Alpha Harris - It Is You

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Chapter 2 - First Day

My brother and I arrive early for college, we register, get our photos and passes and then grab a coffee and sit outside on a bench. My first class isn’t until 10am, Aarons is at 8.30am. We are tired. Jet lag is a bitch. We’ve been back two days and it’s basically my bedtime right now. But instead of being in bed I am enrolling for college where we have already missed the first few weeks, because my dad’s work made him work his full notice and we didn’t want him packing up everything by himself for the last time. I mean that would be emotional for the strongest of us. But the college was fine with it. Extenuating circumstances they called it.

This is our “new school” tradition, except now it’s college. We enjoy people watching so we always head in early, register and then grab a spot at the front of the school for a while with a coffee. It gives us our bearings and allows us to get a feel for the school and it’s people before we are in the middle of it all.

We’ve never had any issues at any of the schools we have ever attended. We are pretty well off and, being completely honest - we are both attractive (by conventional standards, anyway). So that has given us an advantage. Because here’s the thing - people are shallow. A flashy car and good looks and you could be the biggest scumbag ever and people will still look past it, some countries were terrible about it. You must be a good person, you’re well off and good looking? So was Ted Bundy.

It’s cold today so we sit with a coffee bundled up outside. We watch as the buses and cars come and go. There are a lot of buses. But we are aware that a lot of students come from other towns and villages to this college. They even take high school kids whose school isn’t large enough to host some classes but they need them for college/university entry.

What catches both of our attention is the next 10 coaches that arrive - together. Fancy coaches - not public buses. Different from all the others. All the kids file out and every single person is good looking and muscular. Everyone. Guys and girls.

My mouth falls open a little shocked - what do they put in the water supply at that town? I’d probably fancy the guys (and some of the girls) if it wasn’t for the air of arrogance that they all have. There is nothing uglier than arrogance.

I dip my sunglasses to give my brother the ‘what the fuck is going on here’ eye just as the place falls silent. It’s not completely silent, just the initial rowdy hustle and bustle seems to have died down. The kids from the buses specifically have stopped talking or are whispering. I turn back to look at the first bus to see what the issue is - has someone fallen or been hit by a car or something?

I see the biggest guy I may have ever seen in my life standing at the bus door and staring directly at my brother and me. He looks mad. Not going to lie, he is gorgeous. And he knows it, he looks like a god, except with clothes on. He has a chizzled jaw with dark features and some slight stubble, like he hasn’t shaved for a few days. He’s so tall - he must be shy of 7ft. He looks 6ft 8, maybe? I’m used to tall men because I’m taller than the average female, but wow, he is tall. Also terrifying. Power and authority radiate off him along with the stench of arrogance. I feel a bit nervous to in the same vicinity as his stare and on reflex I start to sink into the bench. I feel like I’m about to get into trouble. Trouble for sitting and drinking coffee. That’s a first, even for me. I give a little smirk, whilst internally chuckling to myself.

He cocks his head ever so slightly to the side and stares some more.

I stop chuckling.

I lean over and whisper to to my brother, “what’s he looking at? What’s happened?” Before checking over my shoulder, looking behind me for a clue. Is this his special seat or something?

Another two giants who are also roughly the same height appear behind him, one with chocolate coloured skin, black hair and dark features and one with pale skin, strawberry blond and dirty blond hair and fair features. Both are very different looking but equally gorgeous. Giant number 1 does not stop staring until the guy with the strawberry blonde hair puts his hand on his shoulder, breaking the trance that he was in.

I swear I’m waiting for a photographer to jump out and finish the sports illustrated photo shoot. It's so ridiculous. They are standing in a triangle formation like some Greek gods. Zeus, Hades, and... I dunno, I’ll need to google Greek God names later.

Ares. There’s one.

They start to walk towards the school all while Giant no.1 continues to stare at us. What’s he looking at? My brother and I have had people stare before, but not so brazenly. Or scarily. But I’m still not sure it’s us he is looking at? I try and line up his eye line - is it my brother he’s staring at? It doesn’t look like it? Is it me then? Surely not.

He would barely be able to see me where I am sitting - literally all that is on display is my hands and mouth. I’m half hiding in my huge puffy jacket, with my beanie hat on and sunglasses and a coffee cup cupped between my two hands pressed against my chin, trying to give me some extra warm. I could be shrek hiding under all this. Maybe that’s what’s freaking them out?

I subconsciously start leaning in my brother more, half tucked in trying to get away from the staring and get some more warmth. It is a very cold crisp day but tiredness makes me colder and the jet lag has made me freezing.

We continue to sit in silence, watching as they all file into the college.

My brother, also shocked at their size as they all file past into the main building, whispers “what the...”

Before he can finish I interupt saying “I know, right. What the fuck are they feeding these people?”.

After a moment's pause I continue with “are there other sports at this college or something? That looked like a sports team...or five”.

He replies “I dunno, but I need to go, I got here early and now I’m going to be late,”

He jumps up, grabbing his bag and pulling out his map before heading off to his first class. Leaving me sitting alone on the bench.

My first class isn’t until 11am so I decide to stay and do some more people watching when a girl with chocolate skin and a fabulous afro approaches me. She has high cheek bones and whiter than white teeth with stunning grey eyes. She might possibly be the most gorgeous person I have ever seen in my life. For fucks sake. I would make friends with someone so gorgeous. She’s going to make me look ugly.

I’m still staring at her as she takes a seat beside me before saying “Who pissed off Harris?”.


“Harris, the big handsome hulk, he looked pissed.”

“I don’t know - we were just sitting here. You think it was us?” I ask, with a slight nervous edge to my question. I’m a confident person, but seeing those guys stare gave me shivers and I‘m slightly worried I somehow caused it.

“I don’t know but Harris, Chris and Finn were looking for something...or someone” she says as she gives me a side look.

“What one is Finn and what one is Chris?” I ask, trying to get names so I can replace their Giant 2 and Giant 3 nicknames.

“Strawberry blondish guy is Finn and black brownish haired guy is Chris - he’s my brother”.

“Is everyone good looking here?”

She stands up grabbing her bag and looks me up and down before saying a simple “yes” and walking off. No name or goodbye or anything.

I continue to sit and stare into space. I blink a few times and wonder if I imagined her and our brief conversation.

I feel like i’m in a haze or dreaming. This jet lag is killing me.

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