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Alpha's Mate

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Alpha Xavier is one of the strongest and largest pack in the country and he had been traveling around the world to search for his mate. He should had found her at the age of 16 but now his already 30 years of age. And still doesn't have a mate. What happens when the one his looking all of his life is already at his territory?

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Chapter 1 *Xavier

It has been a year and a half that I've been visiting packs in the whole world to find my mate. And this is the last pack on my list.

"Alpha Daniel, my pack warriors and I have to head back to my territory. Thank you for letting us stay for the night."

"The pleasure is all mine Alpha Xavier. I am sorry to hear if you didn't found your mate here in my pack." Alpha Daniel said as we walked out of his office and towards the entrance of the pack house.

"Don't say that. It is not your fault if my mate is not here in your pack. I know that she's out there waiting for me. It's just that she's not here." I reasoned.

"I guess you're right about that. Hope she will show up on your way back." Alpha Daniel said to me with a weak smile.

"Well my friend, thank you. I hope she does. Don't hesitate to give us a call if you need anything."

"Thank you. All I wish from you is that you will not give up looking for your mate. Have a safe trip on your way home my friend." He told me with a soft chuckle.

"Of course. Goodbye."

He nods and went back to the pack house. I got into the car and two of my warriors are at the front sit. I see that eight of our pack warriors were filling out the other cars. We soon began our eight hour journey heading back to our territory.

After our four hour journey I'm starting to get hungry and I know the guys are too. So I told the warriors to stop off and grab some food before carrying on home. The pack warrior in front spots a diner and they all park our cars at the parking area. We got out and head to the diner. We then sit on the two booths which are vacant. Two of our warriors then argued about which item was the best in the menu. The server then wrote down our orders and left. I looked around the diner. There are two old man sitting on the middle table, two young couple on the right side and five teenagers at the left. Our server finally brought over our food, with the help of her coworkers and gently put down the plates in front of us. We thank them and we dig in.

After we ate we got to the counter and paid our meals. And head out to the parking lot. We got into the car and head of towards the pack territory.

After another four hours in our journey, we now arrived at my territory I looked at the window and the pack warriors at the border bowed knowing I'm here. We past the town that has market, schools, houses and finally we drove down the road that leads to the woods to the pack house. The pack house is were some of my pack members are living. Some of them live in town to have privacy and getting to know the humans. We have humans living at the town but they do not know our kind unless they are mated to one of us.

The car then halted and I got out of the car heading straight to my office I past some of my pack members and they bowed showing respect. I entered the room to find Jack sitting down behind my desk looking stressed while sorting the papers. And I look at the couch to see Jana and Dave who are sleeping.

Jack and Dave are my best friends we grew up together. Jack is my Beta, his the one in charge of the pack while I was away. He found his mate when he turned 18 years old. And the thing is his mate is my younger sister Xena. At first I was against it but I'm glad that she was his mate and I know that he would never hurt her. And they had a daughter who is Jana and she's turning seven in a couple of weeks. Dave is my third in command he too had found his mate when he turned 18 years of age. She is a human and her name is Haley. She's a nice girl, and I'm glad that she accepted our kind and and most of all Dave. She may be human but when you're in her bad side, you might want to get out of the room with her. Jack then looked up with a relief in his eyes.

"Oh! Glad you're already here Alpha, I don't want anymore to be in your position. Seriously how can you manage all of that and this. It's so stressful." He complained while pulling his hair while I chuckled.

"How's the pack doing? Are there any rouges sighting?"

"Its good Alpha, so far there's not a single rouges that came here while you were away."

"Alright! Is there anything else I should know about while I was gone?"

"Yes Alpha we have a new neighbor and they are all humans. They live near the lake. We did take a look at their background. Their full names are Faerien, Ariana, Ariane, and Raelin Lunashadow."

"How old are they? And tell me everything you know about them." I asked.

"Well Raelin and Faerien are 25 years old, Ariana and Ariane are 18 years old they are twins. They all live at the same house when they were still at the young age. Raelin is the leader of there group. And she started her modeling career when she was at the age of 7. They do not have any relatives. They love swimming and ride sport cars. And Raelin will be having her last photoshoot in two days."

"And how did you know that?"

"Well one of her crews came here last week and asked if we could let Jana have a photo shoot with her at her house and we agreed."

"Hmm. I like there last name its very unique. Have you seen them?"

"Not yet Alpha, but Xena and Jana have met Raelin and they said she is more beautiful in person."

"I see. Send five warriors near there house and guard them all the time."

"What for Alpha? Are they a threat?" He asked in confusion.

"No, just for precaution."

"Alright Alpha."

"Now do me a favor, get Jana to her bed and get Dave out off my coach." I said.

I then went to my desk and sort out the files. I looked at Jack and he carefully lift up Jana bridal style. He nudge Dave and he stirred and slowly woke up. He stood up knowing I'm in the room. He look at me and bowed. I signaled them to leave my office. I sat back on my chair and took a deep breath.

"I want my mate". Danger said, my wolf.

" I know, I want her too bud." I answered with a sad smile.

I don't know where my mate is I've been searching but she's no were of any of the pack I've visited. What if she's a rouge? My wolf Danger growled at that thought. Which I don't blame him because rouges are soul less killing machines and they are a threat to all packs.

I stood up knowing well that I might not be doing any of the paper works that Jack left. I walked out the office and head straight to the top floor to my room. I pushed the door open and closed it when I got in. I took off my clothes, I left my boxers on and got under the covers and drift of to sleep hoping that I'll find my mate soon.

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