Suicidal in Heaven – A Journey of Choices

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I get up and start walking again, the landscape stays the same. The only thing different is the temperature, it feels like it’s increased. Everything feels even hotter, how can anyone enjoy this heat? How can someone enjoy sweating? How can someone enjoy feeling sticky? Cold is much better, no one sweats, and if you’re too cold you just need to put on some more clothes. With heat, there’s nothing you can do, unless someone invents a movable box where you lock yourself in and turn on the air-conditioner. But something tells me that’ll never happen, so, it’ll never be possible so spend 24 hours in a hot place without feeling the heat.

I hate the heat, and, of course, hell has to be hotter than any other place on Earth. Maybe an active volcano is hotter, maybe…

How can something have no positive sides? Because there are no positive aspects when it comes to heat. Every argument in favor has been promptly refuted by me, no one has ever been able to convince me otherwise. No matter what they say, I always think differently. Wearing less clothes is something that displeases me, happier people bother me, people jogging on the streets and laughing make me want to kill myself. I like the gray world, with frown faces, a certain rage in its inner self. I don’t like happiness, I like frown faces. Free talkers get on my nerves, even the ones who have a reason to speak to me, sales people and waiters make me want to run away. Everything related to heat irritates me, be in human, social, animal, biological or worldwide behavior.

I hate heat.

The elevated temperature is making me suffer in hell more than any other reason. That demon’s torture was something indescribably bad, but, at least, it’s over. The heat seems to go on forever. And if indeed it is, I swear I won’t stay long in this place. I’ll escape, even If I have to destroy hell, heaven, all the demons, angels and creation itself.

I hate the heat.

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