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I had been asked by Xander to move in with them for a while. I wanted to say no, but he practically begged me. Of course, my foster parents were happy to oblige, and I was given a room that was bigger than any bedroom I had ever been in.

But having a big room didn’t mean I had the stuff to fill it. Plus, I was bored, and I could smell marzipan and it made my stomach rumble. I had to be strong. I had to stay away from him because I wasn’t good enough for him.

Leo made that obvious.

I let out a loud sigh and carried on typing out one of my assignments. Liz had called me to say that she had almost finished it and told me that the last part was making her scream out in frustration. I then remembered that I hadn’t even started it so as soon as I had unpacked my things, I jumped straight to it.

Although it was due my next lesson, I kept thinking about Leo. He confused me and I hated being confused. I couldn’t read his emotions and I wanted to understand why he acted like he was bipolar. I had asked his brothers what his problem was but they didn’t have an answer. Xander didn’t know why he acted like a weirdo and his mood swings had become worse since I walked in on the scene.

But really, I did expect him to act like that towards me. I was the one that tracked his sorry ass down and jumped into the fire to save his butt. I shivered at the memory of the pain I had suffered. I was thankful for Aaron and Max for helping me out by giving me bags of blood. I still needed to give their clothes back but the t-shirt was comfortable.

They might have forgotten about the clothes. I had hoped they did anyway.

My phone buzzed beside my laptop and I quickly sent a message back to Jerome. He was worried about me and didn’t want me to move out but I told him it was only temporarily and when I had helped the brothers, once again, I was moving back.

Once I had graduated from college, Jerome, me and the boys were moving away. Our foster parents had another home far away and they agreed to let us move there. It was to a smaller town and we wouldn’t have to go to town often. They said they had servants to do most of the work for us. I wasn’t too sure about the servants but if it meant not having to cook them dinner, then that was great.

There was a knock on the door and then Dylan poked his head in.

β€œAre you hungry? We’ve ordered pizza”

I smiled β€œStarving actually.”

Dylan led the way to where the pizza was, and I sniffed the air, with a big grin. I licked my lips and jumped onto the sofa next to Emily, who had a mouthful already.

β€œAttractive,” I winked at her β€œI bet Theo loves you when you look like that”

β€œShut up,” Emily said, β€œHe thinks I’m hot no matter what”

β€œI sure do baby,” Theo said kissing her loudly.

β€œBleugh,” I said and helped myself to pizza.

β€œDon’t be jealous” Theo laughed.

I snorted β€œPlease! I’m not into public affection and in fact Theo, your face is putting me off my food”

Theo smirked and Emily giggled β€œWillow, sweetheart, my face can’t put anyone off their food.”

β€œI’m suddenly not hungry” I sighed, dropping the pizza back β€œHow do you eat around Theo? I’ve never been put off food but Theo is another story”

β€œHe is pretty ugly,” Xander said β€œCompared to me that is”

β€œHey!” Theo argued, β€œI’m fucking sexy!”

β€œThat doesn’t mean you aren’t ugly” Callum smirked.

β€œWillow!” Theo smacked my arm β€œI am going to-who the fuck just growled?”

β€œWell it wasn’t me,” Dylan said, β€œWhy is everyone looking at me?”

I glanced at Leo who was eating silently but his eyes were on Theo.

β€œWell ok then!” I said, β€œI’m sorry that my stomach growls but you didn’t need to point it out.”

β€œThat was your stomach?” Theo laughed and Emily elbowed him β€œI guess my face doesn’t put you off your food”

I stuck my tongue out at him and bit into some pizza β€œOh man. This is a good pizza.”

β€œTell me about it” Emily moaned beside me β€œI need more!”

I reached for another slice and Theo got there at the same time as me. We narrowed our eyes at each other and Emily just laughed.

β€œHands off,” I said, β€œI got here first”

β€œYou didn’t. I did.”

β€œDo you kids have to fight over a slice of pizza? There is a whole pizza here” Max sighed.

β€œYes,” Theo said, β€œThis bit has more cheese on it!”

β€œBut I grabbed it first!” I complained β€œPlease give this bit to me”

β€œBeg for it”

β€œI don’t beg for anything,” I smirked β€œI’ll have you know, people end up begging me”

Theo snorted β€œYeah alright then”

β€œHey!” I said as he snatched it away from me. As I went to reach for it, he slapped my hand hard and Leo jumped to his feet, pinning Theo to the sofa β€œWhat the hell?”

β€œDon’t fucking touch her” He growled, β€œDo you understand me, brother?”

No one moved. Theo stared up at him with wide eyes.

β€œYeah,” He said quietly β€œLoud and clear.”

β€œGive her the pizza slice”

β€œHere you go Willow,” Theo said β€œTake it. I don’t want it anymore.”

I took the slice from Theo, but my eyes were still on Leo. His eyes were red, and his fangs poked out his mouth. I could still hear a low growl in the back of his throat.

β€œY-you can let me go now,” Theo said, and Leo let him go and walked out the room β€œFucking hell!”

β€œHoly fuck,” Xander said β€œHe was acting like a bonded male”

I swallowed the lump in my throat. Why the hell did Leo act like that?

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