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I was breathing heavily...almost panting. I shouldn’t be enjoying this. I should not be enjoying this.

But shit.

Willow was drinking from me, and I couldn’t control the noises escaping my lips. Her small moans against the base of my neck made the heat in my stomach boil. My hands were tight on her small waist and I closed my eyes, moaning loudly.

I licked my lips as I smelt something sweet, and it made my head spin.


Her smell was making me drunk and I lifted my hips up, as I struggled to stop the friction between us. I tried to resist the lust that was shooting throughout my body but it was a struggle.

No vampire had ever fed from my vein before, apart from when I helped changed Emily, but it didn’t make me feel like this. It was like something had snapped inside me and I wanted to let out whatever was being held back.

My eyes shot open as she rolled her hips forward on my crotch. My body reacted automatically, and she giggled against my neck. Her tongue shot out against the bite marks, making me gulp. Willow lifted her face from my neck and her blue eyes were now red.

β€œYou tasted so...unbelievably delicious” She whispered, and I stared at her lips β€œI...I’m sorry. I couldn’t stop myself”

β€œIt’s fine,” I said, in a husky voice. It was like I wasn’t speaking. Her lips were plump and red, and I wanted to take them. I lifted my hands up her body and she shivered under my touch. They rested on either side of her face and I pulled her towards me, but before I could claim her lips, the door was kicked open.

β€œOh!” Theo said, β€œI had no idea you had company.”

β€œWe will leave you to it! Sorry!” Emily gasped, and my heart dropped to my stomach.

The door closed, and I pushed Willow from me and onto the sofa. I stood up and began pacing.

β€œThat shouldn’t have happened,” I said, β€œDon’t ever fucking do that again. Do you understand? I changed my mind about you taking my vein. A low-level vampire doesn’t get to have my blood. I feel so fucking disgusted right now!”

β€œI’m sorry,” She whispered, with tears in her eyes β€œI didn’t...I’m sorry. I’ll stay away from you.”

Willow stood up and left the room without another glance at me. I felt her pain and I punched the wall.

β€œShit” I rested my forehead against the cool wall. I was meant to be getting over Emily but not let another female drink from me knowing that Emily was in the house. I had never let a vampire take from me before.

I felt disgusted at myself for letting myself get bitten. Then to allow my body to react like that.

I sighed in frustration and fell to my knees. If I didn’t enjoy it, then I wouldn’t have reacted like that. Willow was...shit. I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings. I just didn’t like being seen by Emily.

I wasn’t disgusted by what she did. How could I be disgusted when it turned me on like that? I quickly got to my feet and rushed out of the room.

β€œWillow!” I called, and I ran to the kitchen where my brothers were β€œWhere is Willow?”

β€œWasn’t she with you?” Xander frowned, β€œLeo, what did you do?”

β€œNothing,” I said, β€œI’ll be back later”


I ran to the door and stuffed my feet into shoes, but then stopped. Why was I running after her? Why did I care if she was hurt or not?

β€œWhere are you going?” Theo asked.

β€œI’m...I’m going to my room,” I said, kicking my shoes off β€œNo one bother me. In fact, everybody can leave me the fuck alone. I won’t kill myself anytime soon.”

Theo grabbed my arm β€œYou know it’s not a bad thing to find someone else to love.”

β€œYou are only saying that because I love your mate.” I growled.

β€œDo I give a fuck?” He growled back and slammed me against the wall β€œLoving Emily is only going to rip you apart! If you fucking kill yourself because you can’t get what you want, Emily is going to feel guilty. She is going to think it’s her fault.”


β€œI haven’t finished,” Theo hissed β€œThere are other females out there that are better suited to you brother. If you hadn’t noticed, the girl you were about to fuck likes you. Are you that fucking dumb?”

I didn’t say anything.

β€œWhat? Can’t say anything?” Theo shoved himself away from me β€œGet over Emily before we have to bury you. You were the one to ask Willow for that help, so don’t push her away. She is probably the only one who is willing to help and brave enough to drink from you.”

β€œFuck you!” I snapped, β€œYou think I wanted someone so fucking low drinking from me?”

β€œIf you didn’t want it, then why didn’t you push her away sooner?” Theo smirked β€œYou are such an idiot”

β€œFuck off”

β€œYeah, yeah,” Theo said walking away β€œIf you want Willow, she’s with Emily and she’s crying. But then again, why would you give a shit about someone who saved your life?”

I looked down at my clenched fists and I wanted one of my brothers to hit me. I wanted Theo to punch me. I wanted him to yell at me and say that Emily would never love me back and that I was just a waste of fucking space.

But he didn’t.

Even though I loved his Emily, he didn’t hate me. I didn’t understand why. I’d rather him hate me than still want to be around me. It would have been easier if they both hated me. I’d be able to move away and live with the mistakes I done and not worry about upsetting them.

β€œLeo,” Dylan said and I looked up at him β€œAre you ok?”

β€œDoes it look like I’m ok?” I said quietly, β€œLeave me alone,”

β€œWait,” He said walking after me β€œYou might not think it, but you don’t have to shut yourself away because you think we don’t care. We care about you and even though you have made mistakes and-”

β€œJust stop!” I said, yanking my arm away from him β€œNo one understands me and no one ever will. I’m better off alone,”


β€œLeave me alone,” I muttered and headed for my room.

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