Paint the Sky with Stars

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Chapter 8

The School of Progress- Raurzeurek

Finnegan, Lysander, Gawen, Geyorg and many others now stood before the School of Progress after their training in Alastrina had been completed. Now the real test lay before them. The School of Progress loomed before them, expanding high in the heavens and though Finnegan was ready, he felt a twinge of fear as he stood there before the gloomy and sad looking building. As he followed Lysander inside, he knew that he would pass the test and so would Lysander. He wasn’t that confidant about Gawen or Geyorg; they had been trained as well but had been focused on other things. Behind him lay his homeland, Calimag and Alastrina the familiar and comforting, but before him lay the unknown and the scary future

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