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After Leo had acted like a bonded male, no one saw him. He stayed in his room and didn’t come down for any meal of the day. I didn’t like that he wasn’t eating, so I left food outside his room and when I went to check on him, the plates were empty outside his room.

β€œDo you know why he acted like that?” Xander asked, leaning on the door frame to my room.

β€œNo,” I said.

β€œHuh” Xander walked into my room and sat on the end of my bed β€œI don’t think he is in love with Emily anymore”

β€œWhat makes you think that?”

β€œBecause he was going to tear Theo's head off for slapping your hand,” Xander said, β€œI think he has feelings for you”

My heart skipped a beat β€œDon’t be stupid.”

β€œWillow, I’m being serious” Xander sighed β€œYou’ve seen how Theo acts when one of his brothers messes around with Emily. Last week Aaron accidentally bumped into her and she hit her hip on a table. Three of us had to drag him away from Aaron”

β€œYeah, but Aaron had also been flirting with her just to annoy him, so I think Theo-”

β€œDon’t make excuses for him,” Xander said β€œA bonded male is a dangerous male. Willow, you have to make Leo realise his feelings”

I sighed β€œI don’t think he loves me or has feelings for me. He is on edge and-”

β€œYou are in denial, Willow,” Xander got to his feet β€œIf you won’t do it. Then I will.”

Xander stepped towards me and I gasped in pain as he sliced my arm with a knife. I saw him gulp and there was a loud bang.

β€œHere he comes,” Xander said, taking a few steps away from me.

I looked up and Leo flew into the room, knocking Xander to the floor with his hands around his neck.

β€œWhat did you do to her?” Leo growled.

β€œI...fucking...told you!” Xander choked out, looking over at me.

The other brothers ran into the room after hearing me scream for help.

β€œWhat the fuck?” Dylan said, grabbing hold of Leo β€œWhat is wrong with you?”

Max rushed over to me and put his hand on my arm β€œHoly crap. What did Xander do?”

β€œNothing!” Leo snarled β€œDon’t touch her!”

Max lifted his hands away from me β€œI was just checking to see if she was ok. I won’t touch her. Look, I’m even stepping away from her.”

β€œWhy are you acting like a bonded male?” Callum asked.

Leo shoved his brothers away and looked around at us, with wide eyes. He then narrowed them and growled, making his brothers take another step back.

β€œI’m not,” Leo said walking out the room β€œEveryone, leave me the fuck alone.”

β€œWait!” Emily said, β€œWillow isn’t healing. You need to-wow that was quick.”

The next thing I knew, I was over Leo's shoulder. I yelped and saw his brothers looking at me with wide eyes. Emily was holding back a smile and I struggled against Leo's grip but he wasn’t letting go.

His arms were clamped around my thighs holding me like a fucking potato sack and I tried to squeeze out of his grip. But it was no use. He was a vampire on a mission and there was no way of getting away from him without hurting myself.

β€œWait, what the fuck Leo? Put me down!” I said hitting his back β€œGuys! A little help?”

Emily just waved at me and Leo walked down the hallway to his room. He kicked the door shut and dropped me onto his bed. I shuffled back as he crawled towards me.

β€œH-hold up!” I said putting my hands on his shoulders β€œWhat the hell are you doing?”

Leo blinked a few times and sat back on his feet β€œI...I have no idea.”

I licked my dry lips β€œ kinda acted weird back there.”

β€œY-yeah” Leo whispered, β€œI noticed that”

We sat in silence for a few moments and Leo was still frowning.

β€œLeo, you were acting like a bonded male,” I said quietly β€œYou aren’t a bonded male”

β€œI know that” He snapped β€œShit. Maybe I’m not well. Go back to your room and stay away from me.”

β€œS-sure,” I said, and crawled to the edge of the bed β€œI’ll stay away from you.”

I reached the door handle and Leo wrapped his arms around me, putting his head on my shoulder. I froze, my heart in my mouth.

β€œLeo,” I said, β€œWhat are you doing?”

β€œI can smell you” He whispered β€œI can smell how sweet you are”

β€œB-but you d-don’t need to hold me” I stuttered out.

Leo groaned and pressed his lips to the base of my neck β€œI need to taste you”

β€œWhat?” I said, β€œNope. I have to go. Like right now"

β€œDon’t leave me” He whispered β€œDon’t leave me alone”

β€œYou just told me to leave you alone,”

β€œI’m no good,” He said just above a whisper β€œI can’t have you near me. It’s not safe,”

β€œLeo, what is going on with you?”

β€œI don’t fucking know,” He snapped β€œIf I knew then it would make my life a hell of a lot easier!”

I turned in his arms and looked up at his face, his eyes zeroing in on my neck β€œWhat is wrong with you? One minute you want me to leave, and the next you want me to stay? Do you even know what you want?”

Leo's eyes darkened as they caught mine and my mouth went dry at how sudden his expression changed. I didn’t need to read his emotions to understand what that look meant and I felt my heart start to race inside my chest.

β€œWhat do you think I want?” Leo said, sending shivers down my spine.

β€œI-I don’t know,” I whispered, β€œWhy don’t you tell me?”

Leo slowly smirked and the smell of marzipan hovered heavy in the air. I gulped and looked away from him as he moved his face closer to mine. I had to bite into my lip as his tongue flicked across the pulse in my neck.

β€œYou smell so good,” He growled into my neck.

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