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The demon sat there staring at Willow. He never blinked once. He watched her, and I could see the cogs turning in his head like he was thinking about the ways he could have her. My brothers could only see his dead expression, but I wish they could see what I could.

They wouldn’t be so calm if they could see what was going through his mind. I gritted my teeth and tried to calm myself down. If I lost my temper now, the demon would be torn apart and we needed him to find out what was going on.

Willow's jaw was tight and under the table, she was clenching her fists. She could see what I could see. The demon wanted to share her body with his friends before they ripped her apart and that was never going to happen.

Not while I was here. I mean...Emily couldn’t lose a friend like Willow.

Shit. What was wrong with me?

β€œAlright. That does it,” Willow said, getting to her feet. She leant over the table and grabbed hold of the demon, pulling him close to her face β€œIf you keep thinking about the ways you can fuck me, then I am going to feed you your dick! If you want to live, then you better start co-operating.”

The demon laughed β€œI like you even more now. You’d look good with me-”

Willow cut him short and my brothers and I stared with wide eyes. The demon howled in pain and clutched his nose as blood poured from it. Willow tutted and wiped her forehead to see if any blood had got on her.

β€œOh, and a little heads up,” Willow said, almost growled β€œI don’t like being bound and gagged. That shit just ain’t me”

Interesting. Wait. Leo. What the fuck?

β€œAre you ready to talk?” Dylan asked, β€œOr do I have to hurt you again?”

β€œI will only talk when I see little mousy.”

I opened my mouth to say something, but Willow beat me to it catching me by surprise.

β€œNo fucking way,” She said, β€œYou really are stupid.”

The demon smiled at her β€œYou smell delicious. Can I take a bite?”

β€œShall we rip your teeth out?” I growled, and I slammed his face into the table β€œOr shall I turn you inside out?”

β€œLeo,” Xander said. I shot my brother a glare, but I stepped away from the demon. Willow just looked up at me and I looked away.

β€œWillow, he isn’t going to speak,” Max said with a sigh β€œThis is pointless,”

Willow smiled up at him β€œHe doesn’t need to speak.”

Why didn’t she smile at me like that?

Ok. What the fuck is wrong with you Leo?

The demon suddenly screamed out and his hands clutched his head tightly and fell from the chair he was on. His wrists were still chained to the table in front and they rattled as he thrashed around.

I watched her with wide eyes, and I noticed my brothers were doing the same. Her blue eyes had turned white, and she was staring at the demon wriggling in pain. Willow didn’t move. Didn’t blink. It was like she was frozen in time. The demon made a strangled noise and then nothing...she killed it.

β€œHe isn’t alive,” She said, and blue specks appeared back in her eyes. She shook her head and looked up at Xander, her blue eyes back. A trickle of blood dripped from her nose and she quickly wiped it away β€œThe guy who abused Emily is dead.”

β€œThen where is the little mousy coming from?” I snapped.

β€œThey must have heard him talking about her,” Willow said, β€œI’m not sure why they are after her, but I can-”

β€œNot fucking good enough,” I said. I needed to know the reason why they were going after Emily. I had to know β€œFind out the reason.”

Willow got to her feet β€œThen he is all yours”

β€œThat’s not my fucking job. You need to do it” I said, β€œDon’t walk away, finish the job.”

β€œYou don’t get to tell me what to do,” She said, glaring at me β€œAnd he’s fucking dead. I did what I could when he was fighting me the whole way!”

β€œWhy the fuck did you kill him?” I yelled, β€œYou were told not to kill him,”

β€œI didn’t kill him intentionally,” She hissed, β€œSomething else did. If I was to kill him he wouldn’t have been so lucky to just die like that,”

β€œWe needed to-”

β€œIf you are capable of bringing back the dead, then be my fucking guest and ask him more questions!” She yelled and shoved me away from her β€œDon’t fucking yell at me either. I did what I could to help,”


β€œLeo. That’s enough,” Xander warned, β€œCalm down.”

β€œHow can you tell me to calm down?” I snapped β€œThere are demons after Emily and you expect me to calm down?”

β€œShe isn’t your mate,” Willow growled, β€œGet over her already.”

β€œWhat?” I looked at her. Her eyes were watering β€œWhy are you crying?”

Willow's eyes flashed black, instead of red and I gulped β€œShe is never going to love you back, Leo. Never."


β€œLoving her is just going to kill you,” Willow said, β€œYou need to realise that, but you are too thick-skulled to know that.”

β€œFuck you!” I growled, and I had her shirt in my hands in seconds β€œWhat do you know about love?”

β€œI know more about love than you do or have you forgotten what I told you?” She growled not looking at me. β€œBut again, you only think about yourself. No one else is important to you,”

β€œHow? No one could love a low levelled vamp like you!” As soon as I said it, I regretted it. How fucking stupid could I get? β€œWillow, I-...”

Willow looked up at me with tears on her cheeks. She smiled softly at me β€œFuck. You”

Willow slapped my hands away and pushed me out of her way as she walked out of the room. I opened my mouth to say something, but my words got stuck in my throat. I could feel my brothers watching me but I swallowed the lump in my throat and left the room without saying anything to them.

Good going, you fucking idiot.

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