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I stared at my ceiling not wanting to move. What was the point? If I went to the basement I was either going to be in the way or I was going to kill the demon for hurting my family.

I rubbed my face and a twinge attacked my neck. I traced my finger over the bite marks that still hadn’t healed, and my stomach burnt at the memory. It was strange...I had never been fed from before and I enjoyed it. The first and last time a female tried to feed on me, I snapped her neck and called her friends to pick her up.

It made me feel disgusting when her fangs touched me.

But with Willow it was different, and I couldn’t explain or understand why. I sighed and rolled onto my side staring at the piano sitting in my room. I hadn’t touched that in years, so I didn’t know why I had it.

Emily had asked me to play for her and I said no. I had to listen to her bash on the keys pretending not to be annoyed at the way she bashed it around. I had laughed at her though. Her eyes were closed, and she pretended to be an amazing was just a shame that it was my brother who hugged her from behind, making her giggle.

My chest ached.

I knew loving her was pointless, but you can’t help who you fall in love with.

I didn’t want to be in love with her because it was painful. I promised my brother that I would learn to like her but I never expected to fall in love with the idiot. I was hurting her and Theo as well as myself. It didn’t take an idiot to know that Theo didn’t want me left alone with Emily. But I would never do anything to hurt her or my brother. A pinky promise was made and I didn’t plan on breaking it.

Even if it meant being miserable for the rest of my life. I loved all my brothers even if I didn’t act like it, but since Theo was the youngest I had to protect him from everything. Including myself. I had been protecting them all since we were kids. Our father wasn’t great and when our mother left he became harsher towards us.

Never in front of Emily but when she wasn’t there, it was awful. Then, the beatings stopped and my brothers didn’t know why. I never told them why because it was better left unsaid. I deserved the beatings so I told my father to leave them alone.

They were innocent. I was not.

β€œShit,” I sat up and ruffled my hair. I frowned and sniffed the air. I then sniffed my skin and tutted β€œRaspberry.”

I groaned and made my way to the shower. I had to scrub her scent from me. I didn’t want to smell like her. It made my stomach growl at me. A hunger that would never be satisfied. I quickly stripped my clothes and stood under the hot water. I sighed as the heat rolled down my skin and I looked up, letting the water spray on my face.

I closed my eyes. The way the water ran around my skin, reminded me of the flames licking at my skin, pulling me into the burning inferno that I had welcomed. The flames had beckoned me with their beauty and I can still remember how they danced around my skin pulling me closer to the death that I had wanted.

A sigh escaped my lips and I scrubbed at my skin, trying to forget everything. I knew it wouldn’t work. Even though I welcomed the dancing of the flames, I still remembered my brother’s faces when I opened my eyes. They didn’t cry. If they did it was never in front of me.

I turned the shower off and wrapped a towel around my waist and stepped into my room. I sniffed the air and then my skin. No. The smell from my skin had gone, so why was the smell so strong?

There was a light tap on my door. I almost growled. I told them to leave me alone. I yanked the door open ready to rip my brothers head off, but I stopped when I saw bright blue eyes looking up at me.


Her eyes slowly trailed down from my face and down my exposed skin. They settled on my towel and I saw her gulp. Her eyes snapped up to my face, and her dark skin had a slight red tinge to it.

It was beautiful.

β€œYour brothers wanted me to get you,” She said, not looking at me β€œThey...we...need help”

β€œWith what?” I asked, probably a bit too harshly.

β€œThe demon,” She snapped β€œWhat else?”

β€œWait!” I grabbed her wrist before she ran off β€œWe need to talk.”

β€œI don’t want to,” She said, trying to get her hand back β€œLeo, let me go.”

β€œNo,” I said, and I yanked her into my room, closing the door β€œI need to explain myself...about what happened.”

β€œYou don’t need to,” She said reaching for the door, but I stepped in front of her and her hand ended up on my stomach. She gasped and yanked her hand back.

β€œDon’t stop on my account,” I said with a smirk and she glared at me β€œSorry.”


I walked to my wardrobe β€œWhat, what?”

β€œWhat did you just say to me?” She pushed me against the wardrobe β€œWhat did you say?”

β€œI said I was sorry” I muttered β€œAbout...everything”

β€œSay it again.”

β€œNo!” I said, pushing her slightly β€œNo fucking way. Fuck off and let me get dressed!”

Willow laughed β€œAnd we are back to swearing. Are you nervous Leo?”

Was I? I snorted β€œI’m not nervous.”

β€œWell, it doesn’t matter”, Willow shrugged β€œGet dressed and hurry up about it. Your brothers think you’ve killed yourself.”

I winced β€œDon’t worry. If I was going to kill myself, I’d run away again.”

Willow smirked at me and my stomach growled β€œAnd I would hunt you down again, Leo”

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