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β€œPlease,” I whispered falling to my knees and I put my hands and forehead against the door. I closed my eyes not wanting to feel weak, but she made me feel weak β€œPlease let me in Willow. I have to talk to you”

β€œThen talk,” She said, β€œI’m not letting you in because you are just going to make me cry even more and I’d rather not cry in front of royal blood.”

β€œDo you think I wanted to be born into royalty?” I hissed and punched the door β€œI didn’t want any of this! If I had the choice I wouldn’t even be a fucking vampire or even be alive. I...I don’t even want to be here anymore.”

Willow didn’t say anything. I couldn’t even hear her breathing or hear her thoughts. I swallowed the lump in my throat and pushed myself away from the door, still sitting on my feet.

β€œWhen you have done the evil I have don’t deserve a place in this world,” I said my eyes still closed β€œI don’t belong in this world. I’m...I’m not as nice as my brothers or others seem to think. I’m a monster, Willow. I can’t be loved. I’m...this world has no place for me anymore”

I opened my eyes feeling like a small weight had been lifted from my chest, but it still didn’t make me feel like I belonged. I had done some evil things and not even my brothers could forgive me for what I had done.

Things that I would have to live with for the rest of my useless life. Why would anyone want to love me? I was evil and I had done things that I didn’t want to do. But I was left with no choice. I still didn't understand how Willow could want to be around me.

She was right. I didn’t deserve someone as great as her.

β€œI’ll leave you alone,” I said quietly β€œI know when I’ve overstayed my welcome. Willow...I really am sorry for what I have said and done to you.”

The door was swung open and Willow flew into me, wrapping her arms around my neck, holding me tightly. I closed my eyes and slid my arms around her waist, burying my face into her neck not wanting to let her go. My heart was racing and threatening to rip my rib cage apart just to escape.

I could feel her tears drip onto my neck and I ran my hand up her back and settled on the back of her head, running my thumb back and forth. I hated being touched...but here I was holding onto a beautiful vampire as she cried into my neck.

If my brothers were watching us, I didn’t care. Willow was...she was someone special and all I did was hurt her.

β€œDon’t say that,” She cried β€œDon’t ever say that you don’t belong in this world!”

β€œIt’s how I feel,” I whispered and pulled her away from me slightly, so I could see her face. I smiled softly at her β€œI don’t belong and when you find out what I have will agree with me.”

Willow shook her head β€œWe’ve all done things that we regret and no matter what we have done, we will always have a place in this world.”

β€œI wish I could say that was true,” I said, still staring at her blue eyes β€œI never noticed before”

β€œNoticed what?” She sniffed.

β€œHow beautiful your eyes really were,” I said just above a whisper β€œThey have golden flecks mixed in with the blue”

Willow's cheeks flushed pink β€œMy eyes aren’t beautiful”

β€œYou’re wrong,” I said putting my hands on her cheeks β€œThey are beautiful”

β€œThey only caused me problems in school” She muttered β€œI’m dark skinned, but I have blue eyes. It doesn’t make any sense and to humans, I was just a freak. Ugly. Weird. An outcast”

β€œThey are beautiful just like the vampire who has them” I whispered, feeling my heart jump around in my chest.

β€œDon’t be so fucking stupid,” Willow said trying to pull her face away from me β€œLeo, you can let me go now”

β€œYou swear when you are nervous,” I said, bringing her closer to me.

β€œNo I fucking don’t,” Willow said and she cursed under her breath β€œWhy won’t you let me go?”

β€œBecause I want to hold you,” I said β€œI want to...I want to kiss you”

β€œWhat?” She said, almost squealing β€œDon’t mess around with me Leo. It’s one thing calling me low-class but lying about wanting to kiss me is rude”

I swallowed the lump in my throat and breathed in her scent. I slowly brought her lips to mine and it was like fireworks went off inside me. Leo didn’t kiss back to start off with, but she soon moved her lips with mine. She gasped slightly allowing me to slide my tongue between her lips and I groaned, making the kiss deeper.

β€œLeo stop” She whispered pushing me away β€œWhat are you doing? Why are you doing this?”

β€œI...I don’t know” I said, staring at the pulse in her neck. I gulped β€œWhenever you are around I just...I lose all senses and y-you are the only one I c-can think about. The only one that I can see”

β€œWhy do you keep acting like a bonded male?” She said staring at me with wide eyes.

I licked my lips β€œB-because I...I hate when I see my brothers put their hands on you.”

β€œWhy?” She said β€œWhy? We aren’t even-”

β€œBecause you are mine" I growled out and I bit into her neck, making her gasp loudly.

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