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It had been a few days since the incident at the club and Leo had messaged me saying he needed to talk to me. I asked why, but he told me to shut up and hurry my ass up to the mansion.

He must have been desperate but I was free so I decided to entertain him.

Xander opened the door to me and was surprised to see me. I didn’t blame him, I came unannounced and managed to get through the gate without setting the alarms off. I smiled widely at him and sent him a small wave.

β€œHi, Xander,” I said, β€œLovely morning today,”


β€œHow did you sleep?” I asked, β€œBecause let me tell you, I had a great sleep for once. Kris let me go early from work and since I don’t have college today, I thought I’d come and say hello,”


β€œI’ve eaten, so you don’t need to worry about feeding me,” I said tapping my stomach β€œAlthough, if you are cooking something then I will happily eat,”

β€œPlease stop talking,”

β€œOh, sorry,” I said and I pressed my lips together to stop my rambling. He wasn’t the first person to tell me to stop talking and I blamed Liz. She always talked non-stop so when she wasn’t around I felt the need to talk because, with her, I couldn’t get a word in.

β€œWillow,” He said, β€œUmm..hi? how did you get through the security?”

I tapped my nose β€œThat’s a secret.”

β€œHow?” Xander said, folding his arms.

I sighed β€œThe alarms don’t go off if you are a vampire and I may have hurdled the wall,”

β€œWhy are you here?” He said and let me come in β€œCallum was meant to pick you up later so you could help us with the demon.”

β€œI know,” I said, β€œI was actually here for Leo.”

β€œLeo?” Xander said in disbelief β€œActually, this might be a good thing. You could help him get over Emily,”

I rolled my eyes β€œI am here as a friend. He asked me to come over.”

β€œReally?” Xander asked, obviously not believing me β€œIs everything ok?”

β€œI think so,” I said, β€œI mean, right now, Leo needed to talk and he can’t talk to his brothers about it. I can’t say why because I have no idea. Anyway, he sees me as a friend and I help friends who need it,”

β€œAre we talking about the same Leo?” I heard Aaron and he ran over to me β€œWhat did you do to him?”


β€œThen why is he asking for you to come over?” Max asked, β€œDid he die and get replaced with a better version?”

β€œI’ll fucking kill you,” Leo said grabbing Max by the scruff.

β€œMaybe not,” Leo grinned at his brother β€œHello brother. How be thee?”

β€œYou want to fucking die?”

β€œNope!” Max managed to escape Leo's grip and he ran off with Aaron following him.

β€œBye-bye cutie Leo!” Aaron laughed.

β€œSleep with one eye open!” Leo yelled, β€œI’ll break your necks!”

β€œSo violent,” I said shaking my head β€œAlright Leo. What did you want?”

β€œFollow me” He muttered.

β€œSee you later Xander,” I said and followed Leo to one of the rooms at the front of the house β€œYou seemed pretty desperate for me to come over,”

β€œYeah,” He said quietly, and he sat on the sofa β€œEmily's scent is strong right now, and I can’t stop wanting her. I need a distraction.”

β€œWhich smell is her?” I asked, β€œBecause I am smelling marzipan and it’s making my stomach rumble. Do you know how much I fucking love that smell? I’m telling you, I could live off marzipan. It’s a weakness of mine.”

Leo didn’t say anything. His cheeks were bright red. Wait, that was him?

β€œOh wow!” I said, running over to him. I sniffed his neck β€œYou smell so good!”

β€œGet away from me!” Leo said, in a panic and he pushed his hands against my chest. His eyes went wide, and he pulled them away β€œOh fuck! Shit! I’m sorry!”

I laughed β€œThey are only boobs” I then winked at him β€œBut you can touch them some more if you want.”

β€œNope!” He squeaked β€œI’m good! I’ll watch where I’m putting my hands next time.”

β€œYou are so cute” I grinned and sat next to him β€œSo, Leo. What do you want me to do?”

β€œI don’t know” He muttered, β€œStop calling me fucking cute?”

β€œI’ve noticed something about you,” I said, β€œYou swear when you are nervous.”

β€œNo, I fucking don’t” Leo snapped β€œShit. So, what if I swear if I’m nervous?”

β€œYou don’t need to feel nervous around me,” I said, patting his leg β€œI’m here as a friend to help you.”

I swear the smell of marzipan got stronger and my mouth started watering. Shit. I wanted to bite him. Think of something else.

Think of a demon. Yeah. That will work. Or even better, think of when you voluntarily ran into a burning inferno to save this pretty vampire sitting next to you. The vampire that smelt of marzipan and would taste so good on your tongue. My stomach rumbled, and I coughed to cover it up.

Leo was staring at me like I was a weirdo. His face was perfect even with the look of disgust and I tried not to lick my lips. I had to taste him.

"Fuck this."

β€œWillow!” He said as I grabbed him β€œWhat the fuck are you doing?”

β€œNothing,” I said, swinging my leg over his lap β€œYou smell so...tasty."

β€œG-g-get off me” He stuttered, and I moved my face closer to his β€œStop it. L-let go.”

β€œNo” I licked my lips and his scent got stronger β€œI have to taste you.”

β€œWillow, wait,” He said, but I couldn’t stop. I sunk my teeth into the base of his neck and he moaned β€œAh shit!”

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