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The siren was kicked out after Xander had a word with her and my brothers were still complaining that they let a siren take over their minds. Even after teaching them how to block people from going into their head, they couldn’t keep her out. I was embarrassed for them and I knew they’d beg me to teach them my tricks.

Willow looked so proud of herself for breaking the sirens nose. I couldn’t stop myself from staring at her. Even her smug look caught my eyes.

β€œWillow!” Aaron whined, β€œDid you have to hit me that hard?”

β€œIt was better than letting her control you,” Willow said, lifting an eyebrow β€œIt wasn’t that hard anyway. It was more like a tap”

Aaron whined some more, and I sighed. Theo was still trying to handle a crying Emily and I felt bad for the guy. He had never looked so panicked before and Emily was smacking him in the chest, telling him that he was a horrible mate.

I rolled my eyes β€œEmily! Stop. He was under her charm”

β€œLeo, it’s fine,” Theo sighed.

β€œNo, it isn’t fine” Emily pouted, her face tear-stained β€œYou must think she’s much prettier than me”

β€œWhat? No!” Theo exclaimed, β€œEmily, you’re the-”

β€œTake it to the bedroom before I throw up,” Willow said before I could β€œSeriously. You are making me feel sick with your cuteness!”

Theo mumbled and pulled Emily after him. My eyes followed them...followed Emily but I turned back to face my brothers. They were still pissed off that they let a siren control them and were shooting glares at me.

β€œIt’s not my fault you didn’t listen to me,” I said.

β€œYou should have taught us better!” Callum complained.

β€œWhy didn’t you fall under her charm?” Willow asked, and I looked into her bright blue eyes as she walked closer to me β€œOr why didn’t you stop them from falling?”

β€œHow did you know she was a siren?” I asked, with a smirk.

Willow tensed β€œYou didn’t answer my question”

I tilted my head β€œBecause I can stop anyone from getting into my head. She’d have a hard time fighting me for control.”

β€œYou could have helped them.”

β€œI could have,” I said with a shrug

β€œYou fucking should have done something!” Max half yelled, β€œShe tried to convince me that I was in love with her!”

β€œSirens do that,” I rolled my eyes β€œWhat was her reason for being here anyway?”

β€œDad sent her,” Xander said and my whole body tensed.

β€œWhat?” I whispered out.

Dylan rubbed the back of his head β€œShe was bringing us a message from him. He’s coming home.”

I got to my feet and started to pace. No. He couldn’t come back. After all this time, why now? If he came back, things were going to fall apart. It took me years to stop thinking about him and now he is coming back. No. I wasn’t going to accept it. I’d rather die than have him anywhere near me.

Shit. Theo was going to be so angry and Emily was probably going to cry. Dad couldn’t come home. He couldn’t. I knew that if he came home, then I was going to suffer. I had to suffer to keep my brothers safe.

But if he put his hands on Willow then I would have to...

β€œWillow,” I whispered out.

β€œYou called?” She said, and I looked up at her β€œWhat? Do I have something on my face? I mean I did just eat some crisps but-”

β€œNothing,” I said, β€œI was just thinking”

β€œAbout me?” Willow asked and my brothers stared at me β€œHow cute! Look, as much as I’d love to hear about your thoughts on me and how your dad is an asshole, I’m really busy.”

β€œDoing what?” Callum asked.

β€œI have to go and kill someone.”

We all turned on her and she lifted her hands up in surrender.

Max and Callum rushed over to her. Aaron ran over to her to join in with the brothers and grabbed hold of her hand as she tried to back away from them.

β€œYou can’t kill anyone,” Callum said, β€œThat’s not allowed. Bad Willow,”

β€œNot physically!” She yelped as Max wrapped his arm around her neck β€œHey! Aaron let my hand go! I’m not going to kill someone.”

I looked down at my clenched fists and my head became fuzzy at my brothers touching Willow. I had to take a deep breath to stop myself from reacting strangely. They weren’t hurting her, so what the fuck was my problem?

β€œI’m gaming,” Willow laughed β€œI was in the middle of a game and I rage quit.”

β€œThat sucks,” Callum said, β€œI was hoping we had to bury a body or something,”

β€œCallum,” Xander said, β€œWhy is that the first thing you think of?”

β€œBecause we had to...nevermind. Will, be a good girl ok?” Callum grinned.

β€œSorry guys, I’m not killing anyone...yet,” Willow said, β€œI was just playing a game and I need to get my revenge.”

β€œHow boring” Max sighed and pressed a kiss to her cheek. My vision went blurry and I charged forward. I grabbed hold of Max and slammed him into the floor. I couldn’t stop myself. His eyes were wide as he stared up at me.

β€œDon’t fucking touch her!” I yelled, β€œNo one fucking touches her!”

β€œG-g-got it!” He choked out β€œEase up brother!”

"I..I'm sorry," I said quietly and I slowly took my hands away from his throat, and he gasped for air.

I stared down at my hands trying to figure out how I couldn’t control myself and I swallowed the lump in my throat. I quickly looked up at my brothers who were watching me, clearly on guard. Willow just stared at me with her wide, bright blue eyes.

β€œLeo,” Xander started but I backed away from them slowly β€œWait, don’t you-”

I ran from the room before anyone could stop me. What was she doing to me?

I had to avoid her or I would hurt my brothers and if I did, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. I did everything I possibly could to protect them from me.

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