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Emily and I spent the next few hours watching films and eating junk food. I was hoping we would spend all night doing the same, but she was a mated vampire and Theo wanted to take her on a date. Which meant I had to go to the basement and deal with the demon that was locked up.

I was bored with trying to help Emily pick an outfit. She had gone through most of her wardrobe and no matter what I said, she felt it wasn’t good enough for him. She didn’t need to impress him because he loved her. But it was like it went in one of her ears and out of the other.

β€œDoes Theo know how cute you look trying to look hard?” I asked Emily and she smacked my arm β€œWhat? It’s true!”

Emily sighed β€œI feel that I don’t dress the part”

I snorted β€œWhatever. Can you just hurry up? I’m not sure I want to be a judge for your fashion show. Let me get Theo.”

β€œNo!” Emily jumped onto me β€œPlease, you have to help me. He asked me to go on a date and I don’t know what to wear”

β€œWear anything!” I exclaimed β€œThe guy would think you look hot in a bin bag. Just go with the black skater dress. That was cute.”

Emily smiled β€œOk!”

β€œGreat,” I smiled at her β€œI’m going downstairs. Xander said that he needed help with that demon in the basement.”

I saw Emily shudder slightly and I left her to get dressed. No one had told me who β€˜little mousy’ was but I didn’t need to be told. Emily let me read her like a book and I could feel anger bubble up inside me.

I was glad that Kris wiped her mother’s memory of her because personally, I would have made her feel the pain Emily did all those years. It made me sick to think that there were people out there that could hurt an innocent child.

I had to calm myself down as I walked down the stairs.

I shook my anger away, not that it was much use, and I went in search of Xander. I walked into the kitchen to see Theo sitting at the breakfast bar spinning his phone around on the counter.

β€œIs she ready yet?” Theo asked as I sat opposite him β€œI didn’t think she was that bothered about dressing up. We’ve been on dates before.”

β€œHave you?”

Theo's cheeks went pink β€œSort of. We just end up at the bar.”

β€œThat’s not a date,” I said, β€œThat’s called work.”

He sighed β€œI’ve never been on a date with her and I’m worried about the demons trying to get her. I thought that was all over, but I guess they still want her blood.”

β€œEmily is special,” I said patting his hand.

β€œShe sure is,” Theo said with a sigh β€œWillow, about Leo.”

β€œStop,” I said, β€œI don’t want to know.”

β€œHe isn’t a bad guy,” Theo said β€œHe’s just...misunderstood. I’ve always had fond memories of him, even if he did want to kill Emily when we were kids, and even if he is a moody bastard and can seem cold-hearted, but he really isn’t.”

β€œI’ve yet to see him be nice,” I muttered.

β€œLeo had it hard,” He said, β€œOut of all of the brothers, he was the one our father was mean to the most. No one knew why. When our mum left he took it the hardest because she stood up for him when we couldn’t. Father really let him have it and he’d often get beaten because of small things.”

β€œHmm,” I said.

β€œYou’re the first female to feed on him,” Theo said, β€œThe last female that tried ended up with her neck snapped. You are the only female that he is willing to talk to. Other than Emily but that is different.”

β€œTheo, where are you going with this?”

β€œYou might be the only one who can save him,” Theo looked up at me with desperate eyes and his bottom lip almost trembled β€œAs brothers, we can only do so much. We can only love him so much. Willow, even though he won’t admit it, he enjoyed you biting him. Shit. We could smell him in the basement. When Emily and I burst in, he was about to kiss you.”

My cheeks burnt β€œHe wasn’t.”

Theo laughed and patted my head β€œYeah, he was. I don’t think he has ever kissed a girl, so you know.”

I snorted β€œThat is a fucking lie. I’m sure he’s kissed loads of girls. But whatever. I promised you and your brothers that I would look out for him and if he ever goes missing again, I’m here to bring him back.”

β€œEven if it means almost dying again?” Theo stared at me intensely β€œI might not be able to read emotions like you or Leo, but I’m not stupid.”

β€œAgain, total bullshit,”

β€œYou know he pinky promised me to not hurt Emily,”


Theo smiled β€œWhen we were kids. He used to turn up and scare her but I confronted him on it. I was 7 years old and Leo was one of the eldest. In a way, he scared me because it was like he lacked emotions, but I knew that he was trying to be strong for us all. I punched him in the nuts and he promised to never hurt her. He is my big brother and I love him. He just needs someone to make him open up,”

Before I could say anything Theo jumped to his feet with a big smile. Emily was coming.

β€œBunny!” She jumped into his arms and kissed him β€œI’m ready! Do I look ok?”

β€œBeautiful as ever, Angel,” Theo pulled her in for another kiss and I looked at my hands wishing I had that sort of relationship β€œWillow?”

I looked up and they were both smiling at me β€œWhat?”

β€œThe others are in the basement with the parasite,” Theo said, β€œTry not to kill him.”

I left the kitchen before them and headed to the basement. I wasn’t looking forward to seeing Leo. I wasn’t sure how to be around him. Not after drinking from him.

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