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It had been a week since I had seen Emily or the brothers. I didn’t need or want to be around them anymore. I had done what they had asked, and now I was free to get on with my life. Whether or not I liked it.

I had told them to leave me alone because I didn’t want to be involved with them anymore. I helped with what I could and that was it. Whatever was going on between them had nothing to do with me. Emily was probably upset but it was better that I kept my distance. I didn’t want to bump into Leo either.

β€œThank you!” I said as the customers left. I let my fake smile drop and I made my way over to clean their table. They had been shitty customers and I almost let my vampire side come out and convince them to leave a bigger tip.

β€œHow much did the losers leave?” Harry asked, lifting the empty glasses.

β€œNot even a quid,” I sighed β€œI should have told them to leave more.”

β€œMaybe” He shrugged β€œBut Kris would have been mad and he’s in a bad mood recently”

I nodded and carried on clearing the table. The bell dinged, and we looked up to see a boy come in followed by a few of his friends.

β€œThis one is you,” Harry said, β€œGuys love you. If you flirt, they might leave a tip and their number.”

β€œI don’t want to be set up,” I said, glaring at him. I piled the plates on him and he grunted as if they added extra weight β€œMan up. Some vamp you are.”

β€œGo away Blue.”

I walked over to the boys β€œHey. Table for 5? Alright. Follow me, guys.”

As they sat down I handed them the menus.

β€œI’m Willow, so call me over when you’re ready” I smiled, and they nodded wearing a smile. I walked behind the counter and Jerome jumped onto me β€œWhat do you want?”

β€œDo you want the good or bad news first?”

β€œBad. As usual,” I said.

β€œLeo is on his way here with his brothers”

I held in a groan β€œGood news?”

β€œEmily is with them.”

I hit him in the stomach and he pretended it hurt β€œThat’s neither good or bad! Ugh. I suddenly feel very sick so I’m going home”

β€œNot so fast,” Vince grabbed my hair β€œThose guys are calling you over. Shake that butt and get some tips.”

I scowled at him but made my way over to the boys β€œWhat can I get you?”

They gave me their orders and the bell dinged and so did my heart. Blue hair flashed in front of my eyes and he stopped walking, his brothers bumping into him.

β€œMove it!” Xander said, β€œDon’t suddenly stop like that”

β€œWillow!” Emily called, and she raced over, jumping into me β€œI’ve missed you so much!”

β€œH-h-hey!” I said prying her arms away from me β€œI’m trying to work.”

Emily giggled β€œI’m sure you won’t get into trouble while- oh my god!”

β€œIs-is this real?” The boy at the table said. He jumped to his feet and embraced Emily tightly. Theo rushed over and quickly dropped his hands when he saw the guy she was hugging. I saw his face soften slightly, but his eyes never left the boy.

β€œI thought I’d never see you again,” The guy said, holding Emily away from him β€œI was worried when you said that you weren’t leaving the house for a while,”

Emily smiled and pulled his cheeks β€œYou look well”

He blushed β€œI have you to thank for that and your family. Thank you. After you left me at the hospital, I never thought I would see you again.”

β€œWell, here I am,” Emily smiled and they hugged again, β€œHow are you? Any illnesses? Any weird dreams?”

The boy sighed β€œI always have dreams, Emily. They never leave but I’m getting through it,”

β€œUmm,” I said, β€œHow do you know each other?”

β€œLong story,” He said, β€œI was...I was beaten up and Emily rushed in to help me”

I almost laughed when I saw Theo glare at him. Obviously, this human’s hands were on his mate for too long.

β€œTime to go, Angel,” Theo said, β€œWillow, you need to sit with us as well”

β€œNo,” I said, β€œI’m working.”

β€œPlease sit with us,” Aaron said.

β€œI’d rather not,” I said, sending a glare to Leo. He looked away and rubbed the back of his neck β€œI’m working. Enjoy your lunch,”

β€œNo, you are not” I heard Kris say β€œYou can sit with them”


β€œYou will be paid sweetheart,” Kris said with a smile β€œThe brothers need to talk to you. Please, hear them out.”

I gritted my teeth β€œFine,”

Kris patted my shoulder and walked away leaving me standing awkwardly with Emily and the brothers. I wanted to hit something or someone but I clenched my fists, turning away from Leo who was still watching me.

Someone like him didn’t deserve to get my attention and I looked over at Jerome. He sent me an β€˜ok’ hand signal and I shook my head. I saw him sigh and tapped Harry who sent me a love heart. I rolled my eyes and folded my arms.

β€œSorry about this,” Max said, β€œI know you don’t want anything to do with us,”

β€œGot that right,” I muttered, β€œBut what can you do?”

β€œSorry,” Aaron said.

β€œIt’s not your fault,” I said, β€œTrust me,”

β€œI’ll buy you some pancakes,” Callum said and I rolled my eyes β€œI’ll take that as a no,”

β€œJake, did you want to sit with us?” Emily asked, β€œYou are sort of involved in this as well.”

β€œOh,” The boy said, β€œOnly if it’s ok with your mat...husband”

My eyes went wide. They didn’t wipe his memories. Why the hell didn’t they do that? I thought that was rule number one when it came to humans finding out about vampires and-

β€œI was told not to,” Leo said and I turned to look at him β€œWillow, I...hurry the fuck up will you?”

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