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I waved at Liz as the cab she was in drove off. I sighed and pulled my small jacket tighter around my body. She was too drunk to carry on, and the other guys had long gone. It was me, myself and I. Like usual.

My feet were hurting from my heels and I had started to regret wearing them. Even as a vampire your feet would still bloody hurt. Shit. I knew I should have stuffed flats into my bag, but I decided to look good rather than be comfortable.

What was wrong with females?

What was wrong with me?

I sighed and pulled my phone out, scrolling through some numbers. I knew my vampire friends would be up, so I thought they would probably pick me up. Or I just wait for Jerome since we lived under the same roof. Knowing him, he’d get pissed off if I left without him anyway. I knew he would have some questions about why Leo dragged me away.

I found myself smiling. He had never called me by my name for as long as I had known him. I was always β€˜you’ or β€˜this bitch’ and β€˜low-level’ so for him to call my name, had my stomach in knots. Then to offer me his blood? I must have died and gone to heaven. There were rumours about him and what his blood tasted like, but there were no females that had tasted him.

Leo was closed off and avoided every female.

Emily must be pretty special to get his attention. In a way, I was jealous. I liked Emily, I did but Leo needed to realise that he wasn’t going to win her over. She was in love with his brother and they had bonded.

I sighed and ran my hand through my hair, surprised that my fingers weren’t caught in knots. That was something good because my hair was always in knots.

I bit into my lip and contemplated on calling one of my housemates to come and pick me up, but knowing him, he was probably out clubbing. I sighed and stared at my feet.

β€œI knew I should have worn flats,” I muttered to myself β€œYou are so dumb, Willow,”

β€œWhy are you still here?” Leo said behind me. I looked over my shoulder to see him breathe out smoke. It curled around his lips and floated away with the light breeze.

God damn. He was hot.

β€œI’m waiting for someone.”

His face darkened slightly β€œWho? The donor boy?”

I laughed β€œNo. He is long gone.”

β€œThen who?”


Leo lip curled up in disgust β€œWhy the hell are you waiting for him?”

β€œWell, we live under the same roof. He would be annoyed if I went home without him.”

Leo tilted his head slightly β€œIs he family?”

β€œThe only family I will ever have,” I said with a smile β€œWe both lost our parents and we got fostered by the same family. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

β€œThat’s nice,” Leo said quietly β€œBut you should go...there was been an incident and he is going to be here for a while.”

β€œOh,” I groaned β€œGreat. Guess I’ll go home alone.”

β€œI’ll take you,” Leo said, throwing his cigarette away β€œLet me-”

β€œIt’s fine,” I said, β€œDeal with the incident.”

β€œI’d rather fucking not,” He snapped β€œNot my problem.”

β€œSomeone is moody,” I muttered, and he glared at me β€œBye Leo”

β€œI’m trying to be fucking nice here,” Leo hissed β€œYou can’t walk home alone. Not now anyway.”

β€œCan I ask why?”

β€œNo. Because it’s none of your business,”

I frowned β€œBut you just told me that I can’t walk home alone. I am so confused!”

β€œYou just can’t,” Leo said, β€œIt’s not safe for vampires right now,”

β€œWhy? Can you tell me?”

Leo growled and yanked me forward β€œI’ll just show you then”

My face burnt when he grabbed hold of my hand and pulled me after him. I tried my best not to stumble as he pulled me quickly behind him. That was one way to turn any man off. Faceplant the floor and have your ass on show.

When we got back into the bar, his brothers turned to face me. Their eyes zeroed in on Leo's hand on mine and I could feel them start to panic like Leo was going to hurt me.

β€œLeo, what are you doing?” Xander said, rushing over to me β€œTake your hands from her.”

β€œIt’s alright,” I said, and I sniffed the air β€œWhy do I smell sulphur and pinecones?”

β€œThe incident involved a demon,” Leo said, and he let go of my hand β€œTake a look for yourself.”

I walked forward and stared at the demon, hissing around in pain. I tilted my head and frowned.

β€œHow did it get in?”

β€œThat’s what we want to know,” Dylan said, β€œHe was coming after Emily, but luckily Leo spotted him or there would be more of a mess”

β€œWhat the hell are you doing?” Leo asked, grabbing my shoulder β€œDon’t go near it.”

β€œIt’s fine,” I said, squatting next to it β€œHi!”

β€œFucking idiot,” Leo mumbled, β€œDon’t fucking touch it!”

β€œWillow, it’s covered in sulphur,” Aaron said, β€œDon’t touch”

β€œI won’t,” I said hovering my hands over its face β€œWell, well...”

β€œWhat?” Leo asked.

β€œWhat do you want to know?” I asked, moving my hands back and forth β€œI can tell you what he had for breakfast, which was really unhealthy. I can tell you that he didn’t have a shower today and I can also tell you that his demon friends are wandering around,”

β€œI told you it wasn’t safe,” Leo said and he folded his arms β€œAre you done?”

I shook my head β€œNot quite. There is something else and he is fighting me to keep it from me,”

β€œStop,” Dylan said, β€œYou have a nosebleed,”

β€œHe is really fighting me,” I said and I pushed further forward into his thoughts β€œStrange,”

β€œWhat?” Aaron said, β€œDid he say anything important?”

β€œI don’t know to be honest,” I said wiping my nose free of blood.

β€œWillow, what did he say?” Leo asked.

β€œWho is little mousy?” I asked, and the brothers face hardened, β€œDid I say something wrong?”

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