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She was back again. This time, I had watched her get kicked out into the garden by her mum. I didn’t understand how she could still love her mother after that.

Humans were so weak.

Theo ran into the garden and the girl climbed over the fence. They hugged each other with big grins and ran back into the house holding hands.

β€œTch,” I said, and I stuck my hands in my pocket and went downstairs to where they were. My other brothers were smiling at her. Theo was a kid in love and it made me sick. Why fall in love with someone who was going to die of old age or disease?

β€œLeo!” Emily said as she saw me. I almost smirked as I saw her grab hold of Theo for support.

β€œWhy are you here?” I said, glaring at her. I could feel a flood of emotions and I smirked down at her β€œYou should be scared of me.”

β€œLeo,” Xander said, β€œShe is Theo's friend and father said she is welcome here. You know that.”

β€œThat doesn’t mean I have to agree with it” I snapped β€œStay away from me human. Do you understand?”

Emily's face dropped. Why the fuck did I feel guilty? I quickly shook my head and walked into the kitchen. I grabbed a drink from the fridge and my youngest brother ran in. He stood in front of me with his hands on his hips trying to look angry with me.

β€œYou are too short and young to try and intimidate me,” I said, ruffling his hair β€œWhat do you want?”

β€œI want you to be nice to Emily!” He said, hitting my thigh β€œShe is my friend and I am going to marry her when I get older and we are going to be happy and she is going to-”

β€œShe’s going to age, Theo,” I said, β€œShe will grow old and she will die. Are you happy to watch her die while you don’t age?”

β€œYes,” He said, β€œI love Emily and she is-”

β€œThen I won’t get involved,” I said, β€œBut that doesn’t mean I am going to pretend to like her. As a vampire, you should know that. Humans are food and will always be food.”

β€œEmily doesn’t care” Theo pouted and folded his arms β€œShe loves me anyway.”

Too cute. I sighed β€œI’ll be...civil..ish. But if she keeps trying to be my friend I will scare her away from me”

Theo suddenly hugged my legs and looked up at me with his bunny smile β€œThank you, Leo. I love you!”

β€œYeah, yeah,” I muttered, β€œYou can fuck off now back to that human,”

Theo scowled at me β€œYou will call her by her name you big poopy head!”

I lifted my eyebrow β€œIs that the best you got, you runt?”

Theo punched me in the balls and I dropped to my knees, gasping in pain. I rolled onto my back groaning in pain and he kicked me in the head.

β€œOw!” I hissed out in pain β€œWill you just fuck off?”

β€œNot until you address my princess by her name,” He said jumping onto me. I caught him before he got my nuts again and he sat on my stomach, trying to smack me in the head β€œCall her by her name, or I will get my brother on you!”

β€œI don’t think you need help!” I said as he poked me in the eye β€œOw!”

β€œCall Emily, Emily,” Theo said folding his arms β€œOr else,”

I smirked, β€œOr what baby brother?”

β€œI will hurt you,”

β€œYou’ve done enough damage,” I muttered and I sighed β€œTheo, you’re too cute and baby like to stand up to me. You can get off me and I’ll be nice to her,”

β€œPromise?” He said sticking his pinkie finger out β€œPinky promise that you’ll be nice,”

β€œAlright,” I said pushing him off me. I sat up and linked my finger with his β€œPinky promise,”

Theo grinned widely at me and threw his arms around my neck β€œYou are one of the best big brothers even though you are a poopy head,”

I looked up from hugging Theo to see Emily sticking her head around the corner, watching us. I resisted the urge to tell her to fuck off and I just smiled at her. It wasn’t big but it was still a smile.

Emily was cute and she was my brothers best friend and soon to be wife. I rolled my eyes. Xander was an idiot to say that he would let them get married when they hit 8, but if it kept my youngest brother happy, then whatever.

β€œBunny,” Emily said, β€œDo you need saving from the big bad wolf?”

Theo turned around and smiled β€œNope! The big bad wolf is a good wolf now,” He turned to look at me, his eyes flashing red β€œAren’t you?”

β€œI won’t be if you don’t get the fuck off me,” I said pushing him onto the floor β€œYou can leave me alone now. I’m going to my room,”

I got to my feet and Theo punched me in the ass. I looked down at him and he lifted his little fists up ready to start a fight. I just flicked him on the forehead and walked towards the stairs. As I reached Emily, she flinched but I put my hand on her head.

β€œI won’t bite,” I muttered, β€œI made a pinky promise,”

She smiled brightly at me. I stared at the gap in her teeth and it made me angry. This kid had nothing but love for her abusive mother and all that bitch could do was punch her.

β€œBut that doesn’t mean I like you,” I said, ruffling her hair β€œTheo, make sure you keep her away from me or I will turn back into the big bad wolf,”

β€œNo!” Theo said running over to Emily. He crashed into her and they fell to the floor laughing β€œI won’t let you steal my princess,”

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