Paint the Sky with Stars

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Chapter 7

Back in Baxley

“What on earth were you thinking letting her showcase her powers like that?!?” Radigan hissed angrily at Paladin as she entered the house. While she was happy that Calimag was safe forevermore, now she had several creatures and beasts whispering about the Chosen One! Far too soon!!! “I swear my Lady I didn’t!!! One moment she was up in her tree and the next the earth was moving under my feet! I didn’t even feel her powers!” Paladin replied defending himself. Radigan felt her anger falter for a moment as she stared at Paladin “What do you mean you didn’t feel it? Didn’t you see it?” she asked him in shock. “No my Lady, I swear I didn’t” Paladin said to her honestly. “That doesn’t make sense; her powers can’t be that strong already! She is far too young… this is beyond what I had imagined… she has to learn how to conserve her energy and how to control her powers. She must learn that she cannot use all the strength of her power on one city, though I am glad she spared Calimag from Meridoc’s madness” Radigan said. Indeed this was far beyond what she understood. How could a child of Seraphina’s size and stature already be so powerful? If Seraphina wanted, she could go and defeat Meridoc right now very easily! How was that possible? Was there more to the magic of Mari than what she knew? “She saved the entire city?!?” Paladin asked in flabbergasted shock. “Paladin, she is the Chosen one, she will be doing a whole lot more than just saving one city” Radigan calmly replied to him and then she added “Someone must teach her about her powers” she murmured mostly talking to herself but Paladin had heard her “Pardon me my Lady, but I do not have such skill with magic, I can teach her sword skill, archery, herbology, biology and astronomy, I can teach her to walk without being heard and I can teach her all about the nature, but magic is not my strong suit” Radigan smiled fondly at him. Then she had a decision to make. Who would teach Seraphina? “That is quite all right Paladin, I want you to continue teaching her the things you are, as for her magic, don’t worry about that, I will be helping her” Radigan said to him with effect. Paladin rose his eyebrows in shock but didn’t dare to question Radigan, but he couldn’t help but feel that Radigan was expecting too much out of his wee one… he also felt like the wee one was far too young to be exposed to so much at one time, there was only so much she could process but he knew that Radigan wanted this war to end as quickly as possible. Although he wanted to tell Radigan about his feelings, he said nothing about it for he feared that she would take away the wee one from him and he didn’t want the wee one to leave quite yet. Meanwhile, the “wee one” Seraphina had heard the entire conversation and was in deep thought about what had occurred. What had exactly happened today? She remembered feeling helpless as Meridoc’s armies approached the defenseless Calimag, she remembered wanting to stop Meridoc and saving Calimag. She didn’t want Calimag to become a massacred city and she didn’t want innocent people to die and as she watched she felt an tremor through her entire body and then a release of energy and silvery magic she had never seen or used before which blasted toward Calimag and saved the city while knocking Meridoc and his armies away. She was relieved that Calimag had been spared but she was also terrified. What else could this silvery magic do? Was Paladin in danger around her? What about the animals around her? What about herself? Were these powers controllable or not? Could Meridoc get a hold of her powers and use them against her? Could she handle them? Could she even attempt such skill when she was still a child? So many questions she had! Every child does have questions, and while we, as adults, may not have the answers, or may not know what to say, children always deserve to have their questions heard. Seraphina was happy about saving Calimag but if this was a good thing, if what she did was right then why did Lady Radigan seem so mad? Perhaps saving the city wasn’t the right course of action? It had felt like the right thing to do, but was that feeling wrong? Was that feeling the right feeling to feel? Was she wrong to have saved so many people? Was she right? She didn’t know but she felt better now that Lady Radigan was going to be helping her with all of these questions come a few days’ time.

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