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A vampire king 's son 's blood thirsts lead to him making a mistake that would lead to complications with the two kingdoms that where once united. What will they do to restore the balance and peace that once lived among these two kingdoms

Fantasy / Romance
Mia Tamy
Age Rating:

Chapter one


I paced nervously in my room sweat bubbles where beginning to form on my forehead. I couldn't take the suspense any longer l had always been the panicker of the family. I wanted to go out and eavesdrop on their conversation but the way dad had warned us not to disturb him while him and mom had a word with my brother Sage. He had always been troublesome and it really wasn't a surprise that dad wanted to have a talk with him but this time it was different l could feel it he had done something big and wouldn't get away with this one easily.
"Séndro!" Selina, my little sister yelled she had been talking to me but l wasn't even paying attention l was worried about my twin."Can you listen to me l'm pouring out my heart here, do you know how much it hurts to watch your own boyfriend sit there and chatt with another girl infront of you? I just felt like sucking the blood out of that ugly worthless chick how dare she steal Selina Samelina Sanchez 's boyfriend " she said with a jealous tone. She looked scary almost like she was a psychopath. She was the youngest only one hundred and sixty years old with the face and body of a seventeen year old. Like you might have guessed we where vampires my father the King, Pedro Sanchez.

"Sel, he was only talking to his sister" l said with an eye role. This, this is why kids shouldn't have boyfriends.

"Oh yeah explains why they looked alike, thanks dweeb you are usefull after all" she patted my head and skipped out of my room happily. She had a big mouth but l wouldn't dare tell her that to her face, like l said she was scary she got it from mom no one dared her even the 'mighty' Sage wasn't so mighty when it came to mom.

I was still trembling worried about Sage when the door burst open revealing the peson l had been worried about l was relieved his head was still attached to his body but something caught my attention something that almost gave me a panic attack.

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