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Chapter 5

Chloe kept the paper in the sketchbook which remained in her bag, her mind now thinking about the lesson as she pushed what she had drawn earlier away from her current thoughts. After all she had better things to do now than to think about pointless things like that picture, plus she learned from yesterday that making an effort to be friends or even be acquaintances was pointless since they would try to backstab and use you the very first chance they get for their own reasons.

I don’t need friends” Chloe muttered as she wrote down the notes that their teacher was saying. “Waste of time if you ask me” she looked up at the teacher and ignored some occasional glances since she had better thinks to do than to be distracted by useless things.

“Okay please remember that we have a test tomorrow so I want you all to revise what you’ve been taught and look on the text books you’ve gotten for notes, I also want to make it clear that I expect you all to get marks over fifty percent. Is that clear?” Mr. Williams said with a cheerful smile while the look on his students showed otherwise.

“Yes sir” some students replied in a dull tone as they all slowly packed up their stuff.

“Good, I’ll see you tomorrow since it’s half day and remember your art class is here since Miss Willows is planning to have a discussion with you all about a few things” Mr. Williams said with a grave smile before briefly looking at Chloe who wasn’t paying attention, his eyes then moved before she could notice that he had been looking at her. As she faced the teacher he was then looked at the whole of the class who were also packing away for lunch.

“Okay, have a good lunch and I’ll see you around nine am tomorrow” he said cheerfully before leaving the room. By that time Chloe had her bag ready and was already out the class, her eyes almost rolling at how Jenny was talking to her new ‘boyfriend’.

That’s not going to last” Chloe muttered to herself as she walked to the roof even though it was off limits.

“Ah Chloe” a cheerful voice caught her attention, turning slightly she spotted her teacher Miss Willows who was holding her bag. Her hair almost messy from appearing as she had just arrived at school to Chloe’s surprise.

“I was wondering if you could help me with a few things” Miss Willows asked with a sheepish smile, curious Chloe tilted her head to the side.


“I know I don’t usually ask for help or talk to my students much but I was hoping that you could help me” Miss Willows asked, Chloe continued to look at her teacher before sighing heavily.

“Sure” Chloe replied weakly which had Miss Willows’ eyes light up with relief and happiness.

“Thank you, thank you so much” Miss Willows cried with a wide but grateful smile, Chloe however didn’t smile at all and just followed her teacher to the art class. Once there did Chloe watch Miss Willows go over towards her desk.

“I ended up oversleeping because I was working till really early in the morning” Miss Willows admitted to a shocked Chloe.

“Why? I-If you don’t mind me asking” Chloe asked meekly as she looked down, seeing this made Miss Willows smile before she handed the shy girl a box.

“I had a lot of things that needed to be done, makes me think about never taking things like time for granted” Miss Willows said with a soft smile as she tied up her dirty blond hair into a high pony tail. “No matter how bad things turn out, never let what they say and do put you down. You have a right to be happy and you’ve survived the worst so far” Miss Willows added with a warm smile that took Chloe by surprise.

“Um…” Chloe looked at the box, not saying much since she didn’t know what to say.

“You didn’t kill that boy did you?” Chloe tensed up which didn’t got unnoticed. “That boy… he meant a lot to you didn’t he? To have let him in your home like that, am I right?” Miss Willows asks with a sympathetic look, Chloe bit her lip as her eyes remained down. Instead of speaking she shook her head slowly confirming Miss Willows’ suspicions.

“I see…” Miss Willows noted before walking towards Chloe. “I believe you Miss Wilona-Chloe” she said with a gentle smile that took Chloe by surprise to the point that she looked up sharply, not believing what she was hearing.

“Ah-why? Why do you believe me when no one else does?” Chloe forced out before she could stop herself, Miss Willows placed her hand on Chloe’s tensed up right hand.

“Because you have the look of someone who not only has lost someone dear, but you also have the look of someone who has suffered so much injustice that you’ve had to avoid people” Miss Willows said simply as she continued to smile at Chloe who wasn’t smiling, instead her eyes felt like they were stinging from unshed tears that were trying to break free much to her dismay.

“That boy was right yesterday, although” Miss Willows paused as she now frowned. “He had no right to behave like that with Miss Noes, it wasn’t right and it won’t be tolerated in this college” the teacher said with a determined smile that once again took Chloe by surprise but this time had left her stunned that someone was truly sticking up for her, even if she was still on edge in regards to trusting anyone thanks to him.

“And no unlike him this is not an act, as my student I have a duty to make sure that no one is treated in such manners that are deemed hurtful” Miss Willows commented as soon as she saw uncertainty in Chloe’s expression, not that she could blame her. It was a cruel thing to do. Chloe meanwhile as the teacher spoke looked down feeling her eyelids grow heavy as she listened. Was it worth the risk though?

“Okay” Chloe nodded meekly now wanting to leave the college, only Miss Willows held her right hand softly taking Chloe by surprise.

“Chloe, no matter what you know you didn’t do it. It wasn’t your fault so don’t let them get to you, hold your head up high otherwise it’ll just allow people to do more things to you and prove to them that you are guilty” Miss Willows said with a determined look while Chloe remained silent. “Also I think it’s time to put the past behind you, he knows that you didn’t do it. I know that you didn’t do it and so do you, so don’t let what happened ruin your life” Miss Willows nodded as a way of trying to encourage Chloe despite how bad things were at the moment.

“I don’t know what happened though” Chloe admitted, Miss Willows blinked before nodding.

“Go on, I’m right here listening” this in turn got Chloe to grit her teeth harshly.

“No one would, they-you would think that I’m crazy” Chloe snapped without meaning to, however Miss Willows gave her a look.

“Try me” Miss Willows said with a challenging look as she frowned. “I am not a reporter or any of those heartless people who turned their backs or tried to ruin your life, I am someone who is willing to understand” Chloe bit her lip as she looked away.

“All we were doing was doing work, talking and I started to get a headache when he got close” Chloe admitted. “The next thing I knew he was screaming as he was attacked by something I couldn’t see” Chloe shivered as she gripped the box and her teacher’s hand tightly, Miss Willows however didn’t comment as she listened. Her eyebrows did go up from the fact that the boy had been attacked by something they couldn’t see. Chloe choked and bit her lip as tears now welled up in her eyes leaving Miss Willow’s to see how this was tearing her up just from talking about it.

“Keep going, I am listening” Miss Willows said in a comforting voice as she nodded. Chloe looked at her weakly before continuing.

“I moved away and he… he tripped because he couldn’t see, his face had so many cuts and blood was…” Chloe whimpered as tears soon soaked her face. “His face and fingers were covered in blood, I don’t know how or why this happened. This shouldn’t have happened, it’s not suppose to happen right?” Chloe asked as she looked at Miss Willows with pleading eyes while the teacher remained uncertain.

“No… no it’s not Chloe and yet it did” Miss Willows commented as she gestured for Chloe to continue, Chloe however choked and started to release small whimpers as she began to cry and used the hand that Miss Willows was holding to cover her eyes.

“He then tripped and went into the glass table” Chloe wept as she tried to push the pain that she was feeling away but no avail. “It happened so fast and I didn’t know what to do, what could I do?” Miss Willows took Chloe’s right hand away from her face and sighed at how much pain could be seen in Chloe’s eyes, just seeing them tore at Miss Willows’ heart knowing that this would traumatize anyone. After taking the box out of Chloe’s left hand the teacher then placed it on the floor before she hugged the crying girl, who then immediately hugged her back not caring if her tears were wetting the teacher’s top.

“There wasn’t anything you could do Chloe, it was an unfortunate accident” Miss Willows said softly.

“They even said that they warned me to keep away, that I didn’t listen. Now I’m too scared to even get close to anyone if this is going to happen again” Chloe admitted causing Miss Willows to pause and looked at Chloe after pulling her back.

“Who told you that?” Miss Willows asked with an alarmed look in her eyes, who would say something like that to Chloe? Chloe looked at her weakly before turning her head. “Chl-”

“You won’t believe me, you’ll think I’m crazy or something” Chloe’s voice shook as she trembled violently, Miss Willows however didn’t back down as she placed her hands on Chloe’s shoulders.

“Chloe, I trust you so don’t shut me out okay” Miss Willows said with a determined look. Chloe gnawed at her lip as she kept her eyes away. “Please, tell me who told you those things?” Chloe winced knowing that this wouldn’t end well.

“The voices…” This left the hairs on Miss Willow’s neck to go up, voices? From where? Who were they?

“What kind of voices Chloe? Who are they?” Miss Willows asked softly as she looked at Chloe with an expression that said ‘I believe you, I am listening’ which took Chloe completely by surprise. Should she risk it though?

“I don’t know who they are, at first I thought they were imaginary friends when I was a child… but now they won’t leave me alone and their voices! Their voices are really eerie as they whisper a lot. I’m not crazy am I?” Chloe asked with a pleading look on her face, hoping that she wasn’t crazy. Miss Willows remained silent as she took in what Chloe had said, it did sound crazy but seeing the girl’s terrified face as she spoke about this left her to believe otherwise. After all who was going to question the unknown? And maybe there was a reason for this and they just weren’t able to see it.

“No Chloe, even though it does sound strange” Miss Willows replied only to stop Chloe from talking by placing her hand up “you’re not crazy” this left Chloe completely stunned.

“R-Really?” Chloe asked hesitantly, Miss Willows shook her head.

“Yes, even now I don’t see you as crazy or delusional” Miss Willows replied with a soft smile.

“But I can’t tell anyone else because of what they’ll say” Chloe mumbled weakly causing Miss Willows to frown.

“Have you told your parents though?” Chloe shook her head shocking her teacher.

“They wouldn’t have believed me, they hated and blamed me for their reputation and for what happened. Even if they believe me about not hurting my friend I don’t want to risk them being close since the voices attacked Harry for being really close” Chloe replied as she looked down not meeting her teacher’s eyes. Miss Willows bit her lip as she listened.

“I see what you mean” Miss Willows commenting before standing up. “However that was not your fault and I’m sure your friend would be really sad if you continued to blame yourself” Miss Willows said softly as she patted Chloe’s shoulder, Chloe nodded grudgingly but said nothing as she grabbed the box.

“Okay…” Chloe replied faintly as she continued to look down leaving the teacher saddened as well.

“I was planning a trip for the class in two weeks to a museum” Miss Willows winked as she tried to change the subject, at first Chloe was shocked as she looked at the teacher before realizing what she was doing and began to feel relieved.

“Where to?” Chloe asked as she watched Miss Willows grab another box after sorting out her bag strap.

“Well” Miss Willows smiled “There’s a new museum that is opening up near Embankment called Cultural Art Museum” this took Chloe by surprise.

“I’ve never heard of that” Chloe commented as she tilted her head, Miss Willows however chuckled.

“Well it was opened yesterday, it contains a lot of art and treasures from a very long time ago. It even has some cavemen paintings as well if you’re interested” Chloe’s eyes then lit up in awe and nodded.

“Yeah! I would love to go” Chloe replied with a wide smile that left the teacher smiling at how enthusiastic she was.

“Then it’s settled, let’s go and get this to class since lunch is almost over” Miss Willows said however Chloe was too happy to care about missing lunch.

Chloe as she listened to Miss Willows chew out her other classmates was mentally smiling at how justice was finally being served, even if it was a small minority group. They were at least getting a taste of what will happen to people who bully and use others for their benefit.

Chloe had almost laughed at the reactions Jenny and her friends were making as they were too stunned and pale to move, it looked as if they had the life sucked out of them since most of this lecture was directed at him an a surprisingly quiet Daniel who looked like he wasn’t being phased by this. Or wasn’t he? She couldn’t tell because his eyes were still steely. Either ways some of the students who weren’t a part of Jenny’s gang were showing signs of guilt and some had winced at what Miss Willows had said knowing that they did go a bit too far. The funny thing was that some of these students were in Chloe’s high school who had also made her life a living hell there. A few on the other hand were brave enough to look at Chloe, as soon as her eyes caught theirs did she frowned or glared at them depending on what they did to her leaving them turning their heads away quickly as her looks scared them.

Chloe however was semi relieved that the gang were not forced to apologise for she might not have taken well to it or would have rejected the apology, which in turn would have created more harm than good. In fact Chloe just wanted them to leave her alone… not that it would make much of a difference for they’ll always find ways to make her miserable.

“And if I find out that you’ve bullied anyone in the class, not only would it be detention but it’ll be a mark on your names and I know a few who now have one mark for these unthinkable stunts” Miss Willows added with a sharp look as she stared at Jenny and Daniel. A few students almost giggled but didn’t knowing that it wouldn’t end well for them either.

“Other teachers would have swept this under the rug but this is college and you are all young adults, you are mature enough not to act catty or behave like misfits. So sort yourselves out or they’ll be consequences oh and Jenny! Daniel be sure to deliver the papers to the principle and then clean rooms when your done” Miss Willows said sharply “And with that class is dismissed” she added knowing that it was now three o’clock thanks to how long the lecture was. Chloe seeing this chance took her bag and left the room, but only after giving Miss Willows a brief nod of thanks before going out. Relief slowly entered her system as she walked down the steps of the college before looking at the sign which said Vernon Cross College and sighed, knowing that she had to confront her mother about this.

Chloe kept her hands away from her cup as it rested on the table, sitting opposite Chloe was her mother who was frowning as she stared at Chloe. Trying to see whether or not she could figure out what was going on, Chloe’s eyes remained on her mother who was still frowning but also didn’t touch her drink.

“Chloe, I need you to be honest. What happened yesterday?” her mother asked now risking it since the issue was distressing her a lot. Chloe bit her lip as she tried to compose her thoughts, as much as she wanted to tell her mother about the voices and about what she spoke about with her teacher. She didn’t want to risk it.

“I…” Chloe paused and looked down. “I had a rough day at college” Chloe admitted taking her mother by surprise.

“What? But why?” Chloe’s mother cried in alarm causing Chloe to wince.

“The new boy and someone in my class” was all Chloe said as she looked down, her mother blinked in shock before frowning.

“Did you tell the teacher about this? Chloe you can’t keep allowing these people to do this to you! It’s not right” her mother exclaimed as she felt her heart grow heavy. This was why she didn’t want Chloe to go to college, she knew that there would be catty students who would want to hurt her thanks to everything that had happened in the past.

“The teacher somehow found out and told everyone off today” Chloe replied meekly as she looked down so she didn’t see her mother’s reaction. Her mother blinked before looking away herself.

“I should have known that this would happen” Her mother said with a guilty look on her face. “Chloe, I’m so sorry” her mother choked as she looked down weakly causing Chloe to wince.

“It wasn’t your fault, we all knew that this would happen again and I know that I am innocent” Chloe’s mother looked up to see Chloe smiling shyly, confusion and shock filled her face as she looked at her.

“I-I don’t understand” her mother’s voice almost shook as she tried to figure out what had got into Chloe to make her a bit more calm.

“Miss Willows my teacher, she said that I shouldn’t let what they say get me down. Because by doing that it’ll prove that I am guilt” Chloe sighed heavily “I have nothing to be guilty about, and Harry… Harry would be really annoyed with me if he saw me now” she mused with a small smile while her mother blinked in shock.

As they continued to speak Chloe then grabbed her cup and went to her room, just as she was about to close it-

Well done…idiot!” Came a humorous whisper that took Chloe by surprise as she gripped the door, her hand almost dropped the cup as she almost recognized the voice. It was then that she started to feel tears well up in her eyes as she released a watery smile.

“Harry” she said sounding like she was almost scolding the voice as she had an amused smile on her face before she closed the door.

Class almost went normal for Chloe minus the fact that some of her classmates were whispering about her new attire, Wearing a baby blue dress top under her white cardigan while she wore black trousers, white socks underneath and black shoes. Chloe had remained calm and paid no heed as she placed a lock of her hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear so she could see. As usual her hair was in a ponytail so it didn’t get in the way of things like eating.

By the time it was lunch time Chloe had walked out the class as normal and went to the roof to relax, she sighed and took in the fresh air before closing the door behind her so no one would know that she was up there. Soon she walked towards her usual spot and sat down with her back to the wall, not caring about the rough grainy texture the wall had thanks to it being made out of bricks.

As she relaxed she began to eat her turkey and mayo sandwiches which she made from home, watching the view in front of her she smiled softly knowing that this had been her usual thing when Harry had shown up. Sure he did a one eighty on her life as she always played things safe, however it did give her new perspective that life was too short to not take risks a few times. That living a dull life could only do so much before you lose yourself completely.

Surprisingly this time Chloe didn’t mind the voices as they spoke, after all hearing Harry’s voice left her smiling and musing about whether or not she might hear his voice again. Either ways she was now starting to feel content thanks to those words, maybe it was the voices trying to make her feel better she didn’t know. But it helped her somehow try to find away to let go of this pain and burden, after all she didn’t do anything wrong so why beat herself up about it. Yes she was shocked for it didn’t seem logically possible however who was she to judge?

“Interesting view” A voice shocked Chloe out of her thoughts, surprise filled her that anyone was here beside her, turn and look at who it was while hoping that she was wrong and that her ears were playing tricks on her. Only they weren’t. Chloe’s eyes narrowed as she turned her head and resumed eating, even if the food now tasted almost like cardboard not that her good mood was gone.

There standing beside her was Daniel who was looking at her with the same expression, his hands were in his pockets while his black hair moved thanks to the light breeze.


“Don’t!” Chloe interrupted. “I don’t want to hear it! I don’t want you lying to me anymore, saying that you’re sorry when you are anything but sorry!” Chloe snapped as she kept her face looking at her right which showed nothing by the view of buildings and the sky.

“You had a choice and you chose to humiliate and hurt me, so now I won’t believe anything you say! Just leave” Chloe added coldly. Daniel went silent and the next thing she heard was the door being closed, she slowly sighed quietly not happy either the situation but knew that he had it coming after his stunt. After all actions had consequences.

“I don’t want anything to do with you! So just leave me alone already!” Chloe once again sighed and rolled her eyes at how Daniel left her again after trying to get her to speak to him.

“Doesn’t this guy take the hint?” she muttered darkly before chomping down on her cold pasta grudgingly, wanting nothing more than to slap him or something for ruining her peaceful time. Why won’t he just leave she didn’t know but there was one thing for sure and that was she never wanted anything to do with him. After all friends or acquaintances of Jenny mean danger and bad things to happen later on. Not that Chloe cared about sides but it was really hard to talk to anyone when they succumb to Jenny’s influence and hate over her, some had said and did mean things to Chloe when she was alone or not. However Chloe had learned never to fight back since that would make the situation worse but now after her talk with Miss Willows, had learned that by just allowing their words to put her down it gave them power so by walking away it proved that she was the better person.

Checking her android phone she saw that it was almost time to go in leaving her annoyed that she had to go so soon, but alas there was nothing she could do. Getting up Chloe placed the lid on her near finished container of pasta before placing it in her bag, she then took out a clean tissue and wrapped it around the tissue before also putting that in her bag. Now fully packed Chloe took the bag and went back to her class involving science since she had wanted to study chemistry. Sure learning two different subjects and with a short amount of time was hard but she wanted to learn as much as she could since life was too short.

“Did you hear?” a long brunette girl near the door asked another brunette haired girl only her hair was shoulder length.

“Hear what?” the short haired girl asked looking confused.

“A girl went missing yesterday” Chloe almost paused from what she was hearing.

“Wait what? Are you serious?! What happened?” the short haired girl cried in alarm.

“No one knows, there were no witnesses and no one had seen her or could pin it on anyone. Not even a blood trail can be found” The long haired girl replied before noticing that Chloe was looking at them in shock leaving the brunette almost spooked thanks to the rumors.

“How can that be possible? Surely someone must have seen her” Chloe asked now curious despite the unsettled looks the pair were giving her. The girls looked at each other before looking at Chloe for a few minutes leaving her to think that she had overstepped her boundaries, just as she was about to apologise the girls looked at the other again.

“No one knows, in fact we don’t know if she was in a relationship with anyone” The long haired girl replied as she observed Chloe who blinked in surprise from the reply and from the fact that she was speaking to her of all people.

“That’s odd, do they know who she was though?” This took the girls by surprise.

“Hayley Reed, she was taking an Algebra course here” The short haired girl replied with a suspicious look.

“I didn’t know, that is curious though that she would just up and vanish” Chloe commented before biting her lip. “I’m sorry for intruding” she said softly before leaving the girls shocked that she had even spoke to them let alone apologized for even speaking to them.

“Hey wait!” Chloe stopped and turned to look at them. “You didn’t know Hayley did you?” the short haired girl asked looking at her with near curious eyes, Chloe blinked before shaking her head.

“I don’t think that I’ve met her” Chloe said with an apologetic look, she then went into class and sat down not believing what she heard. Who could have done this?

“Hey you rat” Jenny spat as she slammed her hands on Chloe’s desk startling her to the point that she almost jumped out of her seat. “You told on us didn’t you?” Jenny hissed as she glared at her, Chloe however didn’t react as she looked at Jenny blankly making the ginger haired girl more angry than before.

“Thanks to you I had to hear it from my parents who grounded me after they had a go at me. Honestly you’re so pathetic!” Jenny added only Chloe didn’t respond which made Jenny gnash her teeth before she pulled on Chloe’s hair, Chloe cried out in pain as she tried to get Jenny’s hand off of her. “Oh so now you react you stupid girl! Honestly I hate you for even being here! Why don’t you just crawl back in the hole you came from your worthless pathetic waste of space!” Jenny snapped as Chloe tried to stop her, suddenly Jenny screamed on in pain as Chloe dug her nails into Jenny’s arm hard in order to get the attacking girl to stop, this caused the ginger haired girl to slap Chloe’s face before releasing the black haired girl. Chloe winced as her side hit the floor before she curled up to avoid being kicked. Why wasn’t anyone doing anything? Did they really enjoy hurting her that much or were they too scared to help someone in trouble?

The next thing Chloe knew was that they kicks and insults suddenly went quiet causing her to slowly open her eyes, hoping that it wasn’t a trick.

Instead it wasn’t a trick, Jenny was frozen to the spot as Daniel grabbed her arm while his eyes were what rooted her to the spot. He was furious.

“Mind telling me why you are beating up a defenseless person?” Daniel asked coldly, Jenny then recomposed herself and scoffed.

“Ha? Defenseless?” Jenny spat before showing her arm that had nail indents on them. “She did this to me! How am I not allowed to fight back Daniel?” Jenny cried but Daniel wasn’t amused shocking her a lot, even Chloe was surprised by the fact that he was glaring at Jenny.

“I know you attacked her first, didn’t you listen to Miss Willows who said that this would get you expelled?” Daniel asked coldly causing Jenny to stutter.

“But! But she’s not even wanted here! She’s a nobody!” Jenny cried as she looked at Daniel who’s eyes darkened.

“And it’s okay to hurt her?” Daniel asked her coldly before walking towards Chloe who then shot up from the floor and went straight to her seat, his eyes still angry as he saw a large red welt on her left cheek, her lip was cut while her arms had some bruises whether they were from the fall or the kicks. Kneeling down he inspected the injuries causing Chloe to look away.

“Stop staring at me like that” Chloe muttered darkly as she gripped her trousers tightly from under the desk.

“You need to wash off the blood” he said before pulling her up by her right arm.

“Let go of me” Chloe snapped as she glared at him, almost wincing from the pain in her arm.

“But Daniel!” Jenny cried as she watched him take Chloe out the room, the male then stopped as he saw Mr. Williams who’s eyes were now wide as shock and horror appeared on his face.

“I am just taking her to the nurse to get cleaned up” Daniel explained before taking a reluctant Chloe with him, this snapped the teacher out of his shock.

“H-Hey! What happened to her?” Mr. Williams asked only silence was his reply, sadly he couldn’t go after them since he had to make sure the students in the class they went out of were okay.

“Look just hold still will you?” Daniel pleaded as he felt frustration enter him.

“No!” Chloe moved her head stopping him from trying to clean up the blood on her lip.

“Chloe please just stop it”

“Why should I? I don’t want your charity or fake kindness!” Chloe barked in anger leaving the male to huff before the nurse took over and tried to clean up the cuts Chloe had, to his slight annoyance she didn’t resist as much with the nurse and frowned.

Stubborn girl” he muttered to himself at how she was acting, even if it didn’t make sense. She didn’t trust him thanks to before.

“Who says I was pretending?” Daniel asked bluntly while Chloe rolled her eyes “And second I never spoke ill of you anyways” Daniel added as he looked at her eyes that showed nothing but disbelief.

“Yeah like I am going to fall for that!” Chloe snapped before wincing from her lip which stung from the pain of the antibacterial wipe that was being used to clean her lip.

“Sorry about that sweetie” the nurse said with a kind smile as she continued to clean and patch up the injuries.

“What do you want me to say?” Daniel asked as his frown darkened. “I didn’t respond since it was pointless to get involved” Chloe almost scoffed and shook her head.

“Please… don’t lie-”

“Aren’t you being judgmental?” Daniel snapped as he interrupted her, she gave him a dark look for the comment. “You’ve been accused of something you didn’t do and yet here you are having a go at me for something without even asking for my side of the story”

“And you’re so innocent?” Chloe asked sharply while he glared.

“Innocent of the crime you’re accusing me of” Daniel barked in the same tone as he folded his arms. “Jeez for someone who should know how this feels, you are just like them” Chloe’s eyes narrowed before Daniel’s face was sent to the side shocking both the nurse and him.

“You have no right to say that! How dare you act all high and mighty when you haven’t exactly proven that you’re innocent!”

“And you have?” Daniel challenged “Honestly Chloe you’re such a hypocrite!” Chloe froze and glared.

“Am I hypocrite? Even when I’ve made things perfectly clear that I want nothing to do with you?” Chloe replied as she glared at him.

“Please don’t argue” the nurse pleaded but was ignored.

“Why?” Daniel asked crossly before she stood up and faced him, her eyes so full of anger the more she glared at him.

“Well let’s see the fact that you can’t stop staring at me which is weird and I don’t like it! There’s also the humiliating speech you made about me in front of everyone in our class” she added angrily as she pointed him in the chest for each reason she gave out to him. Daniel each time winced from how hard she poked but refused to let up. “And you know what even then I didn’t trust you! So take the hint! I want nothing to do with you!” Daniel went silence as she glared at him, his hair shielded his eyes as his head went down slightly. “You! Your girlfriend AND her friends! I want nothing to do with people who made my life a living hell and I’ve dealt with that for years, first the geeky girl now the girl who supposedly killed her only best friend! If you were me, would you have been able to handle it? Would you?!” she asked sharply as Daniel continued to remain silent as he heard her words, but showed no reaction that her words had hurt him at all.

“Answer the question Daniel because you’ve made it pretty clear that I’m a hypocrite along with other things you’ve described me as” she added angrily, Daniel bit his lip before walking away leaving her more angry. “Good! Don’t bother me again then!” she huffed before sitting back down and looked at the shocked nurse who then silently began to resume what she had been doing, slightly unnerved by the argument between the pair but said nothing knowing that it was best not to get involved.

The lessons next day were tense and slightly odd as Jenny had not turned up for college today much to everyone’s surprise, it was unlike her though to not show up since she would never miss a chance to hurt and insult Chloe, who in fact was actually waiting for the girl to show up and do something to make her wish that she had not fought back yesterday. However surprisingly the ginger haired girl did not show. Even some were gossiping about it before Mr. Williams or Miss Willows had silenced them to get to their studies.

Daniel was also quiet to the class, although it could because Jenny was not trying to get him to have a conversation with her. Plus her friends were if they would admit it were slightly intimidated by his appearance and attitude to even think about talking to him. Some girls in the class had at times planned to flirt or ask him if he and Jenny were an item before the teachers frowned at them for speaking at all when they were to be quiet.

Despite all this Chloe wasn’t much bothered since she didn’t truly care, after all Jenny had truanted in high school and ended up getting passes in their final exams. So why should this bother her? Also what left her slightly on edge was that Daniel had looked at her almost three times today but made no hints of going to speak to her. In fact he didn’t bother her during lunch to her relief but regardless it didn’t help her relax with her lunch.

“Alright people just as you know I’m setting up some assignments” Mr. Williams’ words caused them to look up. “This involves the fact that you will all be working in pairs for a few weeks” Mr. Williams said cheerfully causing some to become eager to work with who they wanted to be with while Chloe rolled her eyes, knowing that she’d be working alone again since no one would want to work with a ‘murderer’, not that she cared since this would mean less hassle for her.

“And since we have a full house this means that everyone gets a partner” Mr. Williams said before a hand belonging to Agatha who was Jenny’s friend.

“Um Mr. Williams” Agatha asked wearily.

“Ah yes Agatha, is there something wrong?” Mr. Williams asked with a smile while she winced.

“Jenny’s not here” Agatha explained causing him to look at the empty table and sigh.

“True, however given that Daniel was the extra student making the class a total of twenty one, this in turn means that Jenny when she comes back will be working in a group of three. Does that help?” Mr. Williams asked still smiling even though Agatha and her friends were not, after all her friend was not picking up her phone or answering her texts.

“Okay so the pairs before you stand up” Mr. Williams had to almost laugh at how eager they were to be working with their chosen pairs, he could see it in their eyes at who they were going to pick. However this is where he came in. “I will be choosing the groups” immediately he was greeted by loud groans by people who were protesting, Chloe however rolled her eyes knowing that she now definitely had to work with someone she didn’t like since she didn’t get along with anyone in the class thanks to Jenny and her group. Who in fact had made it harder for Chloe to be friends with anyone in the class. Suddenly the room went silent as she was mentally muttering to herself about how she had to put up with the person her teacher had assigned her with. Blinking she looked around the class to see silent but shocked students before looking at her peppy teacher.

“Um sorry sir?” Chloe asked as she tilted her head.

“I said Chloe that you’ll be working with Daniel here for your chemistry assignment” The teacher replied politely not minding that her mind had been elsewhere. It was then that Chloe went pale and slowly looked at Daniel who was equally shocked while they ignored the whispers over everyone in the class, The teacher however paid no heed as he continued to read out names. Only Chloe was too shocked and unhappy to care, for of all the people she had to be partnered with- it had to be him! Talk about an unwanted inconvenience.

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