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I watched as my brother kicked the ball around the empty garden. It was that girls ball and ever since that woman moved them away, Theo had been depressed. I didn’t admit it, but I felt bad for him.

The girl was his friend. The girl he loved. The only friend he had apart from his brothers.

I rubbed the back of my neck and went into the garden where he was kicking it against the fence that used to split Emily and my brother up. I clenched my fists just to unclench them again. Shit. I was nervous.

Theo was my brother and I had no idea how to cheer him up. I wasn’t made to make people happy. I always made them miserable and I wasn’t sure how to compliment someone. I groaned loudly, and my brother turned to look at me, tears in his eyes.

β€œHey...Theo,” I said.

β€œGo away,” He cried β€œI don’t want to be near you!”

β€œI’m...” I stopped β€œDo you want...shit. This is hard,”

Theo wiped his eyes β€œI bet you are happy that my princess has gone. Now you don’t have to worry about me ever falling in love.”

β€œThat’s not it, Theo,” I muttered.

β€œI bet you wanted our father to kill her. You didn’t care if I was happy or not,” Theo stood crying, his hands balled into little fists over his eyes β€œNow she is gone, and I will never see her again. I won’t ever get to marry my princess and have a big wedding and have children and ever see her pretty face again.”

I knelt in front of my brother β€œTheodore, look at me”

β€œYou only held me back so I didn’t kill father!” He cried, β€œWhy didn’t you let me hurt him? He took my angel away from me and now I will never see her again and I won’t get to tell her that I love her and-”

β€œLook at me,”

β€œNo!” He cried louder β€œI don’t want to see your face! I don’t like you anymore. You were so happy when they moved and now-”

β€œTheo, I’m sorry,” I said, and I pulled him into a hug β€œI’m sorry, ok?”

My brother held me tightly as he cried into my neck β€œYou’ll have to find someone else to bully now! I’m going to be alone for the rest of my life because my princess has been taken from me and it’s all your fault! I bet you made sure that the door was unlocked and-”

β€œI’ll find her for you” I whispered β€œBrother, I promise you that I will find her, and you will get to marry the girl you love”

β€œBut you don’t like her. Why would you care?”

β€œBecause I care about you,” I said wiping his eyes free of tears β€œIf she means that much to you, then I will find her for you,”

β€œHow?” He sniffed β€œHow can you find her?”

β€œBecause I love you brother and I want you to be happy. If you love her, then I will find her. No matter what it takes.”

β€œDo you promise?”

I nodded β€œI promise,”

β€œDo you pinky promise?”

β€œI pinky promise,” I said linking my finger with his β€œI never broke a pinky promise before, and I won’t break one ever,”

Theo nodded β€œDo you think she will want to be my friend again?”

β€œEmily will always be your friend,” I said, β€œEven if father has wiped her memories, she will remember. When you see her again, she will be grown up and then you can get married, just like you promised each other,”

β€œBut what if she falls in love with someone else?”

I’ll kill them. I quickly looked at him thinking I said that out loud and I sighed, knowing I didn’t.

β€œTheo,” I said, β€œYou don’t find love. It finds you,”

β€œYou think so?”

β€œI know so,” I said quietly, β€œWhen love is real, it finds a way,”

Theo giggled β€œI bet you will fall in love when you are older,”

β€œI doubt it,” I said, β€œNo one can love someone as cruel as me,”

Theo hugged me again and I stood up lifting him into my arms β€œI love you, brother,”

β€œLet’s get something to eat,” I said, β€œMy treat. What do you want?”

β€œLeo, you aren’t cruel,” He said into my neck β€œYou will be a prince to someone. I know it. I bet she will be really pretty,”

β€œReally?” I asked walking into the kitchen where the other brothers were β€œAnd what if she never shows up?”

β€œI bet she will!” Theo said, β€œI bet she will have a pretty face and pretty eyes and she will be able to tell you what to do and you will be so in love with her you will protect her from everyone. Even our brothers,”

β€œWhat is he on about?” Dylan asked.

β€œSomething about someone falling in love with me and me falling in love with them, but I told him it’s not possible,” I muttered and I rubbed Theo's head β€œWhat do you want to eat?”

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