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I watched as Emily tried to read my mind. She was frowning and staring into my eyes with a serious look. It took a lot to not laugh in her face, but she was trying her hardest.

β€œI can’t do it,” She said, throwing her hands in the air β€œWhy can’t I do it?”

β€œYou weren’t raised a vampire,” I said, β€œIt’s not like every vampire can read minds.”

β€œYou can” Emily pouted.

β€œNot...” I said, thinking about what to say β€œIt’s not like I can read minds. I can read the person. A human is easy to read, and I can just...well...alright. I might be able to read human mind’s, but I tend to feel their emotions more than anything.”

β€œI don’t have any special power.”

β€œYou do” I smiled at her β€œYou can go out in the sunlight without having to have a ring and being pretty is a power.”

β€œOh, stop it,” Emily said launching a pillow at me β€œThat’s not a power.”

β€œNo, but it helps,” I laughed β€œI’m jealous of you.”

Emily tilted her head β€œWhy?”

β€œWell, because you found love when you thought you were going to die alone,” I said quietly, and I hugged the pillow to my chest β€œYou don’t need to tell me what you went through because I know. But you were able to bring yourself out of the depths of hell to find peace and happiness.”

β€œWillow” Emily said softly, and she came to sit next to me β€œI still have nightmares about what happened. I might be happy, but I certainly haven’t found the peace I need.”

β€œYou have though. Everything in your life is just perfect compared to mine,” I said, β€œYou have a fantastic family around you. Your dad is the baddest vampire around and he loves you. Your mate loves you and his brothers love you.”

β€œWhere are you going with this?”

β€œI don’t have anyone to love,” I whispered β€œI don’t have anyone to love me the way I want them to love me.”

Emily didn’t say anything for a few beats β€œWillow, have you ever been in love?”

β€œI have, and I wished I never did fall in love,” I said quietly.

β€œWhat happened?”

β€œI fell in love with a friend,” I said, β€œI thought he was the only one for me. I was blinded by my love for him. He knew I loved him and he used to say that we were meant to be...I was wrong. He was using me to get closer to an old friend of mine.”


β€œI know,” I said with a shrug, β€œI thought that he would love me back. He’d act like we were going to be together and I would do anything for him to keep him happy. To try and get him to love me back. In the end, I knew loving him was a dead end.”

β€œI’m not sure I like him.”

I almost laughed β€œHe mated my friend and all he could say was β€˜you were too stupid to think I’d ever love you back’. It broke my heart. I went off the rails and I wanted to give up on everything. Why would I want to live when someone like that broke my heart?”

β€œI’m glad you didn’t end your life,” Emily said holding my hand.

β€œAt the time I had no one” I sighed β€œOnly Jerome, but he was going through the transition and if I told him anything, he would worry even more.”

β€œWillow, you know I didn’t think I’d find someone to love me,” She said, not looking at me. Tears pooled in her eyes β€œAfter what that man did to me, I thought no one could love someone so broken and tainted. I was wrong. I found someone who loved me for who I was and didn’t care about how broken I was.”

β€œI’m not sure I could find someone,” I said, β€œI’ve locked my heart away and I’ve lost the key.”

Emily smiled at me β€œThere is always someone out there who will break the lock off with or without a key. You never know, he could be closer than you think”

β€œI know who you are talking about and you are so wrong.”

β€œWhat’s wrong with Leo?” Emily asked, β€œOk. Maybe he is moody, rude and a pain in the ass, but if you get to know him, he is really nice”

I scoffed β€œNice? Yeah. Sure. I’ve seen that first hand.”

β€œHonestly,” Emily sighed, β€œI don’t think he meant the words he said. It’s just...”

β€œHe still loves you, Emily,” I said, β€œWhilst he loves you, he can’t be open to other females. Especially someone who stopped him from taking his life. Leo isn’t grateful for that.”

β€œWell,” Emily said, β€œYou did drink from him. I’ve heard that no one has done that”

I shrugged β€œI must have caught him on a good day”

β€œThat’s not true!” Emily said β€œLeo has never spoken to another girl before.”

β€œHe must have felt sorry for me then,” I said β€œBut forget it, I’ll get over it. I always do.”

Emily sighed β€œYou can’t think like that. You will shut yourself off to others,”

β€œDon’t worry about that,” I shrugged and I frowned at her β€œWhat are you doing?”

β€œI feel...that you are annoyed,”

I burst into laughter and hit her with the pillow she threw at me β€œYou are such an idiot, you know that right?”

β€œYes,” Emily smiled β€œBut I’m a lovable idiot. So, since you are going to be here for a while, did you want to watch a film?”

β€œAdd β€˜eat junk food’ to that and it’s a deal,”

β€œDeal!” Emily said jumping to her feet β€œI’ll be right back. I need to make sure that we have snacks or I will have to convince Theo to go to the shops and buy us food. I’ll be right back!”

β€œYou don’t have to-oh, too late. She’s already gone,” I said as Emily rushed out of the bedroom. I let out a small sigh and I smiled β€œShe’s so cute,”

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