Suicidal in Heaven – A Journey of Choices

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I started walking, it didn’t make sense to stay there. She had showed me that hell was more than I expected, and did it in a very simple and, to some extent, expected way. No, I never thought I’d have sex in hell (make love, actually) with the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life (and in my death); specially ’cause it was a practice I didn’t experience much during my life, I spent more than five years without it (almost). But I should have expected that to happen in hell, even if there were positive feelings during the act, at least from my part, what I did was sex outside the marriage and without the intention of procreating. And, if memory serves, that’s forbidden in the Bible. If it’s forbidden in the Bible, it’s a sin, and if it’s a sin, it’ll exist in hell.

Which begs the question: what else can exist in hell? There are a lot of forbidden things, therefore, sins. That means there must be much more here than I initially thought. The rock concert with dead bands are the proof, what else hell had in store? I have a few ideas.

As I walk away from the crowd, and it takes a long time for me to get out from amidst them, the sound fades away and the stage ceases to exist. I know it’s there, but I can’t see it anymore, it’s as if it didn’t exist anymore. But I know it does and I know how to get to it. I’ll probably go back there eventually, after all, I’ll feel like listening to music at some point during eternity. And, besides, there’ll be new bands…

As I walk, I realize hell’s architecture has changed. It’s not just red soot anymore, I see people, demons, construction sites. I see all kinds of houses, from houses that are just caves, to skyscrapers, which are identical copies to the ones that exist in the world I left behind and were considered the most modern buildings ever constructed. The number of people is extremely high, and if the number of people at the concert had amazed me, now reality hits me with punches and I understand that over 40 billions is actually much more. Furthermore, I’m getting what so many billions of people actually mean. Fortunately, hell is a gigantic place, if it was minimally smaller, moving around here would be impossible.

Hell seems, because it probably is, a mix of all the ages Earth has ever seen. Everything is blend together, I see pre-historic men playing on tablets, I see children amazed by how a Gutenberg press works (and I wonder if it what amazes them is the mechanism or just the paper being “printed” manually), the cultural exchange and knowledge is just incredible. I’m in awe with all of this, but it doesn’t last long. Suddenly, I’m screaming in pain, but no one seems to care.

A gigantic demon has grabbed me, hadn’t I gotten up so quickly I’d have seen a privileged vision of the hell-city, but the speed with which I reach the sky only allowed me to feel dizzy, my vision went black. I stop and fall on the giant’s palm. Even though I’m not feeling well, I look around and see that the palm could fit easily more ten people. And that’s how I find how gigantic the demon who grabbed me is. With no care, breaking several of my bones and making some ribs pierce my lungs (and I’m sure something hit my heart as well), he ties a rope around me. The rope is so thick that goes from my knees to my neck. He ties me over and over and, when he’s satisfied, he lets go. I fly towards the ground and, just before I smash against it, I go back up. I’m stuck in this cycle for what it seems to be an eternity, and maybe it was. To make things more pleasant, I try to picture a bungee jumping scenario, but the truth is that I’m a human yo-yo. Finally, the demon gets tired, pulls me up one last time, drops the rope and chews me. When I’m chewed enough, almost turned into liquid, he spits me on the floor.

I’m reconstructed and do what everyone does, I move on with my life (death) as If nothing has happened.

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