Suicidal in Heaven – A Journey of Choices

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The first thing I feel is the water on my skin, the way in which it soaks me, how soothing and serene the feeling is, but it all goes away. Then comes the cold. The water steals the heat from my body, the wind makes it all worse, the thermal equilibrium fulfills its function and I curse the chemistry and physics of the process. As I feel the water penetrating my skin and the wind cutting its way to my bones to make them tremble, I see the light. It is shining, and only then I realize I’ve been in pitch dark this whole time. But it’s not the brightness of the light that gets my attention, what really calls out to me is the feeling of comfort and ease, it’s the certainty that everything will be all right if I follow the right direction. And how could I deny that promise? Easily put, I couldn’t, so I go to the light knowing all will be well, and I’ll have a life of smiles ahead.

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