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Emily had hold of Willow as we walked to the more private area of the restaurant. Willow's jaw was clenched and I couldn’t help by walk in the trail of her scent.

It was intoxicating, and I had to make sure my brothers didn’t see my reaction to the smell.

β€œJake, you can sit next to me,” Emily said brightly and Theo just sighed, sitting on the other side of her β€œBunny, don’t sulk”

β€œI’m not sulking” Theo pouted.

β€œYou are sulking” I smirked, and my brother glared at me.

β€œCan I ask why I’m here?” Willow asked and my eyes locked with hers. She quickly looked away and a pang of guilt hit me β€œI’d rather be working, no offence,”

β€œYeah,” Xander said β€œIt’s about the demons that are still after Emily. We figured you could track down the leader”

Willow sighed β€œTracking a demon is hard.”

β€œNot only that,” I said, β€œIt could hurt her. Why not do it yourself?”

β€œWhy would you care if I get hurt or not?” I heard her say under her breath.

Dylan glared at me β€œBecause we can’t do it. I have tried, and I have failed. Leo, we need Willow to help”

I leant back in my chair and didn’t say anything else.

β€œHow am I meant to track a demon when I killed the one in your basement?” Willow asked, β€œI don’t think you can just dial a demon hotline when you want one.”

My brothers smiled.

β€œNo, but there is another way,” Callum said looking over at Emily and Jake β€œBait”

β€œNo,” Theo said β€œNo fucking way. Come up with another plan. You are not using her or Jake as bait”

β€œWe have no choice,” Xander muttered, β€œIf we did, then that would be at the top of the list.”

β€œAs much as it pains me to say,” Willow said β€œIt might be the only way I can grab one. But she wouldn’t be alone because that would just be stupid.”

β€œNo,” Theo growled.

β€œTheo,” I said, β€œHear them out”

β€œNo!” Theo shouted and got to his feet β€œYou are not using her as bait!”

I got to my feet and shoved him back into his seat, and grabbed hold of his ear, twisting it in my hand β€œYou think any of us want you to use her as bait? If it’s the only way, then it’s what we will do. Don’t think this is easy on any of us.”

β€œIt’s not down to you” Theo snarled and slapped my hand away β€œIt’s-”

β€œI’ll do it,” Emily said and everyone looked at her β€œIf it’s the only way to stop them from coming after me, then I will do anything to help.”

β€œBaby, you-”

β€œYou also don’t have a say in what I do,” Emily said looking at Theo β€œI’m not the human I was...I’m stronger and if shit hits the fan, I will get out of there. You have to trust me Bunny.”

β€œI do trust you,” Theo said, trying to get control of his anger β€œI don’t trust demons. If they get their hands on you, I don’t know what I would do.”

β€œThey won’t get the chance to take her,” I said, β€œTheo, we will protect her”

β€œSo will I,” Willow said, β€œI mean I’m not a badass high-level vampire, but I know what I’m doing. Emily will be safe.”

β€œYou won’t be there” I snapped at her β€œIf you are there, then there will be more vampires to protect.”

β€œI don’t need your protection,” Willow said, glaring at me β€œI don’t want your protection”

β€œFine,” I said, subtly rubbing my chest β€œIf you wanna get fucking killed, then so be it. I’ll leave you to get torn apart by demons. Why the fuck would I give a shit?”

β€œNervous?” Willow smirked at me.

β€œF-f-fuck you!”

β€œAnd like you’d give a shit if I get hurt,” She snapped, β€œYou only think about yourself,”

Jake cleared his throat β€œCan I ask what my role is?”

β€œYou’ve been marked by a demon,” Max said.

β€œWhich means what?”

β€œWhen we saved your life. You were bitten by him and we used our blood to make sure you didn’t die. You are human, but you are immortal. The demons know that your blood is just as special as Emily's”

β€œShit” Jake sighed β€œI knew I should have just killed myself”

β€œDon’t say that,” Emily hissed at him. I sunk back in my seat and found myself watching Willow.

What made her so special to help us? Either way, the demons weren’t going to take her. Not on my watch. I’d rather die than let her get taken...wait...why was I thinking that?

β€œWillow,” Xander said, β€œYou might not want to help us, but you leave us no choice. With you, we can track a demon down faster. You may think you are a low-levelled vampire but-”

β€œI don’t think it,” She interrupted him β€œI know it. I’ve been reminded of it plenty of times it’s hard to forget,”

Xander smiled β€œI’ve never classed vampires. We are all vampires and it doesn’t matter what blood runs through our veins, nor does it matter who our parents are. You are more valuable than you think,”

Shit. I hated Xander.

Willow sighed β€œWhat exactly do you want me to do?”

I looked up at her β€œYou’ll help me?”

β€œNo,” She said looking at me, β€œI’ll help Emily. Not you,”

β€œOuch,” I said sitting back and I folded my arms, ignoring the pain in my chest. I spotted Max and Aaron trying not to laugh, so I punched them both in the arms making them laugh.

β€œJust figure out a plan so I don’t get killed,” Willow said, β€œIf I was going to die, it won’t be at the hands of a demon,”

β€œYou won’t die,” I said getting to my feet β€œI’ll make sure that you won’t get hurt or die,”

β€œWhere are you going?” Dylan asked as I started to walk away β€œLeo?”

β€œI’m going home,” I said, β€œEverything has been said. I’m not needed here anymore,”

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