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I wiped my lips free of blood and made my way back into the bar. The guy was a donor, so I wouldn’t get into trouble with anyone. He wasn’t to my taste, but I was hungry and Dylan pointed him out to me.

Liz spotted me and ran over to me β€œWillow, where did you go with that guy?”

β€œI helped him to the cab. He couldn’t stand straight” I said, and she handed me a drink β€œWhere did you go with that guy?”

Liz smacked my arm and laughed β€œNowhere! Just to the toilet”

β€œHuh” I smirked β€œYou dirty cow”

β€œMoo,” Liz narrowed her eyes at me β€œYou need to get laid.”

I snorted and walked away from her, heading to the bar for another drink. As a vampire, I could handle my alcohol and I could drink anyone under the table. It was one of the good things about being a vampire.

In a way, I hated being a vampire. There were so many things that I couldn’t do. I had to watch my friends grow old and die. I didn’t like to think that my best friend was going to grow and die of old age, or even a disease. I hated knowing that when I hit a certain age, I would have to stop seeing her.

As I stepped up to order a drink, a hand gripped the top of my arm. I was going to tell them to fuck off, but I stopped when I saw blue hair.

β€œLeo,” I breathed β€œWhat’s up?”

A low growl rumbled in his throat, β€œWe need to talk.”

I grinned β€œNo problem cutie!”

β€œD-d-don’t call me cute!” He said, dragging me behind him β€œI’m not fucking cute!”

His brothers stared with wide eyes as they saw him drag me outside to a smoking area. He pushed me hard and I fell onto the bench. He sat opposite me with his arms folded.

β€œAre you pouting?”

β€œShut the fuck up,” He hissed β€œWhy were you kissing that guy?”

β€œUmmm,” I frowned β€œBecause I wanted to? He was a donor and I was hungry.”

β€œTch,” Leo glared at me β€œDonor or not, you don’t fucking bite them in the club.”

I rolled my eyes β€œI didn’ was in the alley”

Leo clenched his fists and didn’t say anything.

β€œIs that all you wanted to talk to me about?” I asked tilting my head.

β€œNo,” He said through gritted teeth β€œIt’s not”

β€œOh” I was so confused β€œThen...what is it?”

Leo sighed and ran his hands through his hair. A cute and sexy gesture, that made me ignore the heat pooling in the pit of my stomach.

I almost told him to do it again. I just hoped that he didn’t bother with reading my thoughts cause damn, I wanted to see what was under his clothes again. I had seen him butt naked, but that was because the fire burnt it away, along with his skin, but shit.

Calm down, girl. Put your lust in a box and throw it away. It was never going to happen with this vampire. Especially a vampire who was of royal blood. I looked up at him and frowned. It looked like he was struggling with getting his words out.

I sighed, β€œLeo, what did you want to talk to me about? I can’t leave my friend in there for too long or some creepy guy will try and snatch her from under my nose.”

β€œI...” He paused and cursed under his breath β€œI’m...sorry...for being a...for being a dick towards you.”

I smiled β€œYou don’t need to say sorry for that. You have always been a dick towards me.”

β€œI’ve met you once.”

β€œNo,” I said, my smile faltering slightly β€œYou’ve met me more than once, but I don’t expect you to remember that”

β€œI don’t think I’d forget your face,” Leo said, then his eyes widened slightly β€œI mean, who could forget that-that ugly face?”

β€œI’m slightly hurt by that,” I said, trying not to stop smiling β€œIf that is all you wanted, then I’m going.”

Leo reached out and grabbed my wrist β€œWait. Don’t go...not yet”

I sighed and sat back down. I crossed my legs and his eyes trailed down to my bare legs. I saw him gulp and I couldn’t help but smile.

β€œAre you that desperate?” I laughed, and he didn’t say anything β€œWait. Was I right?”

β€œI owe you,” He muttered, β€œEven though I didn’t want it, you saved me.”

β€œOh my god!” I groaned, β€œI’ve told your brothers that none of you owe me. I was happy to help even if I was burnt to a crisp” I saw his lips twitch β€œIs that funny?”

β€œNo,” He said, and he finally smiled β€œMy brothers don’t owe you. I do”

I sighed and shook my head β€œWhat is it with you and your brothers? You don’t owe me!”

β€œIf you need blood then take mine,” Leo said, almost too quickly β€œI mean...if you want it.”

I blinked quickly. Did I hear that right? Leo was offering me his blood?

β€œAre you feeling alright?” I said, β€œYou...Leo, you don’t offer your blood to anyone. No one get's to bite you.”

β€œHuman blood isn’t helping you heal,” He said and pointed at the burn on the inside of my thigh β€œYou are too nice to ask for vampire blood. I will do this for you, but only because if my brothers saw you were still healing, they would be...angry with me”

β€œA gentleman wouldn’t look up a girl’s skirt,” I said, feeling my face burn.

Leo laughed slightly and my heart jumped into my throat β€œBaby, I’m no gentleman.”

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