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Alpha's Mate

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Chapter 2 *Xavier

I was at the middle of the forest in my wolf form and the moon was shining above me. I look around the forest and there was no one else but me.

A few minutes later, I suddenly heard echoes of a woman's voice in the forest.

"Find me!" The voice echo's through the forest.

I run through the forest looking for the voice.

"Find me, don't stop." The voice echo's again.

I run faster but when I look in front of me, but then I saw a figure so I slow down. I was facing the persons back so I can't see the face but I figured she's a woman. Of course she is, she has a milky white skin and has a silver hair that reach to her butt. She's wearing a mini white dress and is wearing a nude gladiator shoes. She started to run straight to the forest and I followed her. I whimpered when I can't see her. I had run faster but I'm still struggling to reach her.

"Wait...wait for me...wait!" My wolf howled.

I jerk up in a sitting position and body was soaked in sweat and my heart is pounding out of my chest.

"What was that?" Danger asked.

"I don't know either." I said

I get out of my bed and head to the bathroom to have a quick shower. After I dried up I wrapped the towel around my waist and got out the bathroom. I head to my closet and put on my plain white shirt, black jacket, black jeans and shoes. I walked out the door and head to the dining room. When I got there, some of the packs are having their breakfast including Xena, Jack and Jana. They all bowed when they felt my presence in the room. And I sat to my seat which is at the head of the table. An omega placed a plate filled with food in front of me. I grabbed the spoon and fork that was placed on the side of the plate and dig in.

"How are you brother?" Xena asked.

I just groaned at her knowing what I meant.

"That bad huh? I'm sure you will find her someday."

I just nod and finished my breakfast. And walk to my office and took a seat behind my laptop at my desk, beside my laptop was a six inch stack of paperwork.

"Great! Now I have to finish up some paperwork."

"I want my mate." Danger growled.

"I know bud, but I have to finish this first." He growled as he retreats back of my mind.

I stopped typing at my laptop when there's a knocked at the door.

"Come in."

"Alpha." The omega bowed holding a tray with food in it.

She carefully placed it to the coffee table and went out but not before bowing. I look at my watch and its already lunch time. I looked at the paperwork and realise that I had finished the half of it. I got up and ate my lunch.

After I ate, I went to the couch and sat thinking about the dream last night. The omega came back and take out the dishes.

"Ugh!" I was surprise when someone bounces over to me. I look at the person and it was my niece Jana and she giggled at my reaction.

"Look uncle, Miss Raelin gave me one of her upper arm bracelet." She says in excitement.

I look at it and its a silver and clear crystal floral.

"Its beautiful Jana did you thank her?"

"Yes uncle! You have to meet her uncle she's so beautiful."

"Maybe someday princess."


"Why don't you show that to uncle Dave."

"Alright uncle." She says while jumping.

I smiled at her and she went out and I took a deep breath and stand up. I walked out the office and head straight at the pack's training hall and saw Mark, he is my head warrior but same with me, he still haven't found his mate.

"Hey Mark." I say when I was beside him.

"Good afternoon Alpha." He said while he slightly bowed.

"How's the training?"

"So far so good Alpha. The pack warriors had team up with the teenagers and adults so they can learn more to protect themselves and fight harder. So in the near future the teenagers and adults can help us protect the younger pups and pregnant women."

"How about the women who wants to train?"

"The lady warriors also are training with them day just finished this morning Alpha, and they are willing to try again."

"Alright! I'm going for a run." I said and walk out.

I walk to the woods and took off my clothes and neatly placed them to the ground. I shifted to my jet black wolf and ran to the forest. After two hours in my run I went to the lake. I lay to the ground and put my head on my paws staring at the lake and slowly close my eyes.

I opened my eyes slowly and when I look around it was now dark. The glittering lake reflects the moons light and fireflies littered in the air. I stood up and shake my fur.

"I wish my mate was here." Danger whimpered in my head.

"Me too bud, me too."

I turned around but my eyes caught the house that Jack was talking about. It was on the other side of the lake. Its a three story house and it is covered in marbled rocks and it has a blue tiled roof. And I can see that theres a big pool outside. The house was beautiful and I can't wait to meet the girls who lived there.

I turned around run back to the pack house, I shifted back to my human form and put on my clothes that I left on the ground. I reach to my room and took a quick shower. I head to my bed and drift of to sleep.

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