Suicidal in Heaven – A Journey of Choices

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As soon as I go through the golden gates, I put my hand on my overall, part of my new look, but an addition that made it even more perfect, and I take my GPS. The memory of hell seems so distant, but the GPS brings it back. It doesn’t bother me, hell was terrible, but not as much as I thought it would be; there were moments worthy of recollection. I click on the icon “Map” and see how heaven is like. It’s even bigger than hell, but its divisions are smaller. There are just three kingdoms, each watched over by an archangel. Furthermore, there’s also a common area to the three kingdoms, like the space where the concerts in hell happened. There were no signs of who was in charge of that area, but I had a hunch that probably wouldn’t be wrong. I was never able to guess right, but there was little chance of getting this one wrong. After all, how many… people (Creatures? Celestials? Powers?) are in charge in heaven?

So I click on a new option on the GPS; in hell I could only see the map and the name of the lords of the circles, now I can click on an icon that gives me more information. The icon is obviously an “I”. As soon as I click on the information icon, a list is open, and the names of the three archangels responsible for the kingdoms appear. I click on the first one, Michael.

Kingdom of Michael: Michael is the archangel also known as The Guardian of God, in his kingdom are all who didn’t commit sins in their earthly lives. In The Kingdom of Michael there are no sinners, not even the ones who were granted divine forgiveness are worthy of entering the kingdom of The Guardian of God. His nickname is originated from his fanaticism, he protects his piece of paradise following to the letter the rules God has created. He doesn’t accept interpretations. To Michael, God’s word is the law. Such certainty comes from the fact that is in his kingdom that God rests after the Seventh Day; to the Guardian, that’s a proof that he is right and that’s why God has favored him.

Kingdom of Raphael: Raphael is the archangel also known as The Cure of God and, in his kingdom, the sinners go to purify themselves. Raphael repairs the sinner’s souls, shows them kindness and the light of God. In The Kingdom of Raphael, all are welcome, all it takes is the will to be absolved, wanting the light and purity. The Cure of God embraces all, from humans to demons that regret opposing to God and following Lucifer in the Holy War. Raphael believes that God’s kindness should excel his words, that’s why, many times, he ignores what’s written. The Cure believes he has the noblest and most difficult mission of all archangels, that’s why he believes he’s the most important of all three. Raphael believes only he is capable of doing what he does.

Kingdom of Gabriel: Gabriel is the archangel also known as The Mystery of God, in his kingdom are all the lost ones. All of those who can’t accept the idea of getting into heaven, or think that don’t deserve it, or that won’t accept the Cure. It’s the most populous kingdom in heaven. The Mystery of God acts the “voice of reason” in the eternal conflict between the other two archangels, he is the only one who can see how God’s scriptures and kindness are not mutually exclusive. That is because he is the only one who can see how complex God actually is. The Mystery is responsible for being the loyal of the scale between the archangels with antagonistic beliefs, it’s Gabriel’s responsibility to avoid a new Holy War from happening in paradise.

As soon as I finish reading, I’m surprise with the political complexity in heaven. Hell didn’t have any of that, the demons didn’t want to fight one another, they accepted their positions. Which was an unbelievable irony, since demons only had that moniker ’cause they hadn’t accepted the position they had. Lucifer did a better in taking care of his empire than God…

I finish the thought and fear that something will happen. Could I have been more heretic, more Satanist? Me, talking about how heaven’s worst enemy is better than God, my place certainly isn’t here. I bet even Gabriel, being the most reasonable of archangels, would banish me in a blink of an eye if he heard me talking what I thought. It’s better to hide this conclusion of mine, I don’t want to leave here. I don’t want to go back to hell’s heat.

There is another reason for me to hide my thought. I was talking that a totalitarian regime was superior to a… No, wait. Heaven and hell are totalitarian and dictatorial regimes. There’s a supreme leader that rules over all. The difference is that, in hell, Lucifer is present, while in heaven, God is resting and, in a certain way, has washed his hands. Could it be that this fight among archangels isn’t just a way of getting attention? They’re brothers, in a celestial way, at least. And every brother wants to have more attention than the other, I think. Besides, when parents are absent, brothers tend to fight (again, I think, I don’t have brothers or sisters to know for sure), and the fight only stops when the parents come back and put the house in order. I wonder, if God woke up, would Michael and Gabriel stop fighting? I doubt it.

Celestials are not so different form us, humans. My conclusion makes me laugh, it’s funny to know that eternal, complex beings, so close to God, behave as humans. What makes me stop laughing is the voice from the GPS, that asks:

Where would you like to go?

And I stop and think: “Where would I like to go?” And in a blink of an eye, I find myself there, and the place I’ve chosen unconsciously is amazing.

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