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β„­π”₯π”žπ”­π”±π”’π”― 26

The house was quiet and calm. The vampires were downstairs chilling and I was locked up in my room gaming and getting really angry that nothing was going my way. I could hear my friends laughing in my ear and no matter how hard I tried, they just wouldn’t die.

I sat on the edge of my bed cursing at the TV screen.

β€œOh, come on!” I said β€œHow did you not die? I shot you in the fucking head!”

"You have to try harder than that, Willow,” Jace laughed, "Jerome said that you suck ass,”

There was a small knock on the door and Emily came in. I sent her a quick wave and carried on gaming.

β€œNo! Fuck!” I shouted β€œHow the hell did that kill me? I wasn’t even...fine. Fine. Whatever. Fuck you! I’m quitting this stupid game”

"Bye loser!” Jerome and I quickly turned my tv off and threw my headset across the room.

Emily giggled beside me β€œDid you just rage quit?”

β€œYes,” I said, feeling stupid for getting so worked up over a game β€œWhat’s up?”

β€œI just wanted to talk” She was fiddling with her fingers β€œThe boys are busy, and I can only talk to you anyway”

I frowned β€œShoot. What’s bothering you?”

β€œDo you think I’m pretty?”

I laughed and looked at her. I quickly shut up β€œWell...yeah. Why do you ask?”

Emily shrugged, and tears appeared in her eyes β€œI don’t feel very pretty. In fact, I feel that I’m only second best.”

β€œI’m so confused. What’s going on?”

β€œThe boys are busy and Theo is busy,” Emily burst into tears β€œSome female person is there, and he couldn’t take his eyes off her! I had to run out before I cried in front of her. She’s really pretty Willow and I don’t think I can compare to her!”

β€œHe ignored you?” I said, feeling myself get angry.

β€œYes” She cried β€œI tried to get his attention, but he brushed me off like I was just annoying”

β€œThat bastard!” I said, getting to my feet β€œLet’s go see how beautiful this female is and I will tell her to fuck off”

Emily wiped her eyes β€œLeo is there too”

β€œWhat’s your point?”

β€œI know you like him. She’s stealing all their gazes and I don’t trust her,” Emily sniffed β€œIt’s like she is the most important thing in the room and to Theo as well. It’s like I don’t exist,”

β€œHuh,” I said, β€œLet’s go see if they are too busy to pay attention to you then. Theo should get ready for a beating”

Emily smiled β€œShe really is beautiful”

β€œI will be the judge of that!” I said pulling Emily after me. I followed the smell of marzipan and found them sitting in the large lounge β€œHello boys!”

They turned to look at me.

β€œWillow?” Leo said, β€œWhat are you doing here?”

β€œI’m bored of playing games,” I pouted and hugged Emily to me β€œAnd Emily said she was feeling lonely”

β€œOh,” He said, β€œWell, come sit with us”

β€œHow cute,” A female voice said, dripping with bitterness. I turned to look at the female sitting on one of the armchairs. Her long blonde hair was pulled up into a bun, with two strands falling beside her face. Her makeup was done to perfection, and her bright red lipstick looked like it had been painted on. Just like her perfect white dress.

β€œHuh,” I said, looking her up and down β€œYou’re ok looking but you aren’t all that.”

β€œExcuse me?” She narrowed her eyes at me β€œHow dare you talk to me like that”

β€œHow else am I supposed to talk to a hoe?” I scoffed.

β€œYou fucking-”

β€œEmily,” I grinned at my friend β€œYou have nothing to worry about. Isn’t that right Theo?”

β€œWhat?” Theo said, not taking his eyes away from the female. I glanced at her and she was smirking.

β€œWell shit,” I said, β€œDid you really think you could get away with this?”

β€œAway with what?” The female chuckled β€œYou are not wanted. I think they need to go, don’t you boys? Theo, baby, get rid of them”

β€œBaby!” Emily squealed β€œYou can’t just-”

β€œTheo. They are still here,”

β€œYes,” Theo got to his feet and walked over to us. He went to put his hand on us, but Leo was there in a flash β€œWhy are you trying to stop me?”

β€œBecause you need to think hard about what you are about to do,” Leo said.

The female laughed β€œI see that you don’t fall to my charms. What a shame. I had my eye on you.”

β€œThis bitch!” I said, and I grabbed hold of Theo β€œDon’t hate me for this”

My knee made perfect contact with his nuts and Theo doubled over, crying in pain. He looked up and flipped me the middle finger. Leo laughed slightly.

β€œOuch,” He groaned β€œWillow, that really hurt. But thanks”

β€œYou are very welcome, β€œNow, are you going to do your own dirty work or are you too much of a wimp to lift your hand?”

β€œAre you going to come closer to say that to me, or are you going to hide behind Leo?”

β€œAlright,” I said, clicking my knuckles, β€œYou asked for it,”

β€œBoys” She laughed.

Before I could reach her, an arm snaked around my neck and I looked up into the glazed over eyes of Aaron. Did she really think that would work?

I punched him in the nuts and he let me go. I rushed at the siren and hit her as hard as I possibly could. Which was hard because I never held back when punching someone. I felt her nose crunch under my fist and I let out a small laugh as her blood gushed from her ruined fake nose.

The brothers shook their heads and their eyes flashed red as they walked towards the siren sitting on the floor, bleeding all over her white dress.

β€œThis little bitch!” Xander yelled, β€œIf you use your charm again I’ll rip your throat out.”

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