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I could feel her blood rush through her veins and I gulped at wanting to taste her on my tongue. Her skin was so perfect and I licked her neck again, making her shiver.

Her scent made me drunk. Everything about her made me drunk. My stomach twisted as I sniffed her neck, and I groaned, pressing my crotch against her. Everything about her made me hard.

β€œWhat are you doing?” Willow whispered β€œLeo!”

β€œI have to taste you,” I whispered against her neck β€œWillow, I need to have you against my tongue.”

I grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the door, either side of her head and I studied her face.

Willow was beautiful. Her dark flawless skin, her bright blue eyes, the way her clothes hugged her body like skin...I had to rip them away from her.

β€œLeo,” She said, β€œYou’re freaking me out.”

I grinned down at her β€œI’m going to taste you”

β€œWait, wait!” She said, a red tinge to her cheeks β€œYou...just ugh...what is wrong with you?”

β€œYou tell me” I licked my lips and pressed my mouth to the base of her neck β€œYou’re practically begging me to do it.”

β€œI didn’t- oh my god!” She gasped as I bit down into her neck. Her blood flooded my mouth and I groaned at her taste β€œLeo!”

I pulled her closer to me, drinking her and I didn’t want to stop. I hadn’t tasted someone so perfect. I bit down harder, feeling her body tense against me. I couldn’t stop. I had to have more. I had to drink more. She was making me drunk.

I held onto her tighter and bit down harder not wanting to stop myself. Everything about her was just perfect and I couldn’t get enough of her taste.

β€œL-Leo!” She cried out β€œStop! You’re hurting me.”

I snapped my eyes open and quickly stepped away, watching her drop to her knees. I swallowed the remaining blood in my mouth and I looked down at her.

Willow had a chunk missing from her neck.

β€œFuck!” I said gripping my hair β€œWillow, I...shit...I didn’t...Fuck!”

I lifted her into my arms and put her on the bed gently. I ripped the skin away from my wrist and forced it to her mouth. At first, she refused to drink, and her mouth opened and drank from me. I hugged her to my body as she did, rocking her back and forth.

What the fuck was wrong with me?

β€œI’m sorry” I whispered, β€œI’m so sorry”

Willow grunted in response and I squeezed my eyes shut, still hugging her to me.

I never lost control since... I didn’t understand. I hadn’t lost control like that since I was a young vampire. So, what the hell happened?

β€œLeo,” She said, β€œYou can let me go now”

β€œNo” I shot out β€œNo. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m sorry.”

Willow sighed and turned in my arms to face me β€œI’m fine”

β€œNo,” I said, β€œI could have drained you I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

I closed my eyes not wanting to look at her, and she wrapped her arms around my neck, sitting on my lap. I buried my face into her chest and hugged her waist tightly.

β€œLeo,” She said, β€œHas that happened before?”

β€œNo. Don’t be so stupid,” I said, holding my tears back. I hurt her. I promised that I would never hurt her but I ripped a chunk from her neck. I didn’t want to look at Willow but she shifted on my lap and I knew I had no choice but to tell her.

β€œLeo, I can see her face, so you don’t have to lie to me” Willow sat back and put my face in her hands β€œTalk to me.”

I swallowed the lump in my throat and stared at her lips β€œMy dad sent me away after I killed her. I lost control and I bit her. I drained her because she tasted so sweet. I couldn’t stop. I didn’t stop when she stopped breathing, I carried on drinking from her,”

β€œIt wasn’t your fault.”

β€œIt was. I was too weak,” I said, and I licked my lips, still not able to look away from hers. They were shaped like a heart. So beautiful β€œShe wasn’t the only one I killed after I lost control. I just stopped caring. My brothers only know about the first girl. But it had happened to them, they just didn’t kill those girls.”

β€œOk, maybe that time it was your fault,” Willow said, β€œAt least I made you smile.”

β€œI don’t...” I stopped β€œI didn’t want to...I’m sorry I hurt you. I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t-”

β€œIt’s fine. Honestly,” Willow said and she pulled my cheeks β€œYou’re cute. are forgiven.”

I felt my face burn β€œShut up”

Willow laughed β€œYou are so cute!”

β€œWillow, shut up!”

β€œMake me,” She said quietly, and I pressed my lips together β€œYou aren’t as bad as you make out. You’re cute.”

β€œI am not fucking cute!” I snapped β€œYou can go now. I don’t want you in my fucking room because you are pissing me off!”

Willow laughed and climbed off me β€œIf you say so cutie. You swear when you’re nervous.”

"I don't,"

"Leo?" She said as she reached the door and I gulped at how beautiful she was, "You don't need to have your guard up around me. I'm not going to hurt you and next time you bite me, why don't you just ask?"

β€œF-f-fuck off!” I said, and she walked out of the room, laughing at me. Shit. She was one hell of a vampire...I stared down at my erection β€œOh fuck off.”

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