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Chapter 6

Why was her teacher doing this? Assigning the one person she detested besides Jenny and her group to be her partner. Did her teacher hate her or something? Did she do something wrong to have encouraged him to pair them up? She didn’t know but since everyone except Chloe and Daniel were now getting up to go their assigned partners in order to get their projects started. Daniel then soon stood up from his seat since Chloe was not moving from hers any time soon and her expression showed that she was not planning to get up. Taking a deep breath he walked towards the seat beside her at the table and placed his bag by his foot after he sat down.

“So? Partners?” He asked almost sounding peppy as he spoke, his eyes showed mirth even though it was weak given that the situation between them wasn’t all that good due the recent events. Chloe on the other hand nearly scowled as she glared at him. Oh how she hated this!

Just kill me now!” she cried weakly as she almost hit her head on the table in frustration, she leered at him weakly not believing that this was actually happening. How could this happen though? She didn’t want him working with her and if anything she’d rather work alone, it didn’t hinder her before since that meant more work and research only compared to her classmates she didn’t complain. Sadly now it seemed like her luck and mood had now turned bad given that he never stopped bothering her since he showed up, and now he was her partner. Was someone trying to tell her something? She didn’t know but the voices on the other hand were silent again to her confusion. Was something making them go quiet? Did something spook them? If anything she’d rather know about that then work with this guy any day, however if she had by some complete rotten luck got partnered with Jenny. It would just mean either the black haired girl would get bullied and pushed aside while Jenny gets the work done while taking the credit. However the second thing that could have happened in stead would be that Chloe would have to do the work and then Jenny once it’s done swoops in and takes all the credit, knowing this however left her thinking who was worse to work with- Jenny or heaven forbid Daniel?

Suddenly a loud scream caught her attention and snapped her out of her thoughts, immediately she shot her head up from the table to see where the scream was located and why they had screamed, what greeted her line of vision was a lamp that was between the window and the teacher’s desk which had somehow combusted into flames. Before anyone could process what had happened the fire quickly latched onto the curtains much to Chloe’s shock while everyone soon started to go pale and quiet, not believing what they were seeing since this never happened before.

“Okay no worries calm down” Mr. Williams said with a shocked look as he took out the fire extinguisher which was located by the door. As he fired at the flames they created a mini explosion forcing him to move back to avoid getting hit by the flames, Chloe gasped as she stared at him in worry, as Chloe stood up and was about to help the teacher she was halted to the spot as soon as she felt Daniel’s hand grab hers causing her to look at his unusually calm eyes in shock. What was going on?! Why did that fire start? Was there a technical problem with the wires or something? And why was he stopping her from helping the teacher?

“Is everyone okay?” Mr Williams asked while coughing and grunting as he batted the excess fire that latched onto his left arm from the mini explosion. Soon after doing that the sprinklers went off while the wailing sound of the fire alarm filled their ears, soon the silent class erupted into loud screams of panic the moment the water from the sprinklers hit them.

“Everyone out the door okay! Single file! No pushing!” Mr. Williams yelled as he made sure everyone was out, even if they were wasting time getting their bags and pushing the other just to escape the room which was now on fire. Chloe was stunned as she got her bag, she continued to look at the lamp not believing what she was witnessed before she walked out slowly to avoid getting injured by the others who were not shy of stepping on people just to make it to safety, how and why did that happen?

Once they were out the room did Mr. Williams shut the door to prevent the fire from spreading before walking with his group, making sure they all were safe and in his line of sight just in case something were to happen. They soon left the college and made their way to the entrance of the school along with the students who were left baffled while some were coughing from the smell of smoke. Some even conversed with the others on what could have happened and why.

“Are you okay?” Daniel asked as he placed his hand on Chloe’s shoulder causing her to look at him sharply. “Didn’t inhale too much smoke?” he asked as he looked at her with a worried expression, Chloe frowned.

“No” she replied bluntly. “I’m fine” the next thing she knew was that he was sighing with relief in his eyes.

“That’s good” he commented while his shoulders went slack from not having to worry. Soon the sounds of approaching fire engines entered their ears causing them to turn, some didn’t complain as the window to a few classrooms shattered from the intense flames causing the teachers to keep the students all away so the firemen could get the situation under control.

“Do you think everything is going to be okay-” Suddenly the ground shook as the sound of an explosion hit their ears causing all the students to fall to the ground. Chloe’s ears as a result were completely muffled until the sound of faint ringing filled a bit of the noise, Chloe was left confused as she became disorientated while her body now felt like lead while her hair laid splayed round her face and the floor. She didn’t understand why until she blinked and realised that she was on the floor much to her confusion given that she was just standing a few minutes ago.

What was that? Why were people on the floor and why couldn’t she hear anything?

Chloe as she was on the ground didn’t notice someone shaking her to get her attention as she could only see legs and shoes as she laid on the floor.

“Chloe!” The girl was unable to hear thanks to the fact that she couldn’t hear, everything had become a dull noise leaving her more confused than ever. Soon pain filled her right side but she couldn’t hear her own voice as she opened her mouth, or at least she thought that she did.

Chloe tried to get up while her body screamed in protest from having to get up, however to her surprise she was now sitting on the side of her legs but didn’t complain as she took in her surroundings. Most of the students were either on the floor or panicking and a few ran, tilting her head slightly in confusion she turned to look the other way only to see Daniel’s face which looked completely worried. He looked as if he was saying something given how rapid his mouth was moving and his hands were near her. Chloe blinked before she was shook a bit but didn’t feel it due to the fact she was still trying to recover from what just happened.

“Chloe! Chloe can you hear me?” Daniel had tried to say before his mouth closed as he saw that she was not going to respond, she looked completely dazed and out of it even though she was up and looking. He looked around to see if there was a teacher or fire fighter and bit his lip in frustration.

“Can I get some help please!” Some students looked at him before turning their heads to look at Chloe, to his shock they walked away not showing an ounce of care. He then looked at Chloe who was staring at him with an unreadable expression while she looked as if she was pouting.

“Stay here I’ll get you some help” he said before getting up and went to find his teacher or someone who could provide assistance since she wasn’t responding to anything he was saying.

Chloe remained still before her head moved slightly due to how heavy it was at that moment, not knowing what was going on until she turned to look at the building. She would have had her eyes go wide in horror but at that moment she looked calm if not slightly out of it. Questions didn’t form in her mind nor was she able to process anything of what was left of the building which now looked like it had been torn apart as a massive hole could in the side where her class had been while some rubble laid near their feet.

Chloe turned again to see if anyone had got hit by the projectiles from the building after it blew up only to see a few were screaming as some glass and debris either impaled them or crushed something. Chloe remained still and unaffected due to the fact that she still couldn’t hear thanks to the muffled noise.

Why did it feel like her head was swimming? She didn’t know but all that greeted her next was darkness for a brief moment before she was greeted with now dusty grass and sky that slowly filled her vision, for some reason she was now seeing things sideways much to her confusion before darkness filled her vision again.

Chloe’s eyelids twitched as she started to wake up, pain soon filled her senses while a low groan escaped her lips the moment she felt every inch of her body. Where was she?

Chloe forced her weakened eyelids to open only to cringe and whine as a blinding light hit her eyes the moment they opened, slowly she moved her left hand to her now shut eyelids in order to prevent as much light touching her eyes as possible before she tried to open her eyes again. This time now that her hand was blocking the light slightly did Chloe look only what greeted the disorientated and tired girl was white. Slowly removing her hand as her eyes slowly adjusted to the light. Only she was now greeted with white sheets leaving her more baffled than before until she saw a needle sticking into her hand. Why was that there anyways she didn’t know, but what she did know as soon as she forced her head to move was that she was in a room which she did not recognize. Even the pillows and covers were white as she examined the area silently, sighing she lifted her right hand to see it bandaged up to the wrist. Baffled she tilted her head only to wince as pain appeared the moment she moved, instinctively she moved her left hand to her head however what she felt were more bandages causing her to blink slowly as more confusion settled in as she was still unsure about what had happened. Did she pass out?

“Hey, you’re awake” said a soft voice, curious Chloe turned her head to see Daniel standing by the door with a drink in his hand. He soon made his way over to a chair that was by the left side of her bed and sat down, Chloe on the other hand was frowning slightly as glared at him weakly.

“Why are you here?” she asked darkly, her voice faint before a series of dry coughs left her throat.

“Here” Daniel said quickly as he placed his white foam cup down on a table next to him which contained a pitcher of water by a plastic cup that looked unused. The next thing that greeted Chloe’s ears was the water being poured into the cup before it was passed to her.

“Your parents came here a few hours ago, they were really worried about you” Daniel commented as Chloe tried to take the cup only it shook in her hands before she lost her grip, this caused water to soak some of the sheets leaving the distressed girl to bite her lip weakly in frustration.

“Hold on” Daniel said as he took a towel that was resting nearby and tried to get the sheets to dry up quickly even though the blankets absorbed most of the water soaking her leg in the process.

“Why are you doing this?” Chloe asked in between coughs as she stared at him with half lidded eyes, Daniel turned to look at her with a calm smile that left her slightly shocked.

“You had me worried” Daniel said leaving Chloe annoyed that he was changing the subject. “The doctors said it was a concussion due to how hard you hit your head, some even said that you might not be able to wake up” he added before checking the sheets with his hands, once they were acceptably dry did he refill the cup and handed it to her.

“You didn’t answer my question” Chloe said weakly as her coughs grew from how dry her throat was. Daniel smiled still as he this time helped a reluctant Chloe to drink her water.

“Am I not allowed to be worried?” he asked, his voice almost sounded amused and yet calm leaving her almost glaring but accepted the help regardless thanks to what happened when she tried to hold the cup. Chloe almost choked and coughed the moment the cold water touched her throat, as much as it stung due to how dry her parched throat was it also provided her with some relief which in turn left her wanting to drink even more quickly. Not caring if she was being greedy nor did she care that it could upset her throat even more or make her cough due to how she was gulping the water down.

“Hey hey take it easy will you” Daniel said as he tried to get her to slow down “you’ll choke” on cue she spluttered and coughed violently from the fact that she swallowed wrongly for a brief moment, as she coughed did she feel his hand rubbing her back leaving her to almost tense up.

“With what you’ve been doing it’s hard to tell if you are pretending” Daniel nodded a bit as he understood what she was saying.

“You never know, after all you know nothing about me and nor do I know anything about you to make such assumptions” Daniel replied as he watched her coughing grow to a complete stop, Chloe’s eyes remained cautious as she watched him from the corner of her left eye.

“You know you have such nice parents” Chloe blinked from his sudden words “Makes me wonder how you became so closed off to begin with” Daniel commented only now he was greeted with a cold glare that would have left shivers down a person’s spine.

“Get out” Chloe said darkly, her voice laced with venom thanks to his words whether they were meant to be a joke or not, it still struck a nerve since he had no idea of what she went through and he had no right to joke about something about that. Seeing her reaction on the other hand instead of leaving him intimidated had left him to chuckle at her reaction to his words, even after her ordeal she still was feisty and on the defensive.

“You sure about that-?” The door was slammed open causing Chloe to wince and place her hands right over her ears to stop them suffering anymore than they already were, meanwhile a groan escaped her lips as the noise from the door vibrated in her eardrums to the point that she was sure that her head was going to split from the strain.

“Chloe!” her mother’s shrill voice soon entered her ears before she was immediately pulled into a bone crushing hug as the injured girl continued to whine from the pain. Seeing the girl’s reaction to what was going on had made her father purse his lips, not happy with how his wife was acting when it came to their frail daughter. Both parents were in a right state, their clothes were slightly wrinkled and looked like they had lost a lot of sleep. Blane wore a red and grey checkered shirt that had a low collar and messy rolled up sleeves that rested up to his elbow, he wore his grey work trousers since he had rushed out of work and had forgotten to change since like Gwen he had spent most of his time in the hospital watching and hoping that his daughter would wake up. Stubble was also present on his face due to the fact that he hadn’t shaved and his hair was slightly messy, signalling that he probably doused off and had forgotten to sort it out.

Gwen on the other hand wore no make up allowing them to see her worried tired eyes, her lips were slightly chapped and dry signalling that she hadn’t been drinking much which would have been a cause for concern but her looks were the least of her worries. Her grey woolly jumper was slightly frayed at the bottom and the sleeves looked as if someone had been picking at the seams, her grey pencil skirt had a few stains which could be identified as coffee or food stains rested on certain parts of the clothing but there were no signs of it being taken care of. On her feet were black four inched toe high heels that had made a series of clicking noises the moment she had ran into the room in order to hug her child, when she had heard Chloe had woken up all signs of being tired had been wiped from the worried mother.

“Take it easy Gwen, she has just woken up” Chloe’s father said with a disapproving look on his face the moment his ears caught the sound of Chloe’s weak cry from the sudden hug, Chloe’s mother’s grip to her dismay was tighter than she would have liked given that she had just woke up not too long ago.

“Take it easy? Take it easy?! My baby has been asleep for two days Blane!” Gwen shrieked at her husband forgetting that Chloe was beside her, Blane on the other hand frowned at his wife since Chloe was his daughter as well and compared to his wife, he wasn’t so foolish as to rush in the room when Chloe was on the mend even though he was resisting the urge to pull her into a hug due to the fact that they almost lost their little girl because of that incident.

“So don’t tell me to take it easy or calm down Blane!” the mother added with a sharp angry glare, the newly woken girl continued to keep her hands over her ears. Her fingers were still weak as they were finding it hard to continue cupping her ears as she tried to ignore her parent’s banter over how they should be acting around her. As thrilled as Chloe was about how they cared for her, it really left her questioning about whether it was worth it now thanks to how they were arguing over her. After all the only thing she did want was silence or their voices toned down until her ears and head were well enough to handle loud noises.

“The doctor specifically told us to keep the noise down and to not strain her body-” Blane said weakly as he looked at his wife.

“How dare you!” Gwen screeched at Blane in anger causing Chloe to almost groan and cringe from the increased volume, Daniel meanwhile winced at how Chloe was dealing with this knowing that this was probably torture thanks to the noises that left her lips. Talk about an over protective mother! “She almost died from the rubble and almost got caught in an explosion!” the mother snapped harshly, Blane on the other hand just sighed heavily since he was not in the mood to argue as fatigue and relief entered his body. Leaving him wanting nothing more than to sleep knowing that Chloe was going to be alright however that sadly was going to be put on hold thanks to his wife’s mood.

“The doctor hasn’t even seen her yet, she most likely woke up and here you are not giving her the chance to recover form her ordeal” Blane said with a disapproving look as he fought to keep his eyes open from being tired.

“Blane I am this close to slapping and kicking you out of this room” Gwen added sharply causing his eyes to narrow from the comment, now that was taking things a little too far. “Don’t you dare start on me! Do you know how I felt when I heard not only from the news but from the hospital that our own daughter among other students at that dreaded college have been victims of that explosion?!”

“Which they do not know what started the incident!” Blane reasoned with a stern look “And yes I do! I was at the office only to get a call when I was in the middle of a meeting” Gwen scoffed before shaking her head at his reply, then again she too was at work when she heard the news from the breakroom. Daniel as he watched continued to look at how upset Chloe was from all the noise and from being moved thanks to Gwen as she spoke to her husband.

“Um… Chloe’s parents, I think you need to keep the noise-”

“Oh who asked you?!” Gwen snapped in anger as she now focused on a shocked Daniel.

“Darling don’t you dare start-” Blane paused as he saw Daniel point at Chloe’s withered look as she remained in Gwen’s arms, confused the pair turned to look at Chloe in order to see what Daniel was talking about only to immediately grow guilty for how they were acting.

“Oh Chloe I-!”

“Ssssh!” Blane hissed at Gwen causing her to wince at how Chloe kept her hands on her ears in order to block as much noise as she could.

“S-Sorry” Gwen whispered softly as Chloe leered at them weakly with one eye that was being forced open, the injured girl whined a bit only it sounded like she was annoyed with their behaviour leaving them more guilty than before.

“Now that both of you have settled down, I would like to check on my patient if you please” a man’s gruff voice came from behind Blane causing him to jump in surprise, he almost released a yelp from how startled he was causing the man who looked like he was in his mid forties to shake his head at their behaviors. The man had his doctor’s jacket over his white shirt and black slacks while a stethoscope rested around his neck in order to help him when needed. His shoes however were black and showed signs of being worn but he paid no heed, his hair was slightly grey due to stress and age.

“S-Sorry” the father said weakly before stepping aside in order for the man to enter, the doctor nodded his thanks before walking towards Chloe and immediately took something from his pocket. He soon shone light into Chloe’s eyes causing her to cry out from how bright it was and wanted nothing more than to block the unwanted light away, seeing this reaction made the man tut but showed no expression as he then checked her heart and blood pressure.

“Do you have any pain in your head?” The doctor asked politely as he continued to examine her thoroughly in order to see if there were any unseen problems that were being overlooked.

“Ears… hurt” Chloe replied meekly as she gritted her teeth from the pain, the doctor nodded with sympathetic eyes.

“It’s to be expected due to how hard you hit your head” the doctor explained in a low voice so he didn’t upset her anymore than she already was.

“Will it go away?” Gwen asked while trying to keep her voice steady but low for Chloe’s sake, the doctor paused from her question.

“We will do a head CT to see how things are now that she’s awake, if we’re lucky the swelling in her head has gone down and with luck she might be able to leave after a few weeks in order to recover at home” The doctor explained.

“Thank you sir” Blane said with a relieved look on his face, the doctor smiled softly and nodded.

“I have to admit compared to the other students who came here, she’s a very lucky girl” Chloe blinked in surprise not knowing why the doctor was saying this.

“Why?” Chloe asked in a hoarse voice only to cringe from her own voice, she immediately placed her hands on her ears as the vibrations left her ears ringing again.

“Easy now” the doctor said softly but saw that Chloe despite the injury was adamant to know which left him sighing at the predicament, he looked at her parent’s graved looks as their expressions left the doctor at a loss of what to say.

“You see Chloe, some who were hit from the rubble and the explosion didn’t make it” Daniel explained causing her to look at him from the corner of her eye, this in turn left her wondering on why he was still in the room. The parents gave him a disapproving look for even speaking before the doctor nodded in agreement.

“About forty six students came to this hospital” the doctor explained, just hearing this left Chloe stunned at how many people were injured from one single incident. “A third had minor injuries, others however suffered severe injuries and twelve didn’t make it” the doctor added with a sympathetic eyes as he saw Chloe’s eyes grow sad from their words.

“I… see” Chloe bit her lip weakly as she allowed the words to sink in, to think that all this was caused from one single lamp and that in itself was surprising. After all it was hard to believe that one single thing could do so much damage in such a short amount of time.

“We are relieved that you have woken up though” the doctor’s words left her looking up at him. “The hit left you in a coma due to the swelling but with luck it’s gone down” he added with a soft encouraging smile even though Chloe was not smiling.

“How long?” Chloe asked but was almost too scared to ask since the thought of being out for so long left her wincing at how much damage she had caused. The doctor looked at her parents who had grave looks on their faces.

“Three months” The doctor finally replied causing her to go pale and quiet, as much as she wanted to react, the quiet girl didn’t truly have it in her to say anything let alone complain given that she did just come out of a coma. She was alive… but then there were the others who were not as lucky. Not looking at anyone the upset female slowly placed her hands on the rough blankets, she soon gripped them tightly from feeling sad and frustrated about what happened. How could this have happened? Why though? What caused this? There was no coincidence that this happened and just thinking about Henry’s death left her mind going blank…no way.

It was not your fault” A soft voice said leaving Chloe immediately to go pale from hearing the voice, looked up in shock while a small gasp left her lips.

“Chloe?” Gwen asked looking worried as she watched Chloe look around the room, almost as if she was looking for something but what?

Chloe remained oblivious to her mother’s words as she focused on the voice, it wasn’t possible right? After all they were always quiet and for some reason it was always when Daniel was in the room so why could she hear HIS voice?

“Are you okay?” Chloe jumped when Daniel’s hand touched her arm, for a moment she felt as if electricity touched her arm causing her to look at him. “Hey are you okay?” Daniel’s eyes showed that he was concerned about how she was acting from her zoning out to how she was looking around the room.

Be careful, you got lucky… you dummy!” the voice said sternly causing a chuckle to leave Chloe’s lips before she could stop it.

“Huh?” Daniel was left dumbstruck as Chloe closed her eyes before she released a laugh that soon got loud within seconds, not caring that it was hurting her ears. Blane and Gwen looked at each other before looking at Chloe as like the doctor and Daniel, they were at a loss for words.

“Dummy?! You stupid black haired twit!” Chloe blurted out causing her parents to go quiet. The doctor looked at her parents while Daniel blinked before a frown entered his face not knowing what that was about but didn’t comment.

“M-Miss are you okay?” the doctor asked, it was then that Chloe shook her head and smiled softly taking them by surprise as she had a semi serene look on her face, Daniel bit the inside of his cheek and almost had a dark glint in his eye.

“Excuse me” Daniel said in a composed tone as left the room after taking his hand off of her arm. Chloe however blinked but shrugged a bit with a carefree smile as she refused to allow his mood and abrupt exit to ruin her mood, she heard him! She heard her friend’s voice. Maybe she was going insane, maybe she was hearing things because of what she went through but then again she did hear the voices when Daniel was not around. Only the difference was that his voice was kind and held a familiar tone that left her more at ease, maybe she was reliving or thinking about what he would say if she did get hurt for some reason. Just thinking about this gave her some comfort compared to those voices that left her shivering in fear, wondering if they were the ones who caused her misfortune and the loss of her friend. At times they did force her awake at night or left her thinking that something cold was brushing against her, her skin would always prickle and she would shiver as the girl was left not wanting to go to bed if they somehow tried to enter her dreams. Was that possible she didn’t know but sure but definitely didn’t want to find out or know.

“Yup… sorry, I thought about a memory of a friend who said something funny” Chloe said brightly taking her family by surprise since the only friend she had was dead. “It’s odd though, even though he isn’t here… I can imagine his reaction if he ever saw me like this” she added with a small smile. Gwen bit her lip but saw Blane smiling softly as he saw how their daughter was finally smiling.

Chloe stood by her bed holding her jacket due to the fact that it was very warm, she really didn’t like summer due to the fact that it did things to people and their skin. Biting her lip she waited for her parents who were eager to take her home after being made to wait for a whole three weeks. Even Chloe was getting agitated with having to stay in bed, even if she had been dizzy and suffered from the incident she would rather be at home then at the chemical rooms being tested non stop. At times she had blacked out which had been the result of suffering head trauma but as the doctor and nurses repeatedly mentioned she was lucky to be alive which however didn’t make her feel any better. After all who would want to be reminded of being the few that survived when others had not. Why did the fire and explosion happen? Why did the people have to suffer? What caused it? Chloe may never be able to know but for now she knew that things were better left in the hands of the police… even if they did let her down before.

Biting her lip the anxious girl had made sure that her plain black shirt and trousers were not messy due how eager she was in getting home. Chloe at times did remember seeing Daniel who did show up at odd times to see how she was leaving her leering at him, wondering why he was bothering her when she didn’t want him in the room as she tried to recover in peace. Sadly that was never going to happen as the angry girl tossed more pillows at him than any patient would have done even if they were unwell or weak for various reasons. The doctors were even stunned to hear such foul words and see so many pillows being thrown at Daniel even as he ran out her room, only that was because she threw a lamp at his head… the irony of almost dying from a lamp.

Daniel to her anger had missed the lamp but almost did get hit from the glass shards that went flying due to how many pieces there were.

“YOU’RE GOING TO CLEAN THAT UP AND PAY FOR IT YOU JERK!” Chloe’s shrill furious voice could be heard from the rooms while the ones who saw Daniel gave him distain looks as they wondered why he was upsetting her to begin with. Daniel on the other hand popped his head back in with a sly smile that grated on her nerves.

“You missed” he said playfully after she threw the lamp only to cringe as he had to endure being bit by a bed pan.

“Get out!” Chloe had screamed as her anger rose along with her voice, her hair was dishevelled from having to force herself to sit up and rant at him for leaving her so rattled. Her eyes almost blood shot due to the lack of sleep and from having to wake up for various reasons. One was the voices, the second was the doctors and nurses that wanted to check up on her, the third reason was her parents and lastly to her utter disgust- Daniel had shown up and started holding her hand or was stroking the back of her hand with his thumb. Whatever he had said when she was out cold was left unclear to her but she didn’t press on it, instead she wanted him to leave as he left her at ease to her worry after all she didn’t know him and yet he left her at with an odd sense of security. Something she didn’t take too kindly to for he could be doing stuff when she was asleep and she would never have known.

Shaking her head from the unwanted thoughts Chloe now tried to focus on trying to be positive since her parents were coming soon. Only she did hope that her stalker as she was now starting to call him would turn up after she was gone. Just the thought of seeing that she was not there left her sniggering as he would then start to wonder in where she was after all he didn’t know where she lived.

Or does he?” an eerie whisper echoed in her ear leaving her to bristle from the voice’s words, no… he wouldn’t right? After all her parents wouldn’t have told him since she had made it clear to them that she hated him. Plus they never did question her reasons or why she was so angry, even if her mother did make comments about his looks leaving Chloe to glare while her father turned to give his wife a look that said he was not amused.

“Ready?” Blane’s voice startled her out of her daze.

“Y-Yeah” Chloe said shyly before walking towards him, her flats made tapping noises on the tiled floor as she followed him to the car that contained her mother on the seat beside the driver’s seat. Staring wordlessly she nodded her thanks to her father as he opened the left car door allowing her to sit down on the passenger seat.

“How are you feeling?” Gwen had asked softly as she turned to look at Chloe who looked at her mother, ignoring the door as her father closed the door even though her ears were better than before she did twitch from the sudden noise.

“I’m fine” Chloe replied politely as her father entered his side of the car, turning on the ignition he began to drive them straight home.

Silence greeted them once more, at times Chloe had asked about what was going to happen with her college only to be greeted with silence and distain which she knew wasn’t directed at her but at the college for allowing this incident to happen. For if it wasn’t the bullying that harmed Chloe but the explosion that not only placed her at harms way but other students as well. Still Chloe didn’t know what to say, she did want to brave it and got back to college to study. However now wasn’t the time to ask about it since she had to spend at least a few weeks recovering at home after dealing with her injuries before doing anything else.

“You’re not going back to that college” Gwen’s abrupt tone startled Chloe out of her daze as she stared out the car window, turning to look at her mother Chloe blinked.

“Why mum?” Chloe asked with pure curiosity causing Gwen to bite her lip.

“Your mother and I had a talk and we don’t want to risk anymore incidents, for that we’ve decided to have you study at either one of our work places so we can keep an eye on you. Making sure that you’re safe at all times” Blane explained as Chloe started at them in alarm. That was the last thing she wanted happening after all if being with them put them in danger then she would rather risk being away from them, even if it meant being alone and having to endure her peer’s cruelty.

“But dad, it’s a once in a million chance of it happening right?” Chloe asked softly “there could have been a fault in the wiring plus there were chemicals being used on another level so-”

“But nothing Chloe! We’ve talked about this end of discussion” Gwen said sharply as she tried not to lash out and scream at how her daughter was trying to put herself in harms way, Chloe however frowned at her mother.

“Things happen mum, you can’t just pull me out when things get too tough otherwise-”

“No Chloe! I am not-”

“What about those who died?” Gwen went silent “Those who got injured, some will never get to carry on or do what they want to do in life because of this. I am not going to hide when something happens, I made that mistake when my friend died. I withdrawed from people allowing them to pick on me” Gwen looked at Chloe with helpless eyes, Blane however sighed as he drove silently.

“She is right Gwen” Blane said softly shocking Gwen to the point that she flashed him a betrayed look. “Don’t give me that Gwen after all we did to Chloe when that boy died, we didn’t believe her and we broke when things got too tough. As much as I don’t want Chloe to go to college she wants to make an effort and I say she can” Blane commented as he flashed a shocked Chloe with a proud smile that left her looking down with a sheepish look, gripping the ends of her shirt as she kept her eyes down.

“But I don’t want her going to that college again” Gwen said stiffly as she glared at Blane, not liking that he was right.

“Gwen… they’re rebuilding the college but in the meantime they’re hiring a school to help them with various subjects, yes it’s small but it’s better than not having a place for their students to learn” Blane explained as he made a right turn causing the car to travel another area leading to their home.

“Some parents are pulling out their students and sending them to other colleges thought, why can’t we do that for Chloe?” Gwen asked causing Blane to sigh again.

“Gwen… no matter where Chloe will go there will be people who will stir up trouble. That event was an accident, whether it was due to faulty wiring or not” Blane explained before pulling up in a driveway only to pause as he saw the boy from the hospital.

“What is it?” Gwen asked before blinking in surprise from what she was seeing, Chloe who was focused on her parents didn’t notice until she left the car. Her eyes narrowed as she saw Daniel standing by the door.

“Hey, out today?” Daniel greeted at a fuming teen.

“What! Are you doing at my house?” She barked in anger as she ignored her parents. Daniel blinked before opening his bag showing papers taking her surprise.

“Our project, it’s been extended to two more weeks that is if you’re still going to our college still” Daniel explained as Chloe continued to glare.

“Obviously but I am stuck at home for another week” she scowled at him.

“No problem I’ll come over after college-”

“Whoa whoa! Excuse me boy!” Blane said sharply now losing his temper over how Daniel was acting with his daughter, he shot out the car and stood in front of Daniel while giving him a dark look. “Who says that you’ll be allowed to see her? College and outside college are completely different things! You are to leave her alone and I am pretty sure that she has made it clear she wants nothing to do with you, whether you are her partner in your college project or not” Blane barked, Chloe mentally sighed in relief knowing her father was very protective when it came to her and boys. After all Harry was the first example since he was a troublemaker and a bad boy, however Chloe was the only one who saw past that guise and was friends with him. Trusting him not to do anything that would upset her. Sure at times he did overstep his bounds but they were to help her out of her shell and allowed her to see some areas like the bridge he found relaxing to… even if he did lean a little too close to the edge which would risk him falling in. He did at times laugh at her expression saying that she looked as if she was the one who was going to fall in instead of him. Chloe did remember scowling at him before walking away in a huff causing him to run after her and apologise repeatedly for overstepping his bounds.

However now to Chloe’s shock it looked as if Daniel was now overstepping the boundaries more than Harry did. Was that a good thing? She didn’t know since he did leave her uneasy compared to her fallen friend. Why though? Was it because he hurt her before?

Daniel meanwhile remained composed as he looked at her father.

“I meant no disrespect-”

“Wait until she is well enough to go to college, I am sure the teacher will be lenient given her situation so I suggest that you leave now” Blane added as his eyes narrowed at Daniel who blinked a bit.

“I understand” Daniel turned to look at Chloe before lifting the papers “would you like to-?”

“No she is not to do anything until a week” Blane cut Daniel off as he was going to hand Chloe the project papers. The father continued to glare as he watched Daniel place the papers back in his bag before walking away. Only when he was out of sight did Gwen leave the car.

“You sure know how to pick them” Gwen’s amused tone startled Chloe as she entered the house, Blane meanwhile twitched in anger.

“Oh don’t you start!” Blane ranted as he ushered Chloe in before locking his car and closed the door once inside. “Don’t think I didn’t see you looking at him! What are you a cougar?! You’re married and he’s your daughter’s age” he ranted while Chloe stared at them blankly, part of her mentally cringed and gagged at her parents talking about Daniel that way.

“What? He’s cute and ho-”

“Finish that sentence Gwen!” Blane warned causing Gwen to smirk and peck her angry husband before walking to the kitchen.

“Hot!” Gwen finished causing Blane to growl.

“You’re taking the bus to work!” Blane ranted as he stormed to the stairs only to see Chloe standing by them with a stunned expression.


“No we’re not divorcing” Blane muttered.

“I sure hope not!” Gwen hollered from the kitchen. “After all I would chose you every time”

“Yeah right!” Blane scowled before shaking his head. “Don’t go near that boy, I don’t like him… compared to your friend he’s more trouble even if he does dress funny” Blane muttered as he helped Chloe up the stairs.

“He’s more of a stalker” she muttered causing him to tense up.

“GWEEEEN!” Blane hollered as he went back down stairs, Chloe blinked in surprise as she soon heard a series of rants from her parents. Most of it involving a restraining order and her moving to a new college, just hearing how protective her parents were left Chloe smiling to herself as her feet paddled on the soft cream carpet to her room. However just as she closed the door and went to her window she paused- he was standing by the letter box. To the girl’s shock his black eyes were solely focused on her almost as if he knew that she would by her window.

But how?

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