Paint the Sky with Stars

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Chapter 5

Back in Baxley

“Wee one!!! Wee one!!! Oh!!! My wee one! Are you all right?!” Paladin said in alarm over the body of Seraphina who for the first time had used her silvery magic. This first usage had caused her to fall out of the tree she had been in and land harshly on the ground. She took deep shaky breaths as she opened her eyes “Whoa” she breathed as Paladin helped her on her feet. She wobbled a bit and then came to rest on his leg. “What on earth were you thinking wee one? You could’ve killed yourself!!” Paladin said worryingly upset about what had happened. “I… I am sorry Paladin, I didn’t intend to do that much I just wanted to save the village… hasn’t Meridoc done enough? Calimag has no army… everyone would have been killed. What kind of Chosen one would I be if I let some of my kin to die? I couldn’t sit there and watch I just couldn’t let that happen…” Seraphina whispered to him. Paladin looked at her, this tiny little girl who had all the weight of the world on her shoulders. Could he really blame her for wanting to help out? The world was chaos and madness and here she was with so much hope and good. He sighed heavily “We will need more time before you attempt such magic again. Hopefully Meridoc will not have a clue of what prevented him from his attack tonight…. And as for you, I will use some ***Enormia to help you regain your strength” Paladin said picking her up carefully and carrying her inside their home. Seraphina smiled weakly at him but was so proud of herself. She had finally done something worth doing how she would focus hard on her training, she knew what she was capable of now and she would one day be doing much more than just saving one city. She would work her way towards doing more than that, and one day she would save the entire planet. Meanwhile back in Raurzeurek

Groaning Meridoc lugged himself to his feet “Captain? Are you all right?” came the voice of his second-in-command Juliard. “I think I am okay… are you okay? Meridoc asked him. “I am okay… just a little winded, all the men are the same way, and I don’t think we lost anyone…. Sir… what just happened?” Juliard asked curiously. Meridoc looked towards the way that led to Calimag, one moment he was leading a charge of men ready to take Calimag into his possession and the next moment, he had been repelled backwards and drained of energy. A white light has almost blinded him; he didn’t know what that meant or what it symbolized. “I think we are to think that Calimag has defenses we don’t know about. Nothing has been found in my schools has it?” Meridoc asked him. “If anything has been found in the children, they have been destroyed as you ordered” Juliard replied. “Good” Meridoc replied, then he added “Continue to do so, if there is any sign of a coup, we must destroy it at any cost” he ordered. “Yes sir of course” Juliard said obeying. Meridoc left him to go think about what occurred. What had happened today? And why was he afraid of that little white light? He had never been afraid of anyone nor anything so why did he feel so uneasy? “You feel that way because you are afraid of the unknown. In this case, the while silvery light is something you don’t know” came the low female voice of someone behind him. He turned to see only Radigan and found himself as if in another reality, the black power of Mortevite was gone and his soldiers too had disappeared. “I… I know your face” Meridoc whispered for though Mortevite had possessed him, he was still a wizard who at one time served the council. “Indeed you do…. It doesn’t have to be this way Meridoc… I can help you” Radigan said desperate to maybe help him out of this evilness. “You are supposed to be dead” came the distorted voice that Meridoc now spoke with as he seemed to control himself and the possession of Mortevite “Yes… but I am very much alive” Radigan calmly replied. “It was you who stopped my siege on Calimag” came Meridoc’s normal voice once more. Radigan smiled at him “No… it wasn’t me. My magic is green not silver… this silver magic will be your end” she said seriously. “I will enjoy seeing that happen! Whoever possesses such powers will be found and when he or she is, I shall destroy them” Meridoc said laughing cruelly. Radigan didn’t shutter at the sound, nor did she back away from him she just looked at him sadly “I will enjoy seeing you try” Radigan said amusedly. “You know who the light is don’t you” Meridoc asked her “I may and I may not, no matter because this whole reality is mine, you cannot hurt me here” Radigan replied vaguely. “Speak this one’s name and Calimag will be spared” Meridoc ordered her. “Calimag is going to be protected from you forevermore. Didn’t you see the bubble that surrounds it?” Radigan replied in question. “I will kill whoever has this power… or convince this person to give up their powers to me” Meridoc said determinedly. “This one’s powers are un-transferable. They couldn’t give you this power even if they wanted to which I assure you this one would not ever under any circumstance give these powers to you. This is how the one has been created. There will not be another with all the gifts this one possesses” Radigan said lowly. She looked about her and faced him “You have a choice Meridoc and you can choose to defeat Mortevite or continue to be possessed by its foul power” she said to him hopefully. “I must rule” Meridoc snarled in reply to her. “You must know that you cannot rule over all Jupiter” Radigan tried to implore him. “It is too big! Not even Alastor ruled over all of it! Look around Meridoc! Surly you must know that you are only destroying the land you mean to overtake and rule by force. Some part of you must remember that this is foolishness! Try and see sense! You cannot rule over all Jupiter” Radigan told him trying to get Meridoc to listen but it was all in vain. “Try to stop me” came his reply. “This is your choice then?” Radigan asked him feeling defeated. She had lost another friend. How could this happen? How could she not have seen this coming? Meridoc sighed and wearily looked at her “Leave me alone, I once wanted more and was denied even that, you bother me so with your stupid goodness. You cannot save me Radigan, I’m too far gone” Meridoc told her waving her away. “Since this is the case then I will take my leave” Radigan said still not moving until she heard Meridoc say “So be it” sealing his fate with the words. “You had so much potential in our council Meridoc… so much youth and passion. It is a shame to see what becomes of those who yearn for a life that it not theirs” she said a bit mournful and regretful. Then she turned to Meridoc again “You are not going to come out of this alive… the Chosen one will defeat you” she said and then she added “If you ever happen to change your mind, you know where to find me. I leave you now, goodbye” she said and then he opened his eyes and nearly bolted out of his makeshift bed. “Sir?” Juliard exclaimed in worry. “Worry not your head Juliard, I just… I just had a vision… a good one I assure you” he said. “That is good sir, I am glad to hear it” Juliard replied. Meridoc then relaxed and went back to sleep. He didn’t want to think about what his vision meant. He had Mortevite and with its power and might he would certainly rule! Then after he was finally bowed down before and given the respect he had never had when he was serving for the Council he would destroy all his foes and rule over all of Jupiter forever.

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