Suicidal in Heaven – A Journey of Choices

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Circle of Wrath. Ruler: Azazel.

I took the GPS, who had just spoken, and, with my recently acquired freedom, I knocked him against the floor of hell. I needed to put all the anger I was feeling out. I knocked it repeatedly against the floor, not even a scratch on it. So I threw it away, feeling the anger inside me grow.

And don’t you come back here, you son of a bitch! If you do, I’ll destroy you!

I stayed on all fours on the ground and began to punch it, it didn’t take long for my hand to start bleeding and my bones break. I didn’t care, I was too angry to care. I just wanted to scream and hurt the face of the waiter I imagined was on the floor.

You made me eat demon cum! You made me eat pubic hair, piss and shit of the son of a bitch that rules a shitty shabby canteen! I should kill you, you son of a bitch!

I got up and began to kick the floor.

I’ll get you! I’ll rape you with a porcupine, using sand as lubricant! I’ll put your dick on a grater and then I’ll make you eat it!

The kicks were so strong my feet were separated from the body, I took the fallen member and began to hit the floor with it ’till there was nothing left but goo.

I’ll burn you alive, and make you eat your burned parts. And when you recover I’ll get napalm and put it in your fucking nose and keep shoving it ’till it comes out of your ass!

I kept assaulting the floor every possible way, I saw the waiters, I saw Beelzebub everywhere I looked. Punches, kicks, I even belly flopped trying to hurt the creatures that had put me through that experience.

I’ll open your chest, break your ribs and squeeze your heart so hard it’ll explode. I’ll torture you in ways you didn’t even know could be possible, that even I didn’t know it could be possible. The demons of hell will stop and look at me, begging for lessons.

I continued my rage attacks physically and verbally for a long time, I sweated. My heart exploded and came back. I had fever. And I just stopped when I saw what it seemed to be a mirage. That made me calm down instantly. I was seeing what I wanted, what I needed. It was my dream since I had fell to hell, I got closer carefully. Could be a trap, could be a demon. My careful steps didn’t last long, ’cause my excitement was too big. I ran towards what I was seeing, took it in my hands and cried tears of joy.

I was holding a fan, and batteries.

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