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I sat on the edge of my bed staring at the dark walls surrounding me. I wanted the darkness to consume me and as I played with the lighter, I was tempted to set my room alight and let the fire take me.

Why did I say that? Why did I have to take the smile from her face?

I threw the lighter across the room and fell back onto my bed, covering my face with my arm not wanting to face reality. Willow didn’t deserve those words but I still said them. What was wrong with me? I didn’t hate her, but I still managed to make her hate me.

It was probably better this way. I was better off alone. I always pushed the ones I loved away, and Emily chose my brother. Not that I was ever on her radar, but it still hurt to watch the one I love get with my youngest brother.

No one was ever going to love me. I kept pushing Willow away from me but every time she got near me I panicked and couldn’t control myself. I sighed. I put it down to hunger. It had been a while since I had fed. I had no feelings of love for Willow...

β€œFuck!” I yelled and got to my feet to pace. Then why the fuck did I act like a fucking bonded male when someone put their hands on her?

Shit. It had to be because I owed her one for saving me. I didn’t like her that way. I was still in love with Emily. I loved Emily. Not Willow. I shouldn’t have called her a low-class vampire because she wasn’t low class...I just had to make her hate me...right?

I didn’t love Willow. I couldn’t. Really, I wasn’t capable of love. I wasn’t the type of vampire to just fall in love or have anyone love me back.

β€œShit. What is wrong with me?” I yelled again and put my fist through my bedroom door β€œFuck this!”

I kicked my door open and ignored my two brothers who came to see what the noise was. I pushed Jimin away from me and ran downstairs into the kitchen. I yanked the cupboard door open, almost pulling it from its hinges.

β€œXander!” I shouted and stormed into the main room, where everyone was β€œWhere the fuck is the blood?”

β€œHello to you to brother,” Xander scowled at me β€œI didn’t realise that we were still on talking terms after that stunt you pulled.”

β€œFuck. I’m hungry” I snarled β€œThat is why I’m angry. Where is the damn blood?”

Xander shrugged at me β€œI don’t know. You tell me”

β€œWhat is wrong with you?” Dylan asked, β€œWhy are you so angry?”

β€œI’m fucking hungry!” I snapped β€œYou were supposed to stock up on blood, so where is it?”

β€œIt’s where it always is,” Xander said, with a small shrug β€œThe restaurant.”

I spun on my heel and headed towards the front door. Before I reached it, it opened and Willow came in with Emily. I froze and stared at her. I gulped and tried to figure out what I should say, but Willow wasn’t looking at me and I couldn’t read her emotions. It was like they were dead and Emily was the only one I could read.

She was disappointed and that made me feel even worse.

β€œOh, hello Leo,” Emily said and I took my eyes away from Willow to look at Emily. But my eyes soon found their way back to the girl standing next to her.

β€œHi Willow,” I said quietly.

She ignored me, and I swallowed the lump in my throat as the scent of raspberry tickled my nose. I felt my fangs grow and my eyes flicked to my crotch. Holy shit. I was getting a hard-on.

Jesus fucking Christ.

β€œUm...” I stepped back, crashing into one of my brothers β€œI...I-I have to go”

Xander grabbed hold of my throat and kept me in place β€œYou aren’t going anywhere until you apologise to Willow.”

β€œI c-can’t” I choked out β€œI have to go!”

Xander growled at me and tightened his grip on my throat β€œYou will fucking say sorry to her or I will take your god damn fangs!” He shouted. I knew I was in trouble.

Xander rarely got angry. He also never shouted because he was always the calm brother. I guess I deserved his anger. I deserved all their anger because I acted like a fucking idiot once again.

This was why I didn’t want to be around them. I always upset the ones that loved me.

β€œDon’t bother,” Willow said β€œSomeone as low class as me, doesn’t deserve an apology from a vampire with royal blood. After all, I am below him and he doesn’t want nor need my feelings for him. I’m sure I can get over him. I’ve done it before and I can do it again.”

I closed my eyes and my heart missed a beat. β€œWillow, I’m...I’m sorry.”

β€œI don’t want your apology because I know you are just going to be a fucking asshole again. Forget it” Willow said walking away β€œI won’t bother you with my low-class presence”

β€œW-wait!” I said pushing my brother away and I chased after her β€œWait! Willow stop walking away! Please stop”

Willow ran up the stairs and slammed her bedroom door in my face β€œStay away from me Leo!”

β€œNo!” I said hitting the door β€œWillow, open the fucking door or I will kick it down.”

β€œI fucking dare you!” She hissed β€œBecause when you do I am going to put you on your fucking ass!”

β€œWillow,” I whispered, β€œPlease...please just let me explain myself.”

β€œYou have nothing to explain,” Willow said β€œI know where I stand with you. I’m sure I can get over you with ease if you carry on being a complete dick head.”

β€œI...” I swallowed the lump in my throat β€œI-I don’t want you to get over me. Please let me in.”

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