Suicidal in Heaven – A Journey of Choices

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I found the electronics store, or whatever a store that sells fans is called, I would stay away from the thrift store. Up to now, every time I wanted to get somewhere in hell I had to walk so much it peeled the skin from under my feet. Fortunately, this time, there was an exception, the GPS informed that I was just 1,5 miles from my destination. I mustered confidence, I was still ashamed for being naked, but now I was proud of not going unnoticed. I didn’t want to be like those petty people.

When there was only 1 mile left to the store, I began to hear moans, human and animal. With only 0,5 miles to go, I saw the source of the moaning: a giant orgy. There were no stores where I was, there was only living beings (dead) having sex. Humans and animals, which I’m sure are demons in disguise (some not so well disguised), floundering in the carnal sin of sex outside of marriage and with no intention of procreating. The scene was too grotesque for words, it’s suffice to say that nasal and auricular sex was the least bizarre thing happening in that infernal orgy. I stopped to look, just like you stop at an accident by the road that gets your attention ’cause it’s different and grotesque, the orgy had caught my eye. And that’s when I understood why my poor performance in bed (floor) hadn’t make her mad, no one lasted too long. If counting the seconds was possible, I’d say the record for longest ejaculation lasted fifteen seconds. If we talk about humans, ’cause I can’t tell if demons come. At least the human way we understand orgasm.

The scene hypnotized me, and it was hard not to watch that orgy. Who broke the spell (in the worst sense possible of the word) was the GPS.

Thank you so much. – I took the GPS on my hands and gave it a kiss after thanking it, I needed to get out of there and wouldn’t be able to without the equipment.

The store I intended to buy/win/get a fan was located almost in the middle of the orgy. Or, at least, what I believed to be the middle. There were so many people that it was almost impossible to see the end, and even where it began I could only “see” because I knew where it was. Up to now, there were 500 meters of people having sex, width about… I have no idea. There were a lot of people. Too many.

I entered the store and felt thankful for the soundproofing acoustics. It was gigantic, my eyes couldn’t see the end of it. The walls were filled with electronic stuff, mainly computers that could run games in 32k. All the electronics were luxuries that didn’t even existed on Earth (not yet, at least). I wondered if there was something as a simple fan in a place with such modern artefacts. But I arrived to the conclusion that not only there was, but probably also existed that little refrigerated portable “house”. A clerk came and asked if I was looking for anything in particular.

Yes, anything to reduce this infernal heat! – I answered, showing him all my desperation and desire for something like that.

Yes, we do. Please, follow me. – He began to walk, I followed him.

We arrived to a section that seemed like heaven. Fans of all shapes and sizes, air-conditioner, the little “house”, there was even a bionic hand that waved a little fan. I felt in heaven.

What’s your name?

The clerk began to type in middle air, and I saw there was a strange sparkle in his eye. Surely it should be a computer, he typed my name.

You’re entitled to fans, including the portable ones.

I never thought that hearing the news that I could get a fan would make me so happy. I chose a model that worked with batteries and that was strapped in some sort of hat on my head. I needed the wind on my whole body, or it wouldn’t decrease not even one degree of that heat.

Excellent choice, sir. – The clerk said.

What about the batteries? – I asked.

That’s when he began to laugh at me, just like the one from the thrift store.

Tears streamed from his face.

Sorry to inform you, sir, but you’re not entitled to batteries.

Does it work with the same batteries that goes on the GPS? – My hopes of cooling down was almost dying, I couldn’t let that happen.

The GPS doesn’t uses batteries, or anything of the kind.

I couldn’t believe it, I took the GPS on my hands and looked for any indication that it could be open, somewhere I could put the damn batteries. There wasn’t. The clerk laughed again and then I understood. I could never escape the heat. I’d have to spend eternity feeling my naked skin in those climatic conditions, the worst torture hell could offer. I did the only thing I could do: I despair.

I swore, I cursed, I ran, I broke down, I cried, I fell down… I fell in front of a TV set that would give many movie screens an inferiority complex. The knife that was already inserted in my heart was twisted with the images exhibited on the screen, it was cold. Cold places, places where you can see your breath coming out of your body. I, on the floor, put my hand on the hope that the TV would be so advanced that I could feel what had been taped. All I could feel was its heat, I closed my eyes and cried. I envied those who had experienced extreme cold conditions like the TV was showing just to mock me.

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