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Maura Snakeroot is seventeen. She has been an orphan for eight years. Her life has been tough. She is untrusting and can and will kill without hesitation. She has a younger fifteen year old sister Jessamine. Her parents were murdered and Maura murdered their murderers; When she was nine. Since their parents were dead, Maura took care of her werewolf sister and herself. For a few years they were looked after by a woman named Circe Oleander. She was a close friend of their mother's. They are now always running, never in one place for long. Things change when Maura finds her mate. They are pulled into a school for mythical creatures as she tries to avoid her mate. Then she is kidnapped by said mate. But what no one realises, is, she is more powerful and deadly than anything else in the world. And the ony thing holding her back is Jessamine. Ash Wolfe is the seventeen year old son of the Alpha of Royal lightning pack. He goes to a school for various mythical creatures. He was always cared for and never really had any hardships. Then he meets his mate. A tough, almost apparently emotionless, independent, untrusing, intelligent, sassy girl named Maura. She rebuffs him, yet he is determined to have her. So he kidnaps her and her little sister. But he is about to be surprised. There is a reason Jessamine needs to constantly rein Maura in...

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I hid in a shadowy corner of my home. I pulled my seven year old sister closer to me. We both watched as two huge grey wolves ripped all the flesh from our parents bodies. Exept their faces. It made their skeleton bodies all the more creepy.

The wolves then backed away as they turned into muscular men, clearly twins. They looked at my parents skeletons and laughed.

I felt a sudden surge of rage. How dare they? I felt the now familiar sensation of shifting. I felt my python like tail whip from side to side. These men killed my parents. My sweet, kind, gentle, but no nonsense mother, my amazing, kind, gentle father.

I uttered a single cry, of rage and pain. I needed to avenge them. I needed to kill these werewolves. I saw the fear in their eyes as i grew (maura can change her size at will) I could smell my parents blood. And from that thought came a dark, twisted thought, one of many to come.

The first man I had seen had killed my mother. He was going to die first. I clenched my paw/hand and felt his blood turn to acid. I watched without mercy or any emotion but rage as he screamed in agony. I watched as he cerroded from the inside out. The other man started to back away, terror coming off him in waves. My tail lashed out, grabbing his leg and pulling him back.

He clawed at the dirt, trying to stop coming closer to me but it was useless. I preformed a quick spell to allow him to survive without his heart in his chest. I then plunged my paw/hand into his chest, ripping out his heart. I made him watch as I tore it into strips slowly, watching as his body convulsed in agony as his heart was slowly sliced to pieces.

As I finished he died. I heard a whimper and turned to see a small seven year old girl with multi coloured eyes and curly black hair with an olive complexion. I turned towards her, growling. She whimpered again. My tail lashed out, wrapping around her arm.

She screamed as I squeezed, my python like tail breaking her bones easily. Her arm was twisted halfway through, with bone shards poking out. The little girl screamed again, crying as my fur became sharp and hard. I then recognised my little sister, Jessamine.

I stopped instantly. Jessamine looked up at her supposed older sister, who was supposed to protect her, her sobbing subsiding. I shifted back "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" I sobbed as I held my younger sister gently. Jessamine melted into my imbrace.

I looked at her arm. I could see the bone peeking through. I felt silent tears trace down my cheeks as I apologised. I placed my hand on my sister's broken arm. I felt warmth rushing through my hands. I watched as my sisters arm healed, leaving only a scar.

I looked at our parent's skeletons. Jessamine looked too. We both knew someone had sent those werewolves to kill our parents. And possibly us. I felt another surge of rage. However long it took, I was going to hunt that person down. I was going to kill whoever it was. He or she better start watching their back...
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