Night to remember

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Night to remember

One of the bikers said did you hear that Gabe ? They want to have a small talk with us said Tom why don’t we give them what they want Tom? Said Gabe .Gabes right past boys you can have what you want but we’ll have to get out of here ,you see this place is dear to our hearts. We don’t want to break anything .said Tom .. fair enough ,no need to break expensive furniture..when we can sort thing out outside said kevin .you feel Rebecca tugging on your hand ..oh my god are they actually gonna fight ? I’ve never seen a real fight said Rebecca.I don’t want the guys to get hurt .I hope we can stop them .said Jane .you run toward Corey take his hand in your hand to get his attention.Corey please ,you don’t have to do this ! Said Jane .Corey shakes his head ,his face remains serious.there noway back ,Jane they won’t leave us be and what’s more important they won’t leave you be.said Corey .but I’m sure there must h a way,,said Jane ..I’m a man of peace ,as you know but unfortunately some people only understand the language of power make sure you stay out of it and take care of your friends we’ll be fine Said corey ..don’t worry ,Jane I’ll make sure his beautiful face remains intact said Kevin haha! Thanks man said corey .you can always count on me dude ! Said Kevin . Now go! Said corey. Corey kisses the back of your hand and pushes you in the direction of the entrance to gem bar .you join the girls ,as all the men begin to move towards the exit Tom let’s Corey go ahead ..after you sweetheart said Tom ..that’s very kind of you .suddenly Tom picks up a chair and hits corey on his back .Corey falls onto all fours and you can hear the bikers laugh..oh my god no! Said Jane .that was even easier than I thought said Tom ,you rush towards Corey but he stops you by lifting his hand .Kevin helps Corey stand back up then corey turns to Tom .I thought we had a gentleman’s agreement and were not fighting inside .Said corey .they aren’t gentlemen, my friend, they’re just a bunch of scum .can you walk ?said Kevin .yeah ,I’m fine said corey. Oh my god ! What gonna happen ? What’s gonna happen said Rebecca.I suggest we wait outside and if things get to bad look for help said Sasha.good thinking ,Sasha ,let’s keep an eye on them said Jane walk out of the bar and suddenly you freeze .I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fight like a real one ...I’ll stay and watch and should the guys need help I’ll be ready .,said Jane .everything happens in an instant right in front of you .a swing of the fist ,a blow to the jaw followed by a cheer from the crowd of bikers watching the fight .Corey is doing alright although I don’t want him hurt .Kevin seems to be fine too that other guy ...gabe is getting tired ,I think..I really hope it will be over soon! Said Jane ..a moment after you’ve thought about it the fight does come to an end .you see Kevin sitting in the ground leaning back on one hand and Corey standing nearby with. Hands on his knees.both are breathing heavily.a few meters .Tom is swaggering toward Gabe who leaning against the wall trying hard to stand still. You run to Corey and place your hand on his back your eyes seeking his gaze nervously..are you alright said Jane .Corey straightens his back and tires to smile at you .I’m okay said corey .you don’t look okay said Jane he lift his hand and gently touches your cheek .you don’t need to worry about me .said Corey then he turn to Kevin and addresses him frowning from pain .you alive Kevin said corey. Yeah never felt better.said Kevin ,he wipe the blood from his lips with the back of his hand .never felt better said Kevin. Wondering if this threat is gone you look in the direction of your offender .you see Tom dragging Gabe along the street swearing at him and scaring off some passers by .oh pull yourself together man for f*cksake keeo walking lady ! Nothing to see here! Said Tom .they’re gone ! Guys you’ve scared them off !said Jane.that what the plan wasn’t it ? Said Kevin.good job and all ,but you’re in pretty bad. Condition to celebrate your victory right now ! Said Sasha .as for me .I just need a lie down for a bit I’ll be fine tomorrow.I promise said Kevin .same here ,I just need some rest said corey ..that means theses two need to be delivered home safely .do you think we could help them out Jane said Sasha.that’s the least we can do for them said Rebecca.well done girls said grab Corey hand .seems like it’s my turn to walk you home said Jane. He looks surprised and slightly embarrassed.Jane you don’t have too said corey .just like you didn’t have to get into a fight earlier said Jane meanwhile the girls,are helping Kevin stand up .look I’m fine I told u .so we’re taking this one then said Sasha.come on let us help you! We’re no gonna bite you .I promise said Rebecca.I wouldn’t be sure of that said Kevin .thanks girls you’re the best .I’ll meet you back at the hotel in an hour! Said a few minutes after you are talking a taxi with Corey .he’s holding up looking ahead of him you’re first to break the silence..Corey I was wondering have you been in a fight before said Jane .well back at school ,I did fight with other boys ,but if you mean something like today then it was my first time ,I guess. Why are you asking said corey .just curious you did a good job there .if you can say that about fighting other people.said Jane .hahah Thanks .you know what you think of me matters a lot but let’s hope I won’t need to get into fight anytime soon said corey .yes please said Jane .ouch said corey what the matter said Jane ..oh never mind ! I tired to smile but kind of hurts said corey ..oh no poor Corey he didn’t. Deserve it !said Jane .Corey becareful .when you reach the front door corey turns to you .thanks for your help my lovely Jane I think I can handle it from here said corey .are you sure ? These wounds are pretty bad .I’d like to help you out with them said Jane .don’t worry princess I’ll be alright I promise said corey it’s to early for me to go home and I won’t be able to fall asleep knowing I didn’t see to your wounds.said Jane .Corey let’s out a deep sigh.alright if you insist said corey. You enter the quite house and walk corey to his room .no one seems to be home that’s for the better said corey ..Corey tells you where to get all what’s necessary and soon you ready to wash his cuts he sitting on his bed waiting for you to apply some disinfectant solution to a piece of cloth..great I hope this will work .said corey .this may hurt a little ,I’m afraid. Said Jane ..let’s see if I can handle it said corey ..Corey closes his eye waiting for you to apply some disinfectant.Corey opens his eyes and you can’t help but notice the look of horror on his face. ...quickly , Corey takes the cloth from my hand and applies the disinfectant to his cut .so I take it medicine is not your strongest side ,is it princess said corey .sorry said Jane ..nothing to worry about said corey .how are you feeling?said Jane .fine but it stings a bit said corey find a needle in the first aid kit and show it to Corey .that shouldn’t be too difficult said Jane ..please put that down said corey .you are right is not the best time to practice! Said Jane .god I hope you won’t have to use it again ever! Said corey too .said Jane look at Corey and see sadness along with gratitude and many other things in his eyes. .Corey lean forward to kiss him your arm around his shoulders.he whispers your name and your lips meet in the most sensual kiss you might have ever experienced.oh .my ! Said Jane then you pull away to look at him and what you see in his eyes make you long for another kiss.. come here ! Said corey ..Corey wraps his hands. Around your waist and you respond by giving him a series of kisses along his jawline .Corey cups your face and covers your mouth with his ,feeling his tongue in your mouth makes you moan and grab at his shirt .falling onto the bed you intensify your kiss.his hands are touching your butt now and you wish this kiss could last forever.Corey .is everything... said Celeste.oh god Jane what’s going on here ?,how the hell did she walk in so quietly? Said Jane. Corey put his hand on your knee - a symbol of protection he tries his best to sound calm and reassuring.long story short I had an accident earlier tonight and Jane helped me to get home safely said corey what ? This is simply unacceptable,Corey you come home looking like. This right before the third round of the contest...and then I enter your room to discover one of the contestants in your bed !have you thought about your family honour ? What will people think of us if they find out ? Said Celeste..are you more concerned about what people think of you than your sons health.?can’t you see he’s injured? Said Jane ..of course ,I’m concerned about that! I have to think for the whole family .while you careless children keep playing your little games .said Celeste.then you’ll be please to know that he got into a fight trying to protect defenceless girls said Jane .Celeste covers her eyes with her hands .it was a fight ! This will definitely Shame our family have no doubt about it corey said Celeste.but other people don’t have to know said Jane .you are not part of our family Jane you don’t have the right to discuss nourish issues!go back home now or I’ll tell your auntie you’ve been misbehaving said Celeste..I’m sorry corey said jane ..Corey give you a sad and apologetic look .I’ll leave if that what I must do said Jane .good I’m glad I didn’t have to ask you twice said Celeste.seems like everybody here has a darker said to themselves that they are trying so hard to conceal why pretend be anyone else other than your? This is something i still don’t get said Jane .the girls aren’t back yet .I’m sure they won’t mind me taking a nap while I’m waiting.said Jane .don’t worry she’s not here! She won’t know said Sasha?. Who there? Said Jane .you turn the light on and freeze oh my god ! This can’t be real .your two best friends are half - naked holding each other in a tight embrace.Jana recognise you first squeaking, she tries to cover her bare breasts with a blanket..Jane ? It’s not what you thinking said Sasha.I’m so sorry darling .I don’t know how this know ,I never liked girls this way ,but I got really upset and Sasha. Said’s not what you’re thinking Jane !and what. Am I. Supposed to be thinking ? If not the only person I could trust here has seduce my school friend ? sit down and cover your face with your hands have every right to be mad at me but .I also hope you let me explain myself said Sasha.go on you have a minute said Jane .thank you Jane said Sasha.well I’m a lesbian.I was never into boys of course with all the crazy customs in our town you wouldn’t want people to find out something like that meeting you was such a gift to me ! Finally a friend that will like me the way iAm someone who will understand me.said Sasha.but why didn’t you tell me ? Said Jane ..I was going to but I guess I was still afraid you’d stop being friends with me!said Sasha..I would never.said Jane .when Rebecca come over she was kind of asking for my protection and I could feel the chemistry between us..said Sasha.the chemistry is to blame totally.! Said I kind of lost my head .I’m so sorry Jane I never meant to hurt you !said Sasha..look it’s been a very long night and we’ve had some misunderstanding between us but I still wanna be friends with you and I’m glad we’ve had this talk so I hope everything okay now .said Jane .really ? You forgive me ? Said Sasha.yep .trust is something you build and this is one way of doing it said Jane ,my god Jane I don’t deserve you ? Said Sasha..don’t be silly Sasha!said Jane .you hug .can I get a hug too? Said Rebecca.sure come here .girl said Jane.. you come back home feeling exhausted.I’m feeling kind of older ,I wonder why?is it cause I’m tired or worried about people that are dear to me ? Said Jane ..uhm hey !said Kate .oh hi Kate why are you up this late ? Said Jane .I just come back from a party and I wanted to tell you something said Kate was the party ! Said Jane .crap if you want my opinion and how was your night out you look kind tired said Kate .well it was a hell of a night Corey and Kevin got into a fight with some bikers and then I caught Sasha making out with my friends Rebecca.said Jane ,and as for Sasha I wouldn’t trust her at all she’s. a b*tch really a wolf in sheep clothing kind of thing .said Kate .that’s interesting.I wonder if Kate actually has a reason to say that ?said Jane .I know about the boys said Kate .do you said Jane .yeah I spoke to Corey on the phone he said he has only a few scratches.and the those bastards tired to get physical with you .said Kate ,yeah sort of .said Jane ,I was the one who told Corey and Kevin about the hotel said Kate .did you ? But why Kate .said Jane .Corey was getting really worried and so was went to a dodge hotel and you don’t pick up your phone what was. I supposed to do ? Said Kate ..don’t worry Kate you did the right thing .I would have done the same for you .said Jane...I know cousin.said Kate .how did you know we were going to meet Rebecca at the hotel?said Jane.Kate rolls her eyes.come on you said it yourself said Kate ..yeah but I didn’t mention the address of the hotel.said Jane ..Kate still can’t get used to how small our town is right ? There. Is only one decent hotel here! It didn’t take too much guesswork to find you .said Kate ,I see good job Kate ! Don’t mention it!.oh by the way mom doesn’t know you left work earlier.said Kate .what did you tell her ?said Jane .I told her you were very busy helping me out with the contest and that you’ll be back late .said Kate .thank you Kate you’re a lifesaver.said Jane ..don’t worry cousin,I’m sure you’ll have a chance to do the same for me said Kate .you can count on me said Jane ..but no more of that I’m too tired have a good night cousin.said Kate .have a good night ,Kate said Jane .Kate walks towards the stairs and suddenly turns to you .by the way there was a Letter today from Corey parents.said Kate . Oh really ? Said Jane we both passed but I wouldn’t get to excited if I were you .cause apparently you’ll need quite a lot of money to pass the next round so good luck with that said Kate .yeah I think I’ll need it said Jane .Kate leaves and you throw yourself on the sofa .but you know what ? I’ll think about it tomorrow !

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