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β€œJerome, if you get me killed, I swear” I muttered into my headset β€œNo! Jerome don’t go down there!”

"Sorry. I died," Jerome said, ”Where’s Rich? Wasn’t he meant to clear this room?”

β€œUgh,” I said, β€œI give up. I’ll talk to you later. I need some food”

I threw my controller down onto my bed and stretched. My bones cracked up my spine, and I was surprised that my elbows didn’t pop out from the loud pop they made. I let out a sigh of relief because I had been sitting in front of my TV for the past 4 hours and hadn’t moved once. Not even to pee.

I quickly ran out of my room to the bathroom. Once I finished relieving myself I went downstairs in search of food. I sniffed the air and almost ran into the kitchen.

β€œThat smells so good!” I said loudly and Xander looked up at me β€œDid you want to marry me?”

β€œNo,” Xander said, with a small smile β€œDo you want me to die?”

I frowned β€œWhy would you die if you married me?”

β€œBecause if I put my hands on you, Leo will kill me,” Xander said dropping something into the pot on the stove β€œHave you figured out why that is?”

β€œNope,” I said sitting down at the breakfast bar β€œMaybe he is just confused.”

β€œMy brother is very smart,” Xander said β€œI’m sure he knows why he feels possessive over you. Why not go and ask him what his problem is?”

β€œDo you want me to die?”

Xander laughed β€œWillow, he would never hurt you. Even after you saved his life and pissed him off, he has never hurt you. When he slammed you against the wall, did you get hurt?”

I pressed my lips together and shook my head β€œNo, but that’s cause I’m a badass,”

β€œMy brothers and I believe you are the girl he had been searching for. Even though he thinks he is in love with Emily, it’s you who he really loves.”

β€œI’ve not been around long enough for him to love me.”

β€œTheo fell in love with Emily when they were 7 years old. Trust me, Leo loves you and I think you love him too.”

β€œI don’t,” I said quietly β€œI can’t fall in love with anyone because I know I will be hurt again.”

β€œWillow, love isn’t all fun and games” Xander walked over to me and patted my head β€œLove hurts sometimes, trust me, but if you both love each other then-”

β€œWhy didn’t you tell me you were cooking?” Dylan said walking into the kitchen β€œWillow, it’s about time you came out of your room. I had no idea how colourful your language is”

I grinned β€œSorry, I was in a really intense game. I’ll keep it down next time.”

β€œWill you?” Aaron said stepping beside me.

β€œProbably not” I laughed β€œI’m sure that you have all heard worse than a few β€˜fuck you’ and β€˜you fucking little shit’. You have Leo as a brother.”

β€œHe mostly swears when he is nervous,” Emily said skipping into the room β€œMmm. That smells delicious!”

β€œNothing smells as good as you baby,” Theo said. I pretended to be sick at the same time as his brothers β€œYou all fucking suck”

β€œDamn straight I do!” I said folding my arms β€œYou also stink like sex”

Emily blushed and subtly sniffed her arm β€œI-I do not!”

I grinned at her β€œYou I heard you even with my headset on.”

Emily went even redder and she smacked my arm β€œY-you...shut up!”

I rolled my eyes β€œCall me when dinner is ready. I need to go kick Rich's butt for making us lose the game.”

β€œI’ll send someone up,” Xander called as I rushed out the room. I took two steps at a time and as I reached the top I crashed into someone and fell back down the stairs. Thankfully, I was graceful and managed to land on my feet. But my scream still caught everyone’s attention.

β€œWhat happened?” Dylan asked pulling me to my feet β€œDid Leo hurt you?”

I quickly grabbed Leo before he started to strangle Dylan β€œNo. I fell down the stairs because I’m clumsy”

Leo growled slightly β€œTake your hand off her, brother”

β€œWhy are you so pissed off at that?” Dylan growled back β€œYou two aren’t mates and you aren’t bonded. Stop acting like a bonded male.”

β€œI’m not.”

β€œBullshit,” Dylan hissed β€œYou go to attack anyone who puts their hands on her. Just admit you love Willow.”

Leo scoffed β€œHow could love I someone like her? You are all fucking mistaken. Who could love someone so low-classed?”

I swallowed the lump in my throat β€œYou’re right. How could someone with royal blood love someone like me,”

β€œWillow,” Xander said.

β€œNo, he’s right,” I said, β€œLeo is confused. He loves Emily and he’s acting like that towards me because he is trying to use me as a rebound,”

Leo's eyes widened slightly β€œIs that-”

β€œYou don’t have to explain it to me,” I said walking away from him, β€œI’m used to being used and I also know when someone needs to back the fuck off,”

β€œDon’t just run away,”

β€œDon’t you dare fucking touch me,” I growled at Leo, β€œKeep your hands away from me. I am not yours to touch,”


β€œBack the fuck up!” I yelled and the windows shook slightly, making Leo's eyes go even wider and I took a deep breath to calm myself down, β€œYou don’t have to explain yourself. I understand now. A low-level vampire like me will remain a low-level vampire,”

β€œWillow, just-”

β€œWhat? Just what, Leo?” I sighed β€œI’m done trying to help you when you can’t even help yourself. Stay away from me. I know where I stand. I’m just the rebound who means nothing to you,”

Leo sighed β€œYou know that isn’t true,”

β€œReally?” I snapped, β€œSomeone like me clearly doesn’t deserve you. But really, it’s the other way around. You don’t deserve me. I’ve put up with so much of your shit that I am done. I’ll be in my room. Xander, sorry. But I’m not hungry anymore,”

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