goofing around and the teacher didn’t play nice to Chloe’s relief. In fact Miss Willows despite the rocky personality had been nice to her. Even when she had asked the teacher about some of the assignments and as result the dirty blond teacher had willingly explained it on paper while writing down notes in case there were things the curious teen needed help on.

It’s always nice to see an eager student, regardless of any background it’s how you put your passion into your work that sets you off with the slackers” Miss Willows had said with a kind smile, leaving Chloe to think that maybe there was some hope yet.

“Yes Miss Willows” Jenny replied with an innocent look only it didn’t phase the teacher who was now tying her hair into a messy ponytail.

“Save the acting for drama if you took the class, I have no time for people who are determined to disrupt my class” Miss Willows said darkly as she looked at her attendance list, some students on the other hand almost gawked at how cold the teacher was while Jenny’s mouth parted in surprise at how she was insulted no humiliated in such a manner. To make it worse it had been in front of her peers and friends to her dismay, also of all people Daniel had to hear this from the teacher.

“So? I take it you’re Daniel Stevenson?” Miss Willows asked as she looked up with a ‘don’t you mess with me, you are already in trouble’ look. Daniel however remained unaffected as he stared back at her.

“Yes Miss” Daniel replied, his voice still remained blunt and steely almost cutting into anyone who he was speaking to, except Miss Willows who was still staring at him.

“Uh huh… do you know you missed induction day yesterday which had information about your assignments?” Miss Willows asked with an unamused look.

“Yes Miss, I had something I had to do yesterday” Daniel replied as he stared at her, to some it looked like the pair were having a power match with how intense their looks were.

“Is that so? Care to explain to the class about why you were not in?” She asked blandly.

“No” This made her eyebrows go up from the challenging tone.

“And why not? After all you’ve wasted a day’s worth or information and for what? Truanting because you felt like it?” she asked in a snappy tone “Let me inform you Mr Stevenson, that I do not take onboard students who are not going to be here when they’re suppose to. This is a place for learning yes but unlike some renegades here there are some who want to be something which is why they go to college or university. If you are not going to pull your own weight then please leave the class” she added while folding her arms as her eyes narrowed showing that she was not messing around. Daniel’s eyes however remained the same but didn’t move from his seat, this in a ways almost left Miss Willows surprised if not cautious since there might be a time where he pulled the same stunt again.

“And also I must advice that this seating arrangement here you two have is extremely inappropriate given what I had to witness when I entered the room” Jenny’s eyes almost went wide as horror entered her face from what the teacher was suggesting. “Also Miss Noes if he is going to prove much of a distraction then I’d advising him moving to another seat”

“Oh that won’t be necessary” Jenny said as she released a peppy smile while showing her white teeth. Miss Willows however frowned at her.

“Mr Stevenson can you please move to the back of the class, there is a chair behind Miss Wilona that you can take” Miss Willows commented dryly wanting to defuse this issue before starting the lesson. To Jenny’s surprise Daniel stood up and grabbed is bag that was by his legs. Some of the students were surprised by the sudden move since no guy resisted Jenny or her friends, however Chloe on the other hand wasn’t bothered or impressed since she was too into her doodling to want to listen in to the whispers of her classmates.

“With pleasure” Daniel replied curtly even though he was masking his relief and was mentally praised the teacher for the move, he went to the empty seat behind Chloe who didn’t seem care at all. Why would she care? After all it wasn’t any of her business, even though she now had to endure the looks of her classmates who were shocked if not confused by the fact that he was sitting behind her. In fact why was he sitting near her of all people?

“Alright everyone enough staring!” Miss Willows had slapped the table a few times causing them now to look at her. “I have a class to teach and we’re already a quarter late thanks to two misfits” she added blandly, this in turn left Chloe sniggering at how this came about even though she had tried to mask this off as a sneeze or cough. Nor did she care that Daniel was staring at her coldly.

As the lesson went on Chloe was staring at blank page as she tried to figure out what to draw, so far her mind was at a blank to her dismay. Why? Because a certain someone who she was trying to avoid was most likely staring at her, how she guessed that was because of the fact she could almost feel like something was cutting into her back. While at the front some people were occasionally throwing glances at her or were whispering before Miss Willows had slammed her ruler onto the table, leaving people to snap back into what they were suppose to be doing as they were left startled and jumpy from the stunt.

At this rate Chloe had nothing to draw or write notes on what any ideas that came up. In fact her mind drew a complete blank as the person who was staring at her continued to fill her mind with many issues that she couldn’t figure out.

At one point when she had assumed it was safe turned to look at him only he was staring at her with blank but cold eyes, leaving her completely unnerved for even trying to look as she turned to look back at her empty paper. She couldn’t understand it at all, how was it that he was affecting her this way? His cold black eyes even as she had looked at them continued to haunt her even if he was staring at her or not. The cold steely eyes should have intimidated her and yet in their own way, they left her not only fascinated and yet baffled at how someone could have such eyes. Surely it wasn’t possible to have completely black eyes and yet he had them, were they contacts? She didn’t know, nor would she be brave enough to ask.
Most girls in the class despite being silenced by the teacher were talking about how hot he looked or were plotting on how to get his attention, even though the teen was sure that it wouldn’t work. In fact wasn’t he aware of this even though it was a slight whisper? Maybe it was because of the fact that her ears had always turned into the quiet whispers of those disembodied voices which to her surprise have gone silent again. What was causing them to go silent? Was something spooking them?

However despite all the attention he had this morning when she had left their earlier classroom, his body language and facial expression had said it all- he wasn’t interested in anyone, not that she cared at all.
But still why did he approach her desk not once but twice to begin with? Was it because of the rumors or because of the accusations Jenny had made earlier on?

Either ways Chloe was sure that it would be best to avoid him before anything bad happened, given that every inch of him screamed danger and to stay away or else it would not end well. She’d think that just knowing this would tell her that he was bad news, that he was a bad omen and yet somehow for some unknown reason. She couldn’t stop herself feeling drawn to him even though she was trying to by putting up barriers, feeling like she was a moth to a flame when she didn’t want anything to do with him to begin with, even though when his hand had grabbed her wrist she could feel static leaving her wanting to escape his hold and yet… she didn’t for some odd reason. Why was it though? Why did he somehow pull her to him even when she had tried to push him away? How did he do that even though he wasn’t doing anything except sit a row behind her thanks to the teacher? Well maybe it was the fact that he was staring that left her wanting to turn round and glare at him, wanting him to look at his own page and yet… she didn’t.

What was so special about him?

“Well Chloe, that is an interesting piece” Miss Willows said with surprise evident in her tone causing Chloe to blink and look down at her page, which in fact wasn’t a picture but a sentence that said ‘mind not staring at me you perv’ her eyes grew wide from the words as they looked like her handwriting. Wait her handwriting? What was she thinking of course it was hers! Who else would have written it down? A now petrified Chloe immediately looked up at her teacher, feeling mortified by what she had wrote down, had she have done that when she wasn’t paying attention thanks to the many thoughts that were forming in her head while HE was staring at her without any sign of stopping? Most definitely possible. However Miss Willows’ attention was now on Daniel as Chloe remained distracted, the dirty blond haired woman’s expression was anything but happy.

“Mind not ogling at her like that? It’s rather rude you know and don’t think I haven’t seen you do that since you sat down” Miss Willows said darkly causing Chloe to almost feel her face go hot from the fact that the others were staring at them thanks to Miss Willows’ words. Daniel looked at the teacher and smiled to Chloe and Miss Willows’ surprise.

“Forgive me, I was only trying to figure Miss Wilona out for my piece” Daniel said in a charming tone that left a few girls swooning while the boys were shocked by the sudden change in behaviour. Chloe however remained unsettled by this declaration, Miss Willows however twitched as she smiled.

“Oh really? And what piece would that be pray tell?” The teacher asked daring him to make a mockery of Chloe. Daniel however shrugged and smiled, unphased by the look Miss Willows was giving him.

“It’s a piece about someone who on the outside shuts things out while on the inside is crushed by the weight of society and it’s cruelty” Daniel replied with the same smile, Chloe on the other hand felt her stomach drop and her heart stop for a few seconds. Why was he doing that?! More over why did he assume something like that? They don’t even know each other and yet he was saying stuff like that! It didn’t make any sense and knowing that he was close to hitting the nail on the head had left Chloe wanting to put more distance, more barriers to stop him from trying to get close. If only he knew, maybe then he’d back off but it wasn’t a risk that she was willing to take.

Miss Willows meanwhile was surprised by the bold statement he made, not caring that her other students were gossiping about the pair with mixed emotions. Jenny however felt bitter and angry that Chloe had caught his eyes, that nobody had not only caught his eye but was now part of his project, but how and why? She didn’t do anything to get his attention compared the ginger haired older girl so how did this happen? The nerve of that pathetic waste of space! Stealing what she saw first!

Just thinking about her hatred for Chloe left Jenny scheming on things she would want to do to her, things that weren’t pleasant at all for the wretch who stole what was hers.

“I-I see, so why do you think that?” Miss Willows asked to Chloe’s dismay as she wished that the subject would just be dropped, Daniel on the other hand shrugged as he placed his pencil on the table by his sketchbook. Stretched for a bit after that and released a low yawn revealing perfect teeth to most of their surprise.

“Well Miss Willows it’s quiet obvious” Daniel replied with a smile that left the teacher and the students including Chloe baffled.

“It is?” The teacher asked still shocking that she was surprised by his words.

“Of course, given that society has been given a negative view on the girl instead of trying to get to know her. She shuts herself even more to the point that she is either non existent or treated with distain” he explained with a pleasant smile that had an edge to it leaving Chloe more unsettled than ever. “We never truly get to know the girl behind the mask and instead see what we want to see, therefore we are prejudice towards someone we bare have any contact with” The class immediately went silent until some started gossiping, the teacher however stared at him as she listened before looking at a startled Chloe who was looking uneasy by his words.

“And you can tell by just looking at the person?” Miss Willows asked almost sounding curious as she observed Daniel’s near cocky smile, the black haired male soon looked at Chloe who’s heart was racing from fear and from the fact that his attention was back on her.

“Art like people are subjective, we perceive what we want to believe when in fact it could be wrong as we always like to judge a book by it’s cover” Daniel replied as he shrugged while his expression never left his face.

Chloe sighed as she grabbed her bag strap tightly and walked out the college. Feeling tired, mortified and unable to comprehend what had just happened. Who could anyways when someone had just basically pointed out an issue she had, and she had never told anyone before even though her parents could only guess thanks to her responses to their questions. Sadly she might never get the answers from him nor did she want anything to do with him, no she was getting as far away as possible.

“Oh Daniel you’re so funny!” Chloe immediately scowled as soon as she heard Jenny’s voice, not turning round she instead kept walking. “I can’t believe you tried to mock that nobody, honestly for a moment I had assumed that something was going on there” Jenny added causing Chloe to almost stop. Spying a corner she bound towards it and hid until Jenny and Daniel walked by, the ginger haired girl’s head was resting on his arm as she hugged it tightly.

I should have known” Chloe mentally choked as she covered her mouth and slid down the dirty mold covered wall, not caring that it would dirty her hair, clothes or bag as tears welled up in her eyes. So it was all a ruse? He never truly had an interest, instead he was trying to mock and embarrass her in class while trying to appear like a saint as he spoke. She should have known that his smile and acts were all a trick to let her guard down.

How cruel…

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