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Something was wrong with him. It had to be. Why the fuck was he acting like this?

β€œWillow?” Xander snapped his fingers in front of my face β€œYou weren’t paying attention.”

β€œSorry” I mumbled, β€œCarry on.”

He sighed β€œAs I was saying, next week we will have you, Emily and Jake go out. We will be there looking after you, but we won’t be anywhere near to give the demons any thoughts that we are there.”


β€œYou will need to make sure you have a big meal before you go,” Xander said, β€œIf anything bad happens then you will need to be able to defend yourself”

β€œGot ya.”

β€œSo, what do you need to do the night before?”


β€œWillow!” Xander complained β€œPay attention. You’ve been away with the fairies and it’s starting to bug me”

I sighed β€œI’m sorry, Xander. I really am. I’m not with it for some reason.”

β€œYou’re thinking about Leo,” He stated, β€œI think everyone is thinking about him. Never once have we seen him act like that. For starters, he is acting like a bonded male and you two haven’t had-”

β€œNo!” I said, β€œWe have not had sex and we haven’t bonded”

Xander rubbed his chin β€œWell, something must have happened. But anyway, since we were kids, Leo avoided females. Including Emily, although he liked to torment her and scared her”

β€œI can see that,” I said, lifting my drink β€œDid he really hate her?”

β€œI don’t think it was hate,” Xander frowned β€œNo, actually it was hate, to begin with, but after a while, he left her alone. Theo was so in love with her that he didn’t want to hurt his baby brother’s feelings. I think he was more worried that when they grew up, Emily would die, and his brother would be left heartbroken.”

β€œCould you not tell she was half vampire?”

β€œNo,” Dylan said walking into the room with snacks β€œNot until father fed from her”

β€œHuh,” I said, β€œCan I ask you a question?”

β€œIf it’s about our dad, then no” Xander said β€œWe don’t talk about him unless we have to. And he isn’t someone we enjoy talking about.”

β€œLeo comes off as a badass, but he really isn’t,” Dylan said, β€œHe acts tough but in reality, he is scared. He doesn’t understand his emotions and he doesn’t want them. Leo hates life, as you saw, but he can’t figure out what he should be doing.”

β€œOur brother is a hard nut to break, but we saw him laugh today,” Xander said, β€œWe haven’t seen him laugh like that in a long time. It’s strange to see but I can honestly say, that I think it’s because of you.”

β€œMe?” I asked.

β€œLeo seems to be enjoying life more in the short time you have been in his” Dylan said and he smiled β€œDon’t tell my brother this though, but it makes me remember the time when we were kids. Before our mum left, Leo used to make us laugh but then when she left, he shut himself off”

β€œLeo was always in trouble,” Xander said, β€œMum would always stand up for him but one night, she left. Dad blamed Leo and when he was angry he tried to beat us up. Leo took all the beatings because he didn’t want his brothers to suffer for something that was his fault.”

β€œWhy did your mum leave?” I asked.

β€œNot a clue.”

β€œIf your dad was so horrible, then why did he let Emily around you?”

β€œTo this day, we still don’t know,” Dylan said, β€œSometimes I think that it was because of Theo. He won’t admit it, but dad hurt him really bad one night. None of us could help him even though we tried to break down the door. After that, Theo had started to isolate himself even when he was 7. He stopped talking altogether. Feeding. Everything.”

β€œThen he met Emily,” Xander smiled fondly β€œThings changed. In a way, dad regretted beating him so let her in. Obviously, when she found out we were vampires we thought she would run, but she didn’t. She stayed and promised our dad that when we were feeding she would stay in her garden.”

Dylan rubbed his eyes β€œI can still remember the horror on her face when our dad bit her. It was Leo that managed to get dad off her and when dad wiped her memories, he hugged Theo, so he didn’t see or go for dad.”

β€œWillow, Leo isn’t a bad person,” Xander said, β€œHe’s misunderstood. Dad sent him away so many times and when Leo came back, he was colder. Angrier”

β€œWe still don’t know why he was sent away so many times,” Dylan said, β€œLeo won’t tell us and I don’t understand how he can’t trust us. As a family, we have been through a lot. But Leo has shut himself away obviously scared to talk to us about his feelings,”

After spending a few hours with Leo, I understood him. I could see his memories, but some were sealed off and I didn’t want to play with fire by trying to open them. It would hurt us both and I wanted Leo to be more relaxed around me and his family. It didn’t take a genius to work out that Leo didn’t want to be the one to talk about his feelings.

But what he told me about those girls, I didn’t blame him for not wanting to talk. It was a wonder why he thought his brothers would hate him for what he did. They were brothers and they loved each other. Nothing should tear them apart.

β€œI don’t think Leo is as bad as many think,” I said making the brothers look at me β€œSure, he can be miserable but I think it’s because he wants to be the strong brother and keep everyone together. He loves his family even if he doesn’t show it. Even though most of his emotions are locked away, he is a very sensitive vampire and clearly doesn’t know how to express the most simple of emotions,”

β€œYou think so?” Dylan asked.

β€œI know so,” I smiled β€œIt takes a little longer for some to open up but Leo will get there. I just think that you as brothers should stand by him no matter what. And no matter what he has done in the past, whether you are aware or not, he is your brother and the decisions he made will stay with him for the rest of his life,”

β€œLeo is a hard nut to crack,” Dylan sighed β€œHe is my older brother but sometimes I feel like he is just a moody teenager. Leo hasn’t told us most of the things that had happened when he was sent away, but it doesn’t matter what he did. Because he is our brother,”

I shrugged β€œLeo will always be Leo. A moody, anti-social vampire,”

β€œWillow,” Xander said grabbing my hands β€œPlease be the one to unlock his heart.”

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