Lady of Fae

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A young woman finds out her life is more than what she may have been lead to believe.

Fantasy / Erotica
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Sweet Dreams

"Where is it?"

"Sir, it's... Gone."

"Gone!? How can it be gone!?"

"Sir we tried, it just vanished."

"Get out of my face, start looking. I don't want to see your face until you've found it."

"Yes sir."

"Woah!" I shot up from my bed and looked around my room in confusion. Yet, no one was around, per usual. I slowly stood and made my way to the bathroom for my morning "ritual". After I finished using the toilet I took a look in the mirror. My golden honey blonde hair was in disarray. Leftover curls from yesterday were now half straight and some even had kinks from how I slept. Icy blue eyes were now in a full racoon state. My lipstick now smeared up my cheek.

After I let out a long sigh, I half-fast cleaned the makeup off of my face and head downstairs to make coffee.

"Mmm coffee." I deeply inhaled the dark rich scent of my morning pick-me-up, staring at the slowly dripping coffee trickling into the pot, arms crossed on the counter and my chin resting on the crook of my elbow.

With my now freshly brewed cup of coffee, I head to the balcony to join my Mom on our twin wicker rocking chairs. Sliding the glass door open I stepped onto the balcony, tripping in the process. My fresh hot coffee now pouring down my chest and onto my legs.

"Fucking Christ almighty!" I screamed, trying to pull the hot clothing away from my fair skin.

"Oh God Stevie, are you okay honey!?" My Mom shot up from her seat, dropping her cigarette in the process and in turn, spilling her tea all over the small patio table.

We froze, looked at one another and reared our heads back in laughter. Unable to control our fit of giggles.

"Good fucking morning amiright Mom? Hah!" Tears now pouring down my face.

"Good morning indeed! Sit and light up a smoke, I'll get us more coffee and tea." She stepped inside and I was alone with my thoughts about last night's dream.

I have these dreams at least once a night. Sometimes I get startled awake, usually by some sort of creature chasing me through an enchanted forest. The other ones, I dream of him. The beautiful Faery man, tall, regal, and handsome. His hair is short with big bouncy silver curls. A white silver that reflects the sun enough to blind a person. He has a set of wings but, I haven't yet seen him flourish them. Oh how I wish to see them fully expanded. His jaw is strong, and eyes green as emeralds. It was like he was sculpted out of marble. To top off this fascinating creature, two pointed ears poking right through his curls. Yet, I haven't learned his name. Right when I'm about to learn his name, I wake up.

"Fuck me man." I grabbed the smoke Mom set out in the ash tray and I sparked it. Taking the longest drag I could, I sucked it in deep, feeling the smoke enter and swirl around my lungs, as I exhaled that first sweet drag, Mom stepped back out with my new cup of coffee and her freshly steeped tea.

"Feeling better now honey?" I nodded and gave a silent thumbs up high into the air. She chuckled and sat down next to me in her own chair and placed our cups on the table that I swiftly wiped off with the sleeve of my house coat as she was sitting down.

"How'd you sleep last night Stevie? Have another dream? I only ask because you don't look as well rested today." My Mom is so sweet, even though these are just stupid dreams, she genuinely cares how they affect me, she also loves hearing the different "stories" I dream up every night. She has even tried getting me to sketch out what the Faery man looks like but I can never seem to get his features quite right.

"Yeah it was the Faery guy again, he was talking to his second in command dude. Something about losing something." I took a long sip of my coffee and swallowed slowly, enjoying every last drop. Following up with another slow long haul off of my smoke.

"Oh that's it? Fairly mild compared to the other recent ones. If I didn't know any better, This guy could be real. These dreams are not just normal dreams. I believe there's more to them. I wouldn't blame you for doing some digging, hmm?" I looked over at her and she gave me a wink.

"Subtlety is not your strong suit Mum. Besides, it's not like I haven't thought about looking into it. I'm just scared of what I might find."

"That's fair, but, you'll never know unless you try. You're not in school, and you're not working right now, so what's stopping you?"

"You're right, but where would I even begin? This kind of shit is not from our world, from the little bit I know about Fae, they would never have a man of that kind of power to dwell in the middle of Vancouver."

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