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Suicidal in Heaven – A Journey of Choices

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I opened my eyes, ready to see the image of that holy cold place in high def, but what I see amazes me. The place is the same, the quality of the image wasn’t. It flickers, vertical and horizontal bars crosses the screen and it looks like the image will disappear at any moment. The screen is now curved, and maybe, if I was younger, I might have thought that anatomy was impossible for that equipment, but, being the age I am, I know it’s possible. The 32K flat screen TV was replaced by a tube TV. Then, I look around and I’m no longer at the electronic store, and even not paying much attention, I see I’m no longer at the Circle of Lust.

While the electronic store was modern, with gold, precious stones and technologies that didn’t exist on Earth, the place I’m now is a dump. The precarious lighting originated on the televisions that are on the floor, there are no tables, chairs or anything of the kind. People sit on the floor and watch what’s on the TVs, and the ones who can’t watch the TVs watch the people who can watch the TVs. The images contain an impossible and uncountable variety of things. Places, landscapes, food, cars, cell phones, telephones, videogames, TV sets, computers, DVDs, Blu-Rays, headsets, clothes, shows, perfumes, men, women, children, houses…

Everything that exists is being represented on the TVs that look like will be turned off at any moment. The quality of image is inexistent, and most of them don’t even show colors. Crowds gather around the ones who do have colors, and those are the ones who just show the color bars. And it’s just because of that you can tell they are colored TVs.

I step away from the crowd, I have to walk a lot to get to my objective. And even when I realize there’s no one near by, I keep walking. I have some sense of where I am, but to confirm that, I need the GPS. But, if I’m right (which I think it’s not the case, I’m not good with guesses), it’s better if no one saw that I have something they don’t. When I’m sure I’m far away from everyone, I take the GPS off my belt (which I begin to see as an utility belt, even though there’s just one item in it) and I turn it on. I click on the Map icon and as soon as it opens, in the upper part of the screen, I read my guess was right. I celebrate, I think it was the first time I’ve ever guessed something right. But right after the frugal moment of happiness, I put the GPS away and hope no one sees it there.

I’m in the region ruled by Leviathan. I’m in the Circle of Envy, something tells me it’s not wise to show I have something others don’t have in such a place. This notion comes from my memory of people who were staring at the people who could watch the TV sets. There was envy in their eyes, an envy that showed they were capable of anything to get what they wanted. It would be of no surprise if there were verbal and physical disputes for the best places, or, at least, for places where you could see the images shown on the TV sets. I understood that the punishment of the Circle of Envy was spending the days seeing things and wanting them, maybe if it was just the image of a colored TV with just colored bars.

I thought about all those people crowded in front of objects desiring other objects, were they with or without life.

(Yes, I’ve just called human objects. Feel free to sue me and criticize me.)

Then I began to wonder how I had ended up there without having to walk and absurd amount of miles. And the answer was pretty obvious: I felt envy. I had envied the cold, desired that extreme and cold image with all the strength of my body. When I did that, I immediately deserved to be in another part of hell. It wasn’t luxury I searched for anymore, it was having something I didn’t have.

It’s good to know that there are instantaneous ways to travel through hell, this will save me a lot of time. Even though, to be honest, time is something I have in spades… It’ll save me some strain, which is excellent news, ’cause I can barely move but still want to visit all the other Circles. Finally sloth is rewarded.

And then, something happens to me, and when I recover I see myself somewhere else.

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