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Chapter 4

Chloe walked home feeling more spent then when she left the school, her eyes were red raw from continuously crying while her hair was slightly dirty and messy from leaning on the wall. Not caring that the voices were back for she just wanted to go home and sleep, to forget that this day had even happened. To forget how used she felt from his words, she knew that he was trouble and that she should have avoided him. And yet she didn’t heed her own advice which now left a bitter taste in her mouth.

As soon as she entered home she walked straight up the steps ignoring her mother who was now trying to get her attention.

“C-Chloe?! Chloe what’s wrong?” her mother cried while she ran after her distressed daughter only as soon as she got to Chloe’s room, she was greeted with the door. Her mother winced and placed her left hand to her mouth as she stared at the door.

“Chloe please talk to me, what’s wrong?” her mother pleaded.

“Go away!” Chloe yelled as she tried not to break down again, hearing her daughter’s shaky voice made the mother more determined to see and find out what troubled Chloe even more.

“Chloe please! I am here, don’t shut me out” her mother cried.

“Why do you care?” This took her mother by surprise “You didn’t believe me before when I had done nothing wrong, so you won’t believe me now!” Chloe bit feeling upset and betrayed even more than before. Chloe’s mother however blanched in shock while her eyes went wide from the cruel but true words, knowing this deflated the mother to the point that she looked down at the floor. What was she going to do?

For right now it seemed like things were hopeless and that she might never be able to regain any trust she had with Chloe, after all what kind of parent doesn’t put their trust in their child when they are screaming to be heard? Only they are met with silence and resentment, which in turn was something that ruined things even more. In fact they were lucky that she hadn’t committed suicide or self harm… or hadn’t she?

Just thinking this made the mother go pale in shock and fear as she placed a shaky hand to her mouth. Oh no… if her little girl had thought and tried to do it after everything that had happened, she would never be able to forgive herself and neither would her husband.

Chloe remained sitting in her chair the moment she reluctantly arrived at college, her bag at her desk while her eyes were on her book. Sadly her focus was not on the book or it’s words for she had lost the ability to care, was she being stupid for acting and feeling this way? For feeling so… lost? Was it too soon to feel resentment when she had tried to stop herself from feeling hurt, the upset girl had tried to harden her heart so no one could enter and here someone had tried without much effort. Someone who had gotten under her skin to the point that she was shocked by their words if not had slightly began to slowly trust, only that was thrown out the window thanks to what she had heard when she was leaving the college. How could she have been so foolish though?

She knew what people were like towards her, how they would treat her thanks to the rumors so why did she assume that he was any better? Did she want to take her mother’s advice and make an effort to be nice after he had made a ‘gesture’ to try and figure her out even if it meant exposing her inner turmoil? She had thought that he was different given how he was on her case in both classes, only that was a waste of time.

Why am I getting so worked up about this?” She berated herself feeling bitter about the whole thing, in fact she had missed out on eating no thanks to them.

He’s just an idiot guy who was putting on an act, there’s no point getting worked up after all he was just probably trying to get into the popular circle or was working with HER of all people” Chloe muttered as her right hand was moving on it’s own allowing her to doodle on a blank page underneath the book.

Her mind was still consumed and cluttered from things that she had tried to push away from previous years, only thanks to HIM they were now trying to capture her attention much to her dismay leaving her to endure them all over again. All the names, the rumors, everything and it had gotten to the point that she wanted to drown out the noises to save herself the pain. She wanted nothing more than to freeze her own heart to make herself numb and to never feel again. What difference would that make though? She already was given similar cold nicknames like Ice Queen or something stupid that was identical to that name, she did wonder though if they were just lacking in inspiration for they all almost sound identical.

Soon Chloe began lazily rub out a bit of the picture not really paying attention to what it could be, releasing a low sigh she rested her head on her left arm which was resting on the paper on the table.

“That’s an odd drawing to be creating princess” Chloe paused from rubbing and looked up to give who it was a piece of her mind.

“Who gives a care? It’s my drawing so go away” Chloe spat at a near surprised Daniel who lifted his hands up in surrender.

“Just saying, that’s a little dark even for you” Daniel commented at the drawing which had a lot of dark shapes to it. Chloe however remained glaring at him.

“And you’re one to talk, where’s your girlfriend?” she asked darkly causing him to raise a brow.

“Girlfriend?” he asked while looking baffled from her words, Chloe hearing this scoffed.

“Don’t play dumb, the ginger haired girl you were working with to humiliate me in class” Chloe spat, Daniel blinked as he tilted his head.

“I don’t follow” this left her blood boiling to the point that she slammed her hands on the table and stood up causing some to look at the source of where the commotion was.

“Oh really? So you weren’t trying to mock me in class?” she asked with a fuming look on her face while Daniel stared at her with a frown of his own.


“Oh don’t try to deny it! I heard you two talking about me yesterday and there’s no one beside me that she calls a nobody” Daniel blinked as his eyebrows rose up as he tried to process her words.

“Oh that, I didn’t-”

“Save it brat and get out of my face!” Chloe snapped taking him and some of the students by surprise “I don’t want to hear anymore of your lies or your tricks! I’m not a tool or someone you can trick so easily, so do me a favour and just stay away. Go back to your girlfriend and stay there” Chloe snapped as she sat down, her eyes then turned to look at her book. Wishing that something would just go up in flames. Biting his lower lip Daniel went to his table in the front and sat down, however this didn’t stop the others from staring until they were sure that nothing was going to happen, soon after that they started to gossip about what they had seen while Chloe remained glaring at her book until her eyes went to the paper. She paused as she saw what looked like a field of dead grass, in the picture was a faceless girl with long hair wearing a tattered dress, what shocked Chloe the most was that the girl was holding what appeared to be a scythe that was titled to face forward. Why would she be drawing that? It didn’t make any sense.

Sure she was in a dark place but what did that picture mean though? Was it a random doodle or something else?

Was it an omen?

She didn’t know and she wasn’t sure if she was that keen on finding out.

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