Not Just A Werewolf

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Ava Williams is a 19 years old hybrid. she's a werewolf, a vampire, and also a witch. After escaping from the basement she was locked in for 3 years for being a hybrid she has nowhere to go. She's running from her old pack until she meets her mate. Alex Garcia is the leader of one of the most powerful clans of vampires in the world. He's more than 100 years old but with the looks of 25 years old. He carries secrets every day but never told anyone about it. What will happen when they found each other. Will their relationship be amazingly happy or will their secrets and dark pasts rip them apart? -/\-/\-/\-/\-/\-/\-/\-/\-/\-/\-/\-/\-/\-/\-/\-/\-/\-/\-/\-/\- This is my first book. I'm not a writer so please give feedback if there is something wrong and I hope you enjoy it. MATURE CONTENT PRESENT IN THE BOOK

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Running in the woods, feeling the harsh wind against the soft fur of my wolf, something no one has seen. Right, no one can see my wolf. If they see it, I will be haunted because white wolves are rare.

I stop running and look at the lake where I see my reflection. A white-silver, fur glossy and thick. I stay still, I breathe slow and let time slow down.

My eyes change colors from violet to red to amber. You perfectly know what that means if you live in a supernatural world. I’m a hybrid, not just a wolf.

My grandmother is a witch and witches are not friends with werewolves or vampires.

My grandfather is a vampire, he was on a hunt for some blood but he found my grandma and they discovered they were mates. It was hard for them at the beginning with lots of secrets but they went through it. My grandfather was very kind and loving with my grandmother and they are the strongest couple.

They had a daughter, my mother. She was a hybrid and hybrids are not very liked so she had to hide her real self. She told everyone she was a simple human and her parents were dead. She was already deep in lies when she found her mate. A werewolf which was just great for her. She loved my dad but she also knew that the Alpha of the pack would have never accepted the fact that her second chance mate was a hybrid.

Yes because her first mate was killed by rogues. He felt sad that she died but she wasn’t the nicest person so he didn’t think about it anymore after he found my mother. You might ask how my father didn’t know she was a hybrid but it’s pretty simple to understand. She put a spell on him but it was a temporary spell and one day it wore off and the pack suddenly discovered it by the smell. She ran away leaving me here in danger.

They already knew I was going to have the same power as my mother so they locked me in the basement and used me as a punching bag and I’ve been in there until yesterday. Yes, I escaped.

There was a ceremony yesterday and no one was at home other than a weak omega that unlocked the door of the basement and let me out. Julia, the omega, has always been very kind. She lost her parents and the pack didn’t know what to do with her so they just turned her into a slave. I thanked her and quickly ran away but I’ll come back when the time is right and save her but right now, the only thing I needed to break the bond with this pack and quickly run towards the north.

I go back in human form and say “I, Ava Williams, reject the bond with the pack Decrescent Moon”

A single strong growl was heard. It was my dad and he felt the bond breaking.

I quickly start running in human form and transform into my wolf in mid-air. Vampires are faster than wolves but my wolf is faster than me in human form even if I have a vampire’s power.


I’ve been running all night and my wolf is begging for me to stop but I keep going.

“It’s been all night and we ran for more than 500 kilometers. They couldn’t even find us for how far we are. The sun is coming out. We should stop near that river, I need to drink!!” My wolf, Avery, cried out of exhaustion

“Stop whining, I’m stopping. I can see a cave where we can stop and have a nap.” I say and she quickly starts thinking about the nap, which lifts her humor feeling happier.

I chuckle and start sniffing around to make sure we’re alone. I go towards the water and go back in my human form and go inside the water and relax when the luke-warm water gently hits my shoulders and washes off all the sweat. I stay in the water for about 20 minutes thinking about what I’m going to do now that I’m free. I’m a rogue and usually, rogues get killed if they are even close to any other pack’s border and I couldn’t risk that. But I also couldn’t risk going to ask for help from someone because if I do then I will need to tell them who I am and then I would get killed. There’s no other way for me.

Deep in my thoughts, I didn’t even hear the growls coming from 2 rogues until one of them started coming closer. I snapped my head in their direction and my eyes widened. I know there is no need to get scared because I’m a hybrid, I could kill them with a snap of my fingers but being in a basement for 3 years and hearing only ”abomination" coming from my father, hurt me and it brings out my insecurities that maybe I am an abomination.

Trying to stop trembling, I lift my hand towards them and start whispering a spell under my breath. I see it in their eyes, first confusion, and right after fear and pain. They start howling in pain and after 2 minutes they drop motionless on the grass.

I start feeling cold so I get out, being careful to stay away from the dead wolves and transform again into my wolf and go into the cave that I saw before. I go slowly inside sniffing around and I quickly smell blood. I suddenly feel the want for blood. Even if it’s not human, I need to feed myself. It’s been too long since the last time I got blood. I started making bigger and faster steps until I got to the end, where a little fawn was laid sleeping. I almost felt guilty for even thinking to feed myself from this little innocent animal. Almost.

I jumped and turned myself into human form and quickly went for the fawn’s neck. I felt my fangs digging his neck as I sucked out the life from him.

After I fed myself, I lifted the lifeless animal and cooked him with a spell, and fed my wolf. Avery was happy with the brunch. I laid down as it started snowing outside. I sighed defeatedly, thinking how helpless I am and how I’m going to travel with the snow. I turned myself into my wolf and felt exhaustion hitting me so fast that I don’t even remember when I fell into a deep sleep.

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