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Alpha's Mate

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Chapter 3 *Xena

I slowly woke up to see a chest rising and falling under my head. I lifted my head and smiled at the sight of my sleeping mate. He slowly opens his eyes and smiles at me.

"Hey how long have you been awake?" He asked while brushing my hair with his fingers.

"Not long, but I need to get Jana ready. Today is the photoshoot."

"Oh right!"

He then unwrapped his arms around me. I took a bath and put on my skinny jeans, red shirt and my laced booties. Jack is still at the bathroom, but I head straight to Jana's room. And when I got there she's still curled up into a ball.

"Princess, wake up."

I gently nudge her and she slowly open her eyes and let out a quiet yawn.


"Get up princess we don't want Miss Raelin to get angry would you?"

That got her up, we got to the bathroom and filled the tub with warm water. I took of her PJ's and damp it to the hamper. I wash up her body, dried her up and wrapped the fluffy towel around her. We got out the bathroom and went back to her room. I sat her to her bed and took out one of her dress and ballet shoes at her walk-in closet. I dressed her up and we both went to the dining room. Jack is already their eating his pancakes. We sat beside him and one of the omegas gave us a plate with pancakes and scrambled eggs.

"Good morning my beauties." Jack said.

"Good morning daddy."

"Are you excited princess?" He asked.

"Yes daddy." She says in excitement.

"Then you better eat those pancakes of yours princess." He said to her.

"Enjoy your day princess, you too hon."

"We will."

He got up and kissed our foreheads and he went straight to the training hall. I looked at Jana and she's quickly shoving up her pancakes in her mouth.

"Princess be careful you might get choked." I chuckled.

After we finished our breakfast we head straight to the garage. I took my keys and we got in into my black Land Cruiser and drove straight at Miss Raelin's place.

I turn off the main road and headed to a bumpy road surrounded with trees in the forest. I look up ahead and could see the three story house in the distance. Its still amazes me when I saw Miss Raelin's and her friends mansion.

Her mansion is covered with marble rocks and blue tiled roof. At front there is a fountain with a saber statue in the middle. And there are beautiful flowers, littered around the house.

I parked my car at front and got out. I took Jana's arm and we went to the white wooden door and ring the door bell. A sapphire haired girl opened the door.

"Good morning Miss Xena, Miss Jana. I'm Faerien please come in."

"Good morning."

We got inside and there's a glass table at the front with a mini saber statue on it. There's a crystal chandelier at the ceiling. There's a twin staircase going up. And at the front there's a door going through the pool.

"Miss Raelin and the others are at the living room. You can go straight to the living room to your right."

We walk to where she points and when we got there, there's another stairs going upstairs, to my left there is a door going through to the mini bar and at the middle there is filled with couches and there is a fireplace and above it is a TV screen. And there is a huge window covering letting in lots of natural light that seems to brightened up the room and the view of the beautiful lake with the other side of the forest makes me loss my breath.

I saw Miss Raelin sitting on the high chair. While Paul (which is gay) is filling her up with make up and Jenny is brushing Miss Raelin's silky silver hair. She looked up at the mirror and she smiled in excitement when she saw our reflection in the mirror. She stood up and went straight to us.

"Hi, good morning Xena, Jana. I'm glad you came. Thank you so much!" She says as she gives us both a warm hugs.

"Oh, you're welcome Miss Raelin."

"Hey, how many times I've told you to call me Rae." I just nodded.

"Well then, have you eaten breakfast? I can asked one of my friends to cook for you."

"We've already ate Miss Rae before we got here." Jana says with a smile.

"Okay then Jana, Jenny will be taking caring of you for now. Okay?"

Jenny extends her hands to Jana. Jana look at me for confirmation. I just nod at her and gave her a smile to encouraged her. She smiled and put her hand on Jenny's. She grab her and help her sat on one of the high chair near the vanity mirror.

"Xena you can sit at the couch, there's also magazine's at the table you can read while you wait." She suggested.

I just nod and she went back and sat at the high chair she's sitting before we came. And Paul walk to her, finishing up what he started. I sat at one of the couch and grab a magazine. And a minute or so, a brown haired girl set down a platter of fruits and a coffee on the table and left.

After an hour they both finished there make up and both are wearing there first outfit. We walked towards the entrance of the pool and my jaw dropped when I saw the whole area. Its so beautiful. There are four sets of tables, chairs, umbrellas and beds on both side of the pool. At front was a marbled fence separating the lake and the house. At the middle there's a huge pool and there is a hot tub on the middle of the pool. There's a wide stairs going through to the second floor. I regain myself when I heard John the photographer shouts at the crew to move faster. I look at Jana and she smiles at me.

"Okay princess have fun."

"Yes mommy."

I kissed her on the cheeks and she went beside Rae to have there photoshoot. I sat at one of the chairs, Paul and Jenny joined me as we watched them both as they smiled and pose at the camera.

"When I'm gonna retire I will built a place just like Miss Rae's." Jenny said dreamily.

"In your own dreams, we both know that you don't like being around the forest." Paul says with a feminine voice.

"And why's that?" I asked.

"Well, she just doesn't want to see any wild animals that might rip her apart." I just nod.

"Before I forget we will be leaving tonight after the photoshoot." Paul says.

"Oh, already? I thought you guys would be leaving tomorrow."

"Change of plans. The agency requested us to be there tomorrow in the morning. They already found a replacement for Miss Rae." Jenny explained.

"And please can you do us a favor?" Paul asked.

"Uhm. Sure, what is it?"

"Can you take good care of the girls for us. Miss Rae may be a model growing up but she never had a normal life. Even her friends, reporters and fans are all around them, they can't even get out of there condo without calling the agency to help them out. And the girls really wants to have a normal life. And I guess that's why they built a place here. Its a quiet town no one will bother them here. And I hope you can guide them, be their friend if you must." He said pleadingly.

"Of course, we will take care of them that's for sure."

"Thank you." He said while he hugged me.

Its already lunch time when they had to take a break. We got inside and head to the dining room. The table is filled with different types of foods. There are rice, spice breads, fried chicken, mix veggies, French fries, fish fillet, spaghetti pasta, and fruit salad. We sat at the empty chairs and I help Jana up, she sits down with a thank you smile. The guys grab a plate and put food on it after that they dig in.

"Jana what would you like?" I asked her.

"Fried chicken, spaghetti pasta and French fries please." She says.

I grab a plate and put the food she requested and gave in to her.

"Thank you mommy."

"You're welcome princess. Now eat up you need it."

"Awww, I can't wait to have a baby girl." Rae said.

I smiled at her and looked at her plate and three more girls beside her filled with mix veggies and fish fillet.

"Aren't you guys eating meat?" I asked

"No, we're more into veggies and seafoods."

The two brown haired girls both said. There the twins that Jack mentioned.

"Okay." I grab a plate and filled it and enjoy the delicious food.

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