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β„­π”₯π”žπ”­π”±π”’π”― 24


Liz was watching me suspiciously and I knew why. I was smiling in college. And who in their right mind smiled at college? No one. Not even the teachers fucking smiled at college.

β€œOk,” She said β€œI can’t take this anymore. Why are you so damn happy?”

β€œNo reason,” I winked at her and she smacked my arm as we walked towards the exit of the college. The day was finally over and I was going to my temporary house full of the big bad vampires known as the Stone brothers. But Leo was the one I was really looking forward to seeing.

β€œNo. Something is up. You never smile this much in college,” Liz folded her arms β€œDid you get laid or what?”

I sighed β€œNo. I didn’t get laid and no, I didn’t get a boyfriend.”

β€œThen why are you smiling so much?” Liz pouted β€œI’m so confused right now.”

β€œAm I not allowed to be happy?” I asked, and she blew me a kiss β€œExactly. Anyway, I can’t walk home with you today. I’m not staying at home”

β€œWhy not?”

Because I’m on the hunt for some demons, that’s why.

β€œMy foster parents thought it would be good to stay away from home, so when I get the money to move out, it won’t be weird”

Liz sighed β€œIf you say so. Hey Willow?”

β€œYes, Liz?”

β€œAren’t they the people that run Stone Bar?” Liz pointed to the entrance of the college and I almost stumbled on my feet β€œOh my god. You are staying with them!”

β€œM-m-maybe” I stuttered, and she giggled at me.

Holy shit. Why were they outside my college? Talk about getting all the attention. I could see Max and Aaron winking at girls who were walking past, and Leo was glaring at them all.

That, I wasn’t surprised at.

The brothers were hot so they were bound to get attention from the guys and girls in my college.

A hand went on my shoulder and I turned to see one of the boys in my class. We got on fairly well, and we only ever spoke when he wanted help on the work we were set. Which was obviously why he was trying to speak to me.

β€œHey baby” Kyle cooed β€œI need your help”

β€œI’m not your baby,” I said, smacking his hand away from me β€œIf you want help then you’ll have to ask someone else. I don’t even understand it.”

Kyle sighed and put his arm around me β€œBaby, please. We all know that’s a lie.”

β€œDid you hear a growl?” Liz asked, β€œOh my god!”

β€œIt was my stomach!” I said quickly and before I could push Kyle away, it was too late.

Leo suddenly appeared and dragged Kyle away from me and held him by his lapels, Kyle's toes barely on the floor.

β€œWho said you could touch her?” Leo snapped β€œKeep your dirty hands to yourself. Do you understand me human?”

β€œY-yes!” Kyle stuttered out β€œI’m sorry!”

β€œLeo,” I said, putting my hand on his arm β€œYou can let him go now. I think he gets it.”

Leo growled slightly and threw him to the floor β€œGet the fuck out of my sight.”

Kyle scrambled to his feet and took off into the crowd that had stopped to see what was going on. I looked at Liz whose eyes were wide, and I spotted Leo's brothers getting ready to break up a fight.

β€œWillow,” Liz said, β€œYou told me you didn’t have a boyfriend!”

β€œWhat? I don’t have-”

β€œWe’re leaving” Leo grabbed hold of my hand β€œSay goodbye to your friend”

β€œWait!” I said as he dragged me after him β€œLeo! Stop for just a-hey! Put me the fuck down!”

β€œBye beautiful!” Liz called with a big grin on her face β€œHave a fun night!”

β€œPut me down!” I screamed and smacked him on the back β€œLeo, I’m telling you to put me the fuck down. You are making a scene!”

β€œNo,” Leo said as he threw me over his shoulder β€œYou weren’t walking fast enough, and we have places to be.”

β€œA little help here guys!” I glared at his brothers who were just following with wide eyes. They were just as confused as I was β€œLeo. I am capable of walking, so put me the fuck down or I will fucking hurt you”

β€œHow cute,” He said, β€œYou swear when you try to act hard.”

β€œI swear to god Leo that if you don’t put me down!” I started hitting his back and he just laughed, filling my stomach with butterflies. I hadn’t heard him laugh before and it was a beautiful sound.

β€œWillow, the more you fight, the more I like it,” He said, and he lifted me above his head, putting me on the floor. He brushed the hair from my face with a smile β€œGet in the car”

β€œHuh?” I said, still staring at his smiling face. He looked so soft with that smile and it threw me off guard. Who knew that the miserable Leo could have such a soft, heart-warming smile.

Leo clicked his fingers in front of my eyes β€œWere you listening to anything I just said,”


β€œThen what did I say?”

β€œUh, hello?” I said and I heard the other brothers laugh slightly β€œOk. I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention because that smile caught me off guard,”

β€œGet in the car,” Leo said with red cheeks, β€œI’m impatient. If you don’t get in the car, I will throw you into the fucking car”

I pressed my lips together and quickly climbed in, with him following shortly. I pressed myself against the side of the car, as his brothers climbed in. Leo slid his arm around my shoulders and I sucked in air. What the hell was he playing at?

Xander looked at me and he sent me a wink. What the hell was wrong with Leo?

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