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The restaurant was busy as usual, and I was running around trying to make everyone happy. Even though some customers were horrible, I kept a smile on my face. When they left I would go to the kitchen and bad mouth them.

β€œWillow,” Jerome said β€œKris wants to see you”

β€œOh, shit,” I said, β€œAm I in trouble?”

Jerome grinned at me β€œI don’t think so. Why, have you done something you weren’t meant to?”

β€œWell, I did want to bite that cute guy from earlier. He smelt very nice.”

β€œHe smelt ok,” Jerome smirked β€œHis girlfriend smelt nicer,”

I rolled my eyes β€œShe was wearing too much perfume. It would ruin the taste of her blood,”

β€œWho said I was going to bite her neck,” Jerome said wiggling his eyebrows at me.

I feigned a gasp β€œYou dirty boy, you,”

β€œGo see Kris,” Jerome laughed.

I sent him a big grin and almost skipped to Kris’s office. I had to go past the vampires with big names first. So, I had to take my time and acknowledge them.

β€œWillow!” Kai said with a big grin β€œLong time no see. How have you been?”

β€œDo you really want me to answer that?” I said.

β€œI’ll take that as a no.”

I sighed β€œI’m stressed from college. I thought being a vampire meant I didn’t have to go, but no. I need to be relatively β€˜normal’ and fit in,”

β€œCollege is good,” Kai said, β€œIt means you don’t have to be a waitress for the rest of your life,”

β€œThere is nothing wrong with being a waitress for the rest of my life,” I said, β€œBut you are right. I’d rather be earning the big bucks and not have to see your ugly face every day,”

Kai laughed along with his friends β€œYou are lucky I like you Willow, or we’d be having problems”

I grinned at him β€œWho else would you get to serve you your beverages?”

β€œJerome is pretty cute,” Tim said.

β€œWillow!” I heard Kris shout.

β€œSorry guys,” I muttered, β€œBye Kai and Tim, Jerome doesn’t need a bigger head.”

I skipped over to his office and went in. A pretty girl was sitting in front of him and I had seen her a few times, but never spoken to her. Beside her was Theo. Everyone knew who she was.

I sat down and the door behind me opened and the rest of his brothers walked in and stood behind Kris watching me. Ok. This was uncomfortable.

β€œWillow,” Kris said, linking his fingers together β€œDo you know who these are?”

β€œOf course,” I said, β€œThey are the Stone brothers”

β€œGood,” Kris said, β€œWell, they need your help”

I frowned β€œI’m sorry...but why?”

β€œOur brother is missing,” The oldest brother said. Xander. I had met him a few times and he seemed kinda cool. Sweet really.

β€œWe can’t feel or sense him,” Theo said, and I saw the girl squeeze his hand.

β€œHow long has he been missing for?” I asked.

β€œLong enough,” Callum said, β€œOver two months. We knew he was alive, but we didn’t know where he was. A week ago, everything went dead”

β€œWe are worried,” The girl said, β€œNo one can get in touch with him. said that you could help us”

β€œOh!” I said, β€œYou must be Emily”

She smiled gently β€œI am, but that isn’t important”

β€œSorry. I didn’t recognise you,” I said, β€œHave you cut your hair?”

β€œYou noticed!” Emily grinned β€œI cut it a few days ago and no one noticed. Not even Theo,”

β€œI said I was sorry for that,” Theo sighed.

β€œOuch. Guess that wasn’t important enough,” I said.

β€œWhat is important is that you bring our brother back,” Aaron said, making me look at him.

β€œDead or alive.” Max choked out.

I frowned slightly, β€œHow do you want me to help?”

My mouth dropped open as I walked into Leo's room. When I had met him, I didn’t expect his room to be so...interesting. I had a feeling he liked dark colours, but I had no idea he had any interest in the piano.

Although, I had to admit that his room smelt so damn nice. I couldn’t put my finger on the smell but it was so nice. I ran my fingertips over his belongings and the brothers didn’t say anything as I started opening doors and I opened a drawer and quickly closed it.

β€œDon’t think he would want me looking through his pants drawer,” I laughed nervously β€œEither he has too many clothes, or he didn’t take anything with him,”

β€œMy brother packed lightly,” Theo said, β€œHe didn’t take his phone, any of his belongings. Only a few clothes and maybe a few photos. Nothing personal. Can you find him?”

β€œYes,” I said, β€œEven if he know, dead. I can find him”

β€œHow?” Max said, β€œHow can you find him, but we can’t?”

I shrugged β€œI don’t know. I was born with a telepathic power and all I need is something that belongs to them. What did Leo love the most? Something he was attached to”

Theo snorted β€œI don’t want to answer that.”

β€œI need to know.”

β€œI’m not telling you,”

I lifted my eyebrow and stared at him β€œDo you want me to find your brother or not?”

β€œWell...yeah but-”

β€œThen just answer the damn question,”

β€œWow,” Aaron said, β€œI like her,”

β€œSame,” Max said, β€œLook. Theo has gone red in the cheeks. Guess he isn’t used to women ordering him about,”

β€œShut up,” Xander said, β€œTheo. Answer the question. Our brother needs to be found and you are making it difficult for Willow. We asked her for help and you aren’t helping,”

β€œEmily,” Theo muttered, β€œHe thought I didn’t know about it. But I knew he loved her.”

β€œCan I touch you?” I asked, walking over to her and she nodded. I put my hands on her face and closed my eyes. I tilted my head, dropping my hands and I stepped away feeling sick.

I hated reading minds because I found things that I didn’t want to find.

β€œAnything?” Dylan asked.

β€œYeah” I whispered β€œI found him. might be too late”

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