Suicidal in Heaven – A Journey of Choices

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I woke up frightened, it took some time for my eyes to settle to the clarity. I was in the living room of the house I had entered to rest. I felt my body, I was ok. There was no blood, no cuts. I looked at the coffee table, it was intact. I ran to the kitchen, opened the fridge and there was nothing there. It wasn’t even on. I began to laugh a nervous laughter. I ran outside the house without trying to figure out what had happened. But as soon as I went through the door I heard a laughter followed by a voice that said:

That’s a wrap.

And even not wanting to understand what had happened, I ended up understanding. I looked at the house from outside. I couldn’t help but smiling, it was there that every horror movie that took place in houses took place. It was the original haunted house, the ideal haunted house. The archetypical house of all horror stories.

I did what I could do:

I want my money, plus 10% of the box office.

I left the house behind. It was laughing, and so was I.

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